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MOVA Globes are unique, luxurious globes that rotate silently and continuously when exposed to ambient light, no batteries required. Available in 5 distinct sizes and over 40 designs. MOVA Globes can be found in gift shops, museum stores, jewelers, and more! Based in sunny San Diego, California.

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  • Earth with Clouds MOVA Globe
    One of our top selling designs, this globe uses images taken from NASA for a direct look at our planet from space. Swirls of white clouds punctuate soothing green and blue colors....

  • It's a vantage point that few will ever have the privilege of seeing–Earth, viewed from afar. This globe uses images taken from NASA for a direct look at our planet from space. Swirls of white clouds punctuate soothing green and blue colors. As the globe gently rotates, it creates an immersive visual experience. It's a customer favorite for its authentic beauty–it's as if you're traveling alongside the astronauts for a firsthand look at our impressive planet. 
    • Uses Images from NASA
    • Design available in MOVA Globe and MOVA Globe Cube
      • Sizes available (diameter): 4.5", 6", 8.5", and 5" globe cube
    • Turns using ambient light
  • Antique Terrestrial White MOVA Globe
    Winner of the 2015 Luxury Gift of the Year by the UK's Giftware Association, this historical map has become one of the core designs in our world maps collection....

  • The Antique Terrestrial White globe combines a vintage map created in 1790 with modern updates that make it unlike any globe you've had before. Every continent and ocean is shown with absolute clarity and contrast, and it features lines showing the three voyages of Captain James Cook–a design element first created in 1790 by Giovanni Maria Cassini. The map also shows the United States which was very young at the time and not included on many maps. With its smooth, independent rotations, it's like history comes to life in your home or office.
    • 2015 Luxury Gift of the Year Award Winner
    • Design available in these sizes (diameter): 4.5", 6", 8.5", and 5" globe cube
    • Antique map from 1790
    • Features latitude and longitude lines
    • A red ecliptic line is also present, showing the sun's position each day of the year.
    • Note there is no Antarctica because James Cook didn't believe it existed.
    • Turns using ambient light
  • Relief Map Blue MOVA Globe Cube
    Our Relief Map Blue MOVA Cube was awarded The Good Design Award from The Chicago Athenaeum Museum for design in the Household Products Category and a Product Innovation Finalist at the Icon Honors Awards....

  • It's the educational world globes you remember as a kid, but with a sleek look and updated features that make it a modern decor must-have. Swirls of white and red lines show ocean currents, while each landmass is depicted in green and brown shades that show terrain features - every mountainous region and desert is clearly shown. The globe pictured is encased in a solid cube, appearing to be floating inside and yet still rotating continuously as all our MOVA Globes do. It's a unique blend of modern design and cutting-edge technology and can be found in design stores such as the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

  • White and Gold MOVA Globe
    Our newest design of 2018! This elegant white and gold map design will be available in the 4.5" diameter size and features white oceans contrasted with gold continents....

  • If luxury is your style, this globe design is sure to please. A sight to behold, the map features a crisp white ocean canvas is decorated with clean lines, pencil-sharp details, and slick gold continents that glimmer in the light. It’s a color choice that is bold in its simplicity, yet undeniable in its elegance – the new “golden rule” for your modern urban décor needs.
    • A MOVA original design
    • Features latitude and longitude lines
    • Turns using ambient light
  • Pluto MOVA Globe
    Our newest addition to our outer space collection, the Pluto miniature globe (4") is a big hit for our space enthusiasts and stores including museums, observatories, and new age gift shops....

  • The farthest planetary body from the sun in our solar system, Pluto's surface is an icy terrain of frozen nitrogen. This MOVA recreation uses images from NASA's New Horizon expedition for a firsthand look at its deep craters and brown coloring. It's an exciting collector's item for science lovers or anyone who has imagined exploring the reaches of deep space.
    • Uses images from NASA
    • Turns using ambient light
  • Starry Night MOVA Globe
    Our most popular miniature globe, Starry Night is widely recognized and is perfectly depicted on the inner globe's surface. A mainstay for art museums, art galleries, and specialty gift shops!...

  • Starry Night has delighted art enthusiasts for over a century. You'll instantly recognize the sweeping brush strokes, dark backdrop, and vibrant stars, scaled down and formatted for your globe. As it rotates, you'll see every detail from a whole new vantage point. Whether the painting holds special meaning to you, or you're simply a lover of famed artwork, this globe will make an inspired addition to your home.
    • Features Starry Night by Vincent van Gogh
    • Turns using ambient light
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