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Saar Soleares is an organic pharmacy & perfumery based in Amsterdam. All products based on ancient family recipes from the Mediterrenean. Handmade in small batches using only natural & organic flower and bee extracts, without compromise.

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  • Saar, the owner of Saar Soleares organic pharmacy in Amsterdam, cured her baby daughter with an ancient family recipe of a Beeswax Salve. The secret ingredient is propolis, considered by the WHO as a natural antibiotic to the skin. Now for the first time, Saar Soleares brings their ancient mediterranean remedies and organic cosmetics to America. 

    At first glance the packaging of Saar Soleares, with it's dark glass jars and bottles and exotic design throw you back to ancient Rome, where you would find natural remedies at the local apothecary with herbs and spices from far away places. But the personal story behind the brand is what makes it really special. The products are based on ancient recipes from Saar's grandfather, who would use herbs from his garden to make recipes to support his family with little ailments. Walking in her grandfather's garden and learning about their properties as a little girl, Saar developped a deeper trust in the healing power of nature. After the succes of her first Beeswax Salve that healed her daughter's eczema, she developped a line to support the whole family in a natural way. Today the organic apothecary has over 20 products with her unique formulations that are based on Meditarranean nature and the ancient wisdom of her family. The products are produced in small batches and made of only organic and natural ingredients, without compromise. Their philosophy fits perfectly with the growing number of American customers looking for natural and environmentally friendly products. Their small scale approach and exotic look make these products a real eye catcher. Bonus: they donate part of their profit to organic farmes and beehives!. 


  • Saar Soleares Beeswax Salve
    Organic Salve based on an ancient family recipe that works as a natural antibiotic to the skin. It is Saar Soleares first product that cured Saar's baby daughter from eczema....

  • Ancient healing formula

    A product with a special story , made daily in our organic pharmacy & perfumery in Europe, containing only fresh flower extracts and healing bees products. Discover how our bestseller based on an ancient healing formula, soothes, protects and stimulates the skin to find it's natural balance. This organic Salve is used all over Europe for different skin problems, like itching, lines, scars, rashes and dry skin. Extracts of Rose & Propolis are well known for their wonderful properties to help sore, unhappy skin. The WHO now considers the key ingredient propolis a natural antibiotic to the skin. Beeswax Salve therefor can also be used as a healthy alternative to hormone creams to support the healing of eczema. 

    3.3 fl oz / 100 ml

    All our products are handmade in small batches from exclusively organic & natural ingredients, free from:

    synthetic fragrance

    coloring agents




  • Saar Soleares Facial Oil
    This anti aging formula with extracts of Roses and Evening Primrose gives the tired skin a well deserved boost and can be used as a remedy for breakouts....

  • This super concentrated oil is surprisingly lightweight, but extremely nourishing. It encourages skin cell renewal with it's key ingredients of Evening Primrose, & Rose Oils. The bee ingredient Propolis makes this oil also a natural remedy for breakouts, acne and impurities. 
    Packed with essential fatty acids that keep the skin soft, supple and plump, it can be used as a day and night treatment instead of a lotion or cream. It comes as no surprise that our customers value this product over all others!

  • Saar Soleares Gentle Toning Mist
    A cooling, gentle cleanser/toner, ideal for sensitive skin and uneven complexions....

  • Extracts excess oils and impurities from the skin, tightens pores and hydrates. 
    The soothing properties of Rose and Lavender give your skin a dewy and supple look.

    Follow up with a Facial Serum or Oil to lock in the nutrients for best results.

  • Saar Soleares Coughs & Colds Balm
    The natural & safe chest rub for babies!...

  • Soothe your baby or child's coughs and stuffy noses with some ancient wholesome goodness! The warming and enlightening composition of Myrtle and Mountain Pine allows little ones to breathe more freely and calm down before sleeping. Strengthens their natural defensibility in cold winter days.

  • Saar Soleares Body Mist: Mandarine Lavender
    A soft, delicate scent that is a favorite spray for babies & mommies....

  • One of our 5 body & ambience mists that is a bestseller in our shop. It calms excitations and surrounds you with a purifying & calm atmosphere. Can also sprayed on the bedlinen and pillow in the nursery for a peaceful night’s sleep. 

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