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Walla Walla,  WA 
United States
  • Booth: 3983

Premium Wild Silk and Raffia Textiles Handmade in Madagascar

Brands: Ta'na'na

 Press Releases

  • Ta’’na’na celebrates its entry into the US market with a collection of silk and raffia textiles made from sustainably farmed or collected materials. Cocoon silk was uniquely conceived in the small village of Maroantsetra to provide new livelihoods for villagers. Ta’na’na is the sole wholesaler of these products and cocoon-silks are produced nowhere else in the world. All revenues are returned to support the greater Maroantsetra community and the Makira Natural Park.

    Visit us at Booth #3983 in Artisan Resource

  • Raffia weaving is a disappearing art in the Northwest of Madagascar. The Ta’na’na workshop is supporting the revival of traditional Madagascar weaving and reimagining Malagasy colors and patterns. Through its workshops Ta'na'na also supports raffia farming and sustainable raffia harvests around the Makira Natural Park.
    Our beautiful and unique materials are appropriate for artists, fashion and interior designers and anyone who appreciates beauty. Visit the TA’NA’NA booth #3983. All revenues are returned to support the greater Maroantsetra community and the Makira Natural Park.
  • The Ta’na’na workshop in Madagascar has been fighting hurricanes, fluctuating electricity, raw material crises and flooded roads to bring  you 4, new types of cocoon silk.  Cocoon silk was designed specifically to provide a new source of inceom for farmers displaced from the Makira Natural Park.  Farmers are taught how to farm silkworms or sustainably collect silk cocoons. Other members of the farmer's family are trained to sew a unique cocoon textile that can be used for wall hangings, curtains; others learn how to dye the textiles in unqiue patterns color combinations.  Income earned by farmers and their famlies is used to buy needed tools, additional food and provide education for the children.  Stop by the Ta'na'na booth, #3983, and feast your eyes and fill your hearts!  All revenues support Ta'na'na workshops in Madagascar and give local people a finanical reason to conserve Madagascar’s last remaining rainforests.

  • Come view our wall hangings in the colors of dusty, red clays, deep ocean blues and intricate geometric and organic shapes. in BOOTH # 3983 These original art works are made in Ta’na’na’s Madagascar workshop from sustainably harvested or farmed cocoon silk and raffia. Enhance your home and work spaces; contribute to conservation and poverty alleviation in Madagascar’s last remaining rainforests.  All revenues are returned to support people displaced from the Makira Natural Park and great Maroantsetra community.


  • Woven textile and bands by Tanana
    Sustainably harvested raffia textiles and bands made by hand in Madagascar...

  • 23"x 63" woven raffia panels and 1.5" x 39" bands
  • Makira blue moon by Tanana
    Cocoons sewn into beautiful, hand made and shibori dyed textiles. Materials <br />suitable for use by fashion designers, artists, interior designers....

  • 24"x24" cocoon silk hand made in Madagascar and shibori dyed
  • Red, black and natural woven raffia by Tanana
    Hand made raffia textiles from Madagascar. Sustainably harvested and produced<br />to support Makira Natural park....

  • Hand woven raffia textiles, 16" wide sold by the meter.  offered in Black and Natural,  Ringtail blue and red.  Materials appropriate for artists, fashion and interior designers
  • Shibori cocoon silk squares by Tanana
    Shibori, cocoon silk textiles sewn into 15"x18" squares. Comes in red and burgundy , blue and navy blue, gold and black...

  • Cocoon silk texitiles suitable for framing or use by artists, fashion and interior designers
  • Wild silk cocoons dyed by Tanana
    Open weave and dense weave cocoons spun by wild species of silk moths in Madagascar. Sustainably harvested to support communities living around Makira Natural Park...

  • 2", dyed cocoons,  sustianably harvested in Madagascar.  Suitable for artists, fashion and interior designers
  • Natural color, cocoon, wild silk textile - Tanana
    24"x24", open weave, wild silk cocoon textile from the forests of Madagascar.<br />Suitable for framed art or to be integrated into fashion accessories, interior design....

  • Undyed, natural gold color, UV reflective cocoon silk textile from Madagascar.

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