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JACK + G is a design studio producing fine jewelry in Brooklyn, NY.  The collection consists of solid gold and sterling silver pieces with clean lines and delicate forms. Simple and sometimes edgy, perfect for every day wear.  

 Press Releases

  • There's strength in numbers, for sure, but we love the fearlessly independent single. Yes, we're talking about earrings. Deliberately mixing an ear jacket with a crawler or a simple stud with a bold drop earring (celebrity proof, Emma Watsonabove) creates this intriguing, not to mention, effortlessly cool, effect that you wouldn't find in your average matched set. And now that more jewelry designers are selling their earrings separately, mastering the art of mixed earrings is easier than ever. Take the asymmetric approach (beauty is in imperfection, after all) and start mingling with these singles.

    7. JACK + G

    This talon curves to the shape of your lobe. The effect? Stunning and edgy.

    $165; jackandg.com

  • This season, we've waxed endless about the greatness that is the turtleneck. It's a staple that can be worn over, underneath, and in between layers, while delivering warmth and sophistication at the same time. Basically, it's the answer to any winter wardrobe conundrum you may have. And now that the holidays are, more or less, upon us, we've found three ways to integrate one finely knit sweater (T by Alexander Wang, $195; net-a-porter.com) into any one of your party outfits. In doing so, the risk of teeth-chattering shivers (that would have put a damper on a good time) will fade away.


    Throw old-school fashion rules out the window and couple navy and black together for a contemporary-cool look. Layer your turtleneck under a cami, but then add interest with a slew of statement-makers, like a twirl-worthy fringe skirt, a talon-like crawler of an earring, a lip clutch, and glittery boots. 

    Shop the look: T by Alexander Wang turtleneck, $195;net-a-porter.com. Zeus + Dione tank, $121;matchesfashion.com. H&M skirt, $60; hm.com. Jack & G earring, $165; jackandg.com. Lulu Guinness clutch, $390;luluguinness.com. Kate Spade New York boots, $398;katespade.com.

  • APRIL 7, 2016 5:30 PMby MARJON CARLOS|edited by SARAH FISCHER

    Jack + G Loopdie gold earring, $44, catbirdnyc.com; Anine Bing gold star earring, $79, aninebing.com

    Misplacing an earring is perhaps one of the saddest—and sadly familiar—sagas of fashion. You become attached to a particular pair, and then one day a single dangler goes missing. Lost in a taxi? Swept under a rug? Dog buried it in the back yard? Who knows, but before you go ransacking your house in search of the AWOL piece, consider it a blessing in disguise. As the Fall 2016 runways ofLoeweSimone Rocha, and Proenza Schouler proved, mixing your mismatched earrings has never been chicer.

    Rather than appearing like you got dressed in the dark, when done right, the offbeat imbalance gives off a perfectly cool “so wrong it must be right” vibe. Try the cheeky Anissa Kermiche stud with MPNT’s M32 Baali drop rose gold earring for a fun play on sculpture and tone. Combine naughty and nice elements with Venus by Maria Tash’s spiked earring and Line&Jo’s Miss Evita refined hoops. Mix metals with Ara Vartanian’s white gold dagger dangler and Charlotte Chesnais’s whirl hook silver drop earring for an unexpected sheen. The potential pairings are endless—why wait till fall to get the look?

    Above, a veritable mixed bag of styles to try out now.

  • If you’re seeking a little piercing inspiration, look no further than the Instagram feeds of some industry-reigning style bloggers. These stylish women have the art of the fashion-girl ear party down to a science, which is no small feat. With the amount of options available when it comes to not only piercing placement but also, subsequently, which earrings to put where, it takes an in-the-know girl to get it right.

    Whether you’re a piercing novice, want some styling ideas for your own ear party, or would just like a few new additions to your Pinterest board, these six bloggers’ piercings are absolute must-sees. Our main tip, based on our research? If you have side-by-side piercings and haven’t tried wearing two of the same hoop earrings on the same ear (a favorite look of these bloggers), we highly encourage you to give it a go. It’s cool, it’s simple, and it adds instant edge, even if you don’t have an ear full of piercings like the bloggers you’re about to see.

    Without further ado, keep scrolling to witness the eye candy on the ears of these six top bloggers. (And be sure to shop some of our favorite earrings mixed in along the way!)

    Jack + G Loopdie Single Earring in Gold ($44)

    A little more unexpected than hoops but just as easy to mix and match.

  • 10 Brilliant Jewelry Designers Who Do Custom Engagement Rings

    May 01, 2016 @ 2:00 pm


    When my boyfriend and I had "the talk" about getting engaged, we decided to tackle this overwhelmingly huge life moment together. That way, the stress and burden of picking out the perfect ring is lifted for him, and I get a design I truly love. We set out to look at engagement rings, trekking all over Manhattan and Brooklyn and scheduling appointments at jewelry stores. But to my disappointment, I didn't find anything that resonated with me. And then a colleague of mine suggested we build a custom ring. Cue the breakthrough moment. 

    We worked with the great people over at Beladora (if you're interested, ask for Winnie Wang and she'll take care of you), and the whole process sparked this story idea: rounding up the best, coolest places you can customize an engagement ring. We spoke with 10 of the most amazing designers in the business, whose specialties range from modern architectural designs to unique clusters, and who all also create custom one-of-a-kind engagement rings for brides-to-be. Scroll through to read up on each one and learn about their process, and if you're in the market for a ring, maybe—hopefully—you'll find something that speaks to you.

    Jack Danziger and Gretchen Anderson

    EstablishedJack + G in 2015

    Location: Brooklyn

    Their aesthetic: "Modern minimalist."

    How to start the process: Email studio@jackandg.com

    What have previous clients asked for? "People have come to us with a stone they have or a little bit of metal, and we work with them to build a story, letting them be involved in the design."

    Do you need your own stones? "Absolutely not. If they have main stones, we'll help source flanking stones and complement the main piece they brought to us."

    Do you need to be based in New York? "No, but if you are local, we'll invite you to our studio and show samples of pieces and metals. It makes it a lot easier."

    What's the process like: "Before the first design session, we'll ask them to gather a story board of pieces they like—jewelry, design inspiration from anything, from cars to bridges—and put together a package for us to review, to get a sense of their aesthetic and the direction. We'll interpret that and propose three different design options with either hand sketches or computerized renderings. Once they've picked a final design, we'll make a quick prototype. We'll print it in plastic resin that they can try on and give us feedback. If they're completely comfortable with the design, both visually and physically, we'll go into production. 

    What you should bring to the process: "Budget, design intent, and favorite colorways (example: if you like yellow gold with sapphires or white gold with emeralds). Also, the metal you prefer to wear."

    How much time you should allocate: "Around three months. The quickest turnaround has been six weeks, and the longest was 12 weeks."

    Fees: "The initial consultation is free, but after a proposal is written up, we ask for an initial design deposit, which can range from $200 to $500. The prototype can be about $100 to $300."

    Engagement ring prices: "Anywhere from $500 to $5,000."

    What about wedding bands? "Everyone has come back for a custom band so that it nests perfectly against the engagement ring."

  • The 15 Pieces of Jewelry I Never Take Off

    Delicate earrings, statement rings, and a lot of silver.

    After makeup, the thing I love most in the world is jewelry.

    As a kid, I'd spend hours sifting through my mum's jewelry box, organizing and reorganizing her necklaces and earrings, dreaming of the day I'd be grown enough to wear them.

    As a moody teen, I embraced a "more is more" philosophy. I wore piles of cheap jewelry from the flea market, jelly bracelets from wrists to elbow, and so many ten cent mood rings that my fingers were stained green.

    As an adult, I'm a little more discerning — but I do still love to sparkle and shine with amazing jewelry. Here are the 15 pieces of jewelry that I love so much, I never take them off.

    The earring I get the most questions about is the one I wear in my left ear — my big silver talon.

    This earring is by Jack and G, who make incredible jewelry in gold and sterling silver. This big talon earring ($165, Jack And G) is worn through a normal single ear piercing, then "clips" to the side of the lobe so that it sits flush against your ear. I bought this earring several years ago when I was in a very difficult work situation — it made me feel powerful and armored, and every day I put it on and am reminded of how badass I am.

  • Netflix has ordered a new 10-episode installment of “Armistead Maupin’s Tales of the City,” Variety has learned.

    As previously announced when it was revealed the series was in development, Laura Linney and Olympia Dukakis will reprise their roles as Mary Ann Singleton and Anna Madrigal respectively. In addition, Barbara Garrick, who played DeDe Halcyon Day in the original miniseries, is also set to return.

    Finally, “Juno” and “Inception” star Ellen Page will join the series as Shawna, Mary Ann’s daughter.

    Based on the books by Maupin, the new installment follows Mary Ann, who returns home to San Francisco and is reunited with her daughter and ex-husband Brian, twenty years after leaving them behind to pursue her career. Fleeing the midlife crisis that her picture perfect Connecticut life created, Mary Ann returns home to her chosen family and will quickly be drawn back into the orbit of Anna Madrigal and the residents of 28 Barbary Lane.

    Production is expected to start later this year with the show slated to debut in 2019.en Morelli, who previously worked as a writer and co-executive producer on the Netflix series “Orange Is the New Black,” will serve as writer, showrunner, and executive producer. Maupin will executive produce along with Linney. Alan Poul returns to direct and executive produce.The book series has long been hailed as a cultural touchstone for the LGBT, with the novels being among the first to address the AIDS crisis.

    Not officially part of this press release, but Jack and G jewelry was selected by  Costume Designer, Tom Broecker (30 Rock, Saturday Night Live, Big C), for use througout the series. 

    PBS carried the original six-part “Tales” miniseries in January 1994, which generated controversy in some regions for its depiction of LGBT relationships. Showtime ran the subsequent miniseries, 1998’s “More Tales of the City” and 2001’s “Further Tales of the City.”

  • Bubbly, golden, shining, whimsical . . . these adjectives can describe both Christie Brinkley as well as her inimitable or­ganic prosecco and sparkling wines. On a warm summer day in Montauk, Christie held court at The Surf Lodge surrounded by her beautiful family, friends, and lots of sun-kissed party­goers toasting her ever-growing line of Bellissima wines. The crowd had ditched the boring traditional champagne flute and were drinking from golden spouts attached to mini bottles. These new Bellissima Bambinis were the hit of the night. Ta­ble after table raised their Bambinis high as the beats of the DJ. filled the party atmosphere. Christie added the sipper to the mini bottles in order to make them perfect for boat rides, the beach, or anywhere you want to enjoy some bubbly with­out the worry of spilling.

    I was impressed that Christie danced and hosted for over four hours wearing high heels (how is that for stamina?). More energized than I could ever hope to be, the 60-some­thing stunner (who effortlessly blended in with and kept up with a raging 20-something crowd) was still going strong when I left to turn in.

    I caught up with Christie again on the phone. Her voice—regardless of where you run into her—-always has a warm kindness to it. Giddy with deserved pride, she explains how Bellisima offers healthy and delicious choices for all. “We have a sugar-free option, which is really important for those with restrictive diets. I feel so good when someone who is diabetic or needs a sugar-free option thanks me for giving them the ability to continue to enjoy celebrating with friends and family.” Christie thrives on making others happy and also values a healthy approach to all aspects of life, combining fun and well-being. Christie says, “I love the fact that Bellissima is a clean company. We care about the health of our customers. Many of our wines are organic and vegan. We also care about the world around us and are a green company.” Helping add wellness into others’ lives isn’t something new for Christie. In fact, Christie created her Christie Brinkley Authentic Skincare line in order to help women age gracefully. Softening signs of aging by using her creams and makeup empowers women to feel like their best selves. “What’s exciting about my makeup is that it is both luxurious and preventive, so you can have a moisturizer that is sumptuous plus has a protective SPF. Each item has award-winning ingredients that are fantastic and healing for your skin.” When a woman feels good, she in turn has more energy to be her best self. Building confidence through beauty and healthy options is something that fuels Christie


    J+G jewelry chosen by stylist for shoot


  • Jack and G - Fringe / Diamond Fringe earring
    Fringe Earrings are free flowing drapes of sparkly gold chain. Fixed at the top to a solid gold bar, the chains sway and shimmer with the slightest movement. Diamond Fringe earrings add a row of shimmering fishtail set white diamond pavé....

  • Sold as a single earring in two chain lengths: 5/8"(16mm) or 1-5/8"(41mm).  Available with or without pave.
  • Jack and G - Diamond Loopdie P
    Taking your favorite little Loopdie earrings and adding a dynamic little dangler that's sure to catch some attention. ​A 2mm prong set white diamond is suspended in a way that makes it dance with the most subtle of movements....

  • 2mm white diamond, available in solid 14k yellow gold, sold as a single.
  • Jack and G - Ear Nut / Diamond Ear Nut
    This magnificently simple stud takes the back from a nose ring, eliminating the need for a backing. Perfect for every day, or the often forgotten second and third holes....

  • Sold as a single in solid 14k yellow, rose gold or sterling sliver.  Also available with a flush set 1.5mm diamond. 

  • Jack and G - Talon Earring
    The large makes a statement and can be worn on its own. The small, elegant and simple make it effortlessly cool and easy to wear. A form fitting clip sides behind the ear lobe, allowing the Talon to present itself against the backdrop of your ear....

  • A single earring for your left or right ear, offered in sterling silver, solid 14k yellow or solid 14k rose gold.  Size Large or Small.
  • Jack and G - Talon Ring
    The Talon Ring evolved from the Talon Earring reflecting the graceful transition from heavy to light. Can be worn open on top or bottom as you like....

  • Available in solid 14k yellow, rose white gold or sterling sliver.
  • Jack and G - Enso Ring
    Open ring in solid 14k gold. In zen Buddhism an enso is a circle that is hand-drawn in one or two uninhibited brushstrokes to express a moment when the mind is free to let the body create. <br />...

  • Available in solid 14k yellow, rose, white or sterling silver.

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