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Ethereal clothing/taxidermy/keepsakes/gifts that honor dogs.

At-Choo is ethereal, whimsical and edgy. Clothing, keepsakes, magical one-of-a-kind taxidermy and gifts, many inspired by Professors of Love, aka; dog.

Every sale helps to support the At-Choo Foundation which commits funds to shelter dogs in urgent need of medical care.

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  • Peter Pan Top
    It's a 100% cotton, comfy, loose fitting shorty top with pointed sleeves and a tuck at the wrist. At the neck is a Peter Pan collar with a hook & eye for the closure in the back.<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />...

  • It's a 100% cotton, comfy, loose fitting shorty top with pointed sleeves and a tuck at the wrist. At the neck is a Peter Pan collar with a black hook & eye for the closure in the back.

    The top comes with info on the rescued pooches that are next to each positive word. LOVE that! Those words are; happy, possible, kiss, love, affection and beautiful.

    Sizes? That would be small and med/large.

    Every sale has the added perk of helping a shelter dog to get urgent medical help, thanks to the At-Choo Foundation.

  • Romeo & Juliet Top
    Silk organza shorty top with velvet leaves, ribbons and pin tucks....

  • Inspired by Medieval times with it's pin tucks, ribbons and velvet leaves on silk organza. The sleeves are connected to the bodice via 4 ribbons that are tied and the elbow area of the sleeves are 2 separate pieces that are also tied together. Airy and comfortable.

    This top is also available as a dress.

    Every sale has the perk of helping a shelter dog needing urgent medical care, thanks to the At-Choo Foundation.

  • Degenerate Hatchet Duckling
    Duckling holding a hatchet, while smoking a 'cigarette'. She has studs in her ribbon 'scarf' on her head....

  • She 'smokes' a 'cig' and carries a medieval hatchet with her darling head having a ribbon 'scarf' around it with 3 studs in it. Degenerate Hatchet Duckling, like all of our Ambassador Critters from the At-Choo Orphanage, is a one-of-a-kind keepsake. Yes, she is real.

    It is very important to know that she passed this world ethically. She lives on here with the goal of hoping to inspire respect and kindness to all her animals and critter friends. We all deserve respect, no matter our species or size.

    A beautiful perk of her finding a forever home, is that a shelter dog needing urgent medical care and safety will be helped thanks to the At-Choo Foundation
  • Ambassador Angel Rabbits and Parakeet pal
    Taxidermy rabbits and parakeet, wearing crowns and wings....

  • A chubby Ambassador holds a vintage Parakeet pal next to her other friend, Angel Rabbit. All wear crowns. Both bunnies have wings.

    Pigeon toes and little paws holding one flower. Magical and heart stealing Ambassador Angel Rabbit has delicate black and white tulle wings with sequin and glass stars sprouting from them. All being secured to her via pale pink rayon ribbon that crisscrosses in front and ties in back.

    Her buck teeth make hearts swoon, as does her cowlick that can be seen once her crown with arrows and black stars is removed.

    Both Ambassador Rabbits are around 10" tall, one of a kind, pure magic and love. It is important to know that they all passed this world ethically and live on to inspire compassion and kindness, along with respect for all of her friends in the animal and creature world. We all have souls, we just come in different packages.

    When any Ambassador from the At-Choo Orphange finds a home, they help a shelter dog needing medical care and safety to get exactly that. At-Choo helps to support the At-Choo Foundation.

  • Angel Therapy Dog
    14" of super soft fabric, with wings of twigs, glittered sprigs and stars and a handmade crown. Inspired by real dogs....

  • The Therapy Dogs are inspired by real dogs in shelters who have so much to give and to inspire humans with.

    "There is so much love surrounding you,” is handwritten on the tag that hangs from the ivory rayon ribbon around the neck that is tied with a bow. The cute little stubby tail has a skinny white bow around it and the super duper soft body is about 14” long that is made by hand. Therapy Dogs were created in an effort to cause a shift in thinking about dogs and also about our own conditions.

    Like royalty, she wears a handmade crown that has a bit of white glitter.

    The wings are twigs, stars, buds and glittered sprigs to add the magic that angels are made of.

    No two are exactly alike and each is a keepsake to treasure. Each one's message that is on the torn tag, is signed by the artist and sewer, Elaine Seamans. A glassine envelope is also on the ribbon around the neck that let's the new 'adopter' know of the meaning behind the Therapy Dog and also the At-Choo Foundation that helps real shelter dogs needing medical care. 

    This is an emotional item with the meaning behind them being crucial to touching people's hearts. If requested, a photo of a real dog (there are usually more than one) who inspired the various Therapy Dogs can be included. The other Therapy Dogs are, Scar, Senior Wise and Lumpy.

  • "Happy" Bubble Blower Wand
    Pewter dipped in silver, bubble wand (4") with a doxie hanging on. "Happy" is engraved on the side....

  • "Happy" is written near the Dachshund that hangs on. The bubble blower wand is 4" and is pewter, dipped in silver. And yes, it does work. Relax, take a big breath and slowly blow bubbles.

    Every sale has the perk of helping a shelter dog in urgent need of medical care, thanks to the At-Choo Foundation

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