Tait Farm Foods

Centre Hall,  PA 
United States
  • Booth: 3144

Tait Farm is a diversified family farm located in central Pennsylvania, a few miles from Penn State University. Since 1987, Tait Farm Foods has grown to more than 55 all-natural specialty food products. Each product is made by hand in small batches using only the highest quality ingredients.

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  • Tait Farm Foods Fruit Shrubs
    Our first Tait Farm Foods product and still the most popular! Our Fruit Shrub is a classic mixer and simply the best. It makes everything from Raspberry Spritzers to Champagne Cocktails. Available in 13oz or 25oz size. 17 flavors available....

  • History in a glass! This all natural, sweet-tart mixer adds a burst of fresh fruit flavor to your favorite drink. The true essence of fresh fruit is perfectly captured and preserved in vinegar, just like it has been done for centuries. Shrub’s versatile nature enhances all libations, from craft and classic cocktails, to alcohol-free artisan mocktails. Added to plain seltzer it makes a refreshing alternative to sugary soda. Shrub is a taste from the past brought to today’s modern palate
  • Tait Farm Foods Savory Condiments
    Versatile and flavorful, our savory condiments have a wide variety of culinary uses. Pair with cheeses for an easy appetizer, use them to liven up sandwiches and wraps, or serve as a compliment to fish, poultry, meat, rice and pasta dishes....

  • Tait Farm Foods produces a variety of savory condiments including Chutney (7 variety), Fruit Mustard (4 variety), Tomato Bruschetta, Fig & Olive Relish, and Apple Pepper Jelly. Each product is made in small batches by hand using all natural ingredients at a production facility located less than three miles from the family farm in Boalsburg, PA.
  • Tait Farm Foods Dessert Sauces
    These purely delightful, sweet sauces can be used for dipping cookies, topping fresh fruit, putting over ice cream, spreading on pancakes, or eaten right out of the jar....

  • Alyssa’s Berry Sauce is a blend of raspberries, blueberries and strawberries with a hint of cinnamon.  Our Dark Chocolate Fruit Sauces are pure fruit mixed with decadent dark chocolate. ​Available in Raspberry Dark Chocolate Sauce, Sour Cherry Dark Chocolate Sauce and Strawberry Dark Chocolate Sauce.
  • Tait Farm Foods Fruit Spreads
    Over half a pound of fresh fruit in each jar! Made with a small amount of organic cane sugar, our spreads are simply the best. ​...

  • We are continually told the taste of our fruit spreads harkens back to grandmother's pies and preserves! There is no greater compliment! This expansive category of products includes 4 Fruit Butters, 10 Jams/Preserves/Conserves and Apricot Orange Marmalade. Absolutely delicious on toast, in yogurt, over ice cream, with cheese pairings and added to many favorite desserts.

  • Tait Farm Foods Vinaigrettes
    Distinctive and delicious, we use organic, high oleic sunflower oil to make our vinaigrettes. In addition to creating fabulous salads, they can also be used in vegetable, pasta, and rice dishes, or for marinating and grilling....

  • Our four distinct flavors are versatile and all made from quality ingredients: Lemon, Herbal Balsamic, Garlic and Ginger. You will want to have them all in your pantry!
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