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Columbus,  GA 
United States
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We create high-quality goods that combine innovative designs and materials with traditional artisan techniques. We emphasize color vibrancy & rich tactile qualities. Ximena Rozo Design offers a contemporary take on tradition and augments market exposure for the artisans who make our goods.

Brands: As a society, we are constantly moving, disposing of furniture because it has become too burdensome to transport or because there is no emotional connection to the object. Our products tell stories and emphasize functionality, innovation, superior craftsmanship, and high-quality materials—to reduce waste in our communities and provide a sense of home to our customers. , Our approach to design is human-centered: We make useful, decorative objects that create an emotional appeal through the joy of their use, the beauty of their form, the quality of their materials, and the stories of their makers. At Ximena Rozo Design our designs are vessels for emotional connection.

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  • Ximena Rozo Design

    is a studio that creates contemporary, smart and lasting home decor while honoring artisan communities in Colombia. We combine traditional designs and artisan techniques with the highest quality, sustainably-sourced materials to create distinctive and beautiful home and hospitality accessories. While our products are focused on modern design and function, they are also rooted in tradition with a desire to enhance a sense of home.

    Ximena Rozo Design Principles:
    Celebrate sustainability for users and producers 2. Honor a contemporary take on tradition
    Value objects that tell stories
    Embrace a sense of home
    Emphasize innovation, beauty and function

    Our 2018 Paramo Collection includes pillows, lights, rugs, and woven containers made with natural fibers. The decor is complemented by intriguing details crafted by renowned artisans from Bogota, Colombia. We strive to empower these artisans as a means

    of fostering their economic and social development.

    This collection is perfect for urban dwellers who have a deep desire to support sustainable products that tell a story. They care deeply about an interior space filled with small batch of unique finds and want to create a sense of home no matter where they are. 

    From August 12th -15th at NYNOW, we welcome you to visit us at booth #3970 

    We’d love to hear from you!

    Email to schedule an appointment or place an order.

    Email us: design@ximenarozo.com

    Visit our site: www.ximenarozo.com

    Instagram: @ximenarozodesign Facebook: Ximena Rozo Design Twitter: @XimenaRozoD 

    Booth #3970 


  • Ximena Rozo Design- Verdura rug
    The Verdura rug is the perfect accent rug to enhance any interior space of your home. It’s woven from 100% que, a natural ber that grows in the leaves of the que plant, a native to Andean regions of Colombia....

  • Each line on our Verdura Rug is braided into strips that are stitched together to form the rug surface. 

    MATERIAL: Fique
    TECHNIQUE: Inter-woven braids and stitching

    REGION: Boyacá-Colombia 

  • Ximena Rozo Design- Seri Paramo Rug
    When you step onto a Ximena Rozo Design rug, you not only feel a soft surface and detailed woven bers, you feel empowerment and support for the hardworking hands that made it....

  • Rugs can brighten a room, but a Paramo Seri rug will light up a space with its unique style and superior quality.

    MATERIAL: 100 % Palma Estera

    TECHNIQUE: Vertical Loom

    REGION: Cesar, Colombia. 

  • Ximena Rozo Design- Nude Pillows
    The 2018 Paramo Nude pillows are all about the details. Our monochromatic cushions are made of 100% dye-free wool....

  • The soft texture reveals the thick leaves of the vegetation in the Paramo. In this region of the Andes mountains, the foliage is covered by velvety surfaces that shield the plants from the cold wind from the glacier summit. Just as this surface protects the plants, our soft handmade pillows will provide your space with a sense of peace and comfort. The calm, nude color with a pop of hand embroidered greens and yellows gives us all the feels. The high-quali- ty craftsmanship and eye-catching designs are the per- fect touches to any residential or hospitality decor. Both the wool fabric and the embroidery were crafted by two master artisans recognized as “Maestros Artesanos” by Artesanias de Colombia for their superior knowledge and masterfully dedication to their craft. We honor the work of artisans Juan Murcia weaver and Sara Ruiz, Embroidery.

    MATERIAL: 100 %Wool.
    ACCENT: Acrylic.
    TECHNIQUE: Horizontal loom and hand embroidery REGION: Cundinamarca and Bogotá, D.C. 

  • Ximena Rozo Design- Foliage Lamps
    The Foliage Lamps are handcrafted in Colombia from natu- ral fibers from Palma de Iraca, with a focus on contemporary design and function....

  • The vibrant colors will catch your at- tention, but the rich textures, patterns, and contemporary geometry are what will leave you with a lasting impression.

    MATERIAL: 100 % Palma Iraca

    TECHNIQUE: Inter-woven

    REGION: Atlántico-Colombia 

  • Ximena Rozo Design- Containers
    The natural material and unique, knitted technique of our Paramo containers make it a favorite staple in residential and hospitality environments....

  • Our containers serve as a stylish, multifunctional storage solution. The simple design, bold style, and durable material allow it to be moved around your space as the perfect state- ment piece. It can be utilized as a planter o accent beauti- ful greenery, or even as a basket to display magazines and other favorite objects in your zen-like retreat called home.

    MATERIAL: Fique
    TECHNIQUE: Knitting
    REGION: Santander - Colombia 

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