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From Cufflinks to Car Key Case: Man changes

Cufflinks made of sterling silver, tin flasks made of pewter: What men received as gifts in the late 70s would hardly be conceivable today. In these wild times, TROIKA startd – even then with products that accurately reflect the time and the state of mind of men in work and private life. Times change. And with the orientation of TROIKA: to the specialist for design-oriented men’s gifts, technical key rings and innovative travel accessories.   The 80s bring the first design prizes, and in 1992 TROIKA Germany is launched. From 5 employees at the start of the company, today we have more than 50. From the start-up with family connections, growing into an innovative medium-sized enterprise in the open and communicative ambience of a modern company headquarters. And just as the modern man becomes more mobile, technically oriented and with many hobbies, so does TROIKA. Everyday, for more than 25 years, always looking for new, innovative gifts that will delight.

 Press Releases

  • Pen pushers and people who work with their hands – one does not exclude the other! Often those who tend to spend the day theoretically planning also want to be creative. And those who tend to construct and build need a good plan beforehand. For all those who implement one or the other or both in their everyday life there is a new practical helper: CONSTRUCTION, the mini-toolbox for your shirt pocket.

    Many men who sit at their desk during the day and come up with plans like to roll up their sleeves in the evening and put their plans into action. Often, incidentally, blouse sleeves are also rolled up. From childhood we build and construct: caves are built, Lego works of art and tree houses are created. The imagination knows no bounds. But in contrast to children, who simply start and then have fun tearing down again or consciously destroying what they have built, grownups' constructions are intended to last a little longer. Without the construction plan and the right tools, nothing can be done!

    The multitasking ballpoint pen CONSTRUCTION is suitable for both phases of implementation and thus becomes a constant companion. With the 1:20 and 1:50 scales, the centimetre ruler and the stylus it helps capture ideas. Thanks to the inch ruler, even English construction plans or measuring units are no problem.

    Then the mini-spirit level, Phillips and flat-head screwdriver literally ensure that nothing goes awry. No wonder then that this (almost) complete all-rounder, quickly becomes a constant companion for all builders. It is available in various different colours, whether you love it bright or classical.

  • Even in this digital era, creative people still find notebooks indispensable. Not everything can be done on your smartphone, at least not yet! Small notebooks with an integrated writing utensil are especially practical.

    For some, it's just a notebook, for others, it's a way to jot down ideas that pop in their heads. Whether in a waiting room, at the airport, in the tube, or on the park bench, creative ideas and flashes of inspiration can happen almost anywhere. It's important to get them down in writing or with a sketch before they're forgotten.

    New on the market is the LILIPAD + LILIPUT by TROIKA. The small notebook in DIN A7 format (10.5 x 8 cm) also offers a lot of extras and features compared to its larger cousins. An elastic band holds everything together and a ribbon helps you find a specific page. The handy pocket inside the cover is perfect for stashing receipts, parking slips, tickets, etc. The embossed 10 cm ruler is another detail that catches the eye as are the 128 perforated pages with a practical dot grid.

    The set is completed by a small multi-tasking ballpoint pen, which includes a built-in ruler in metric and English as well as a slotted and Phillips screwdriver head and a stylus. The notebook is available in six colour options (black, brown, blue, yellow, grey and red), each of which is coordinated down to the last detail, with matching paper, pen, and stylus colours.
  • If you want to remove keys from a key ring or add them on, you normally need strength and dexterity. With SPLIT IT, the ingenious mini tool from TROIKA, changing keys is now child's play – even for delicate hands.

    Key rings have one – quite deliberate – characteristic: they cannot be split apart easily. Unless you have SPLIT IT. With its wedge-shaped ends, the little tool from TROIKA can even split open tight-fitting rings. The inner wedge lets you remove keys from the ring it's on, while the outer wedge can be used on other key rings. All this makes pinched fingers and torn nails a thing of the past.

    Oh, and just as a bonus, SPLIT IT looks just like a charm on a bunch of keys. The form is classic and rectilinear; its design language, clear and minimalist. SPLIT IT, from TROIKA Design Werkstatt, is a useful tool which cuts a fine figure wherever you take it

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