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Xoopar passionately designs, distributes and markets innovative IT Electronics.

 Inspired by the Art Toy culture, we keep on designing colourful, funny and handy high-tech products, supported by creative marketing tools and our growing community around #JoyInTechnology philosophy. 

Brands: Xoopar

 Press Releases

  • Xoopar(pronounced Zoo-par), a global mobile accessories brand that merges practical technology with creative design, is announcing the launch of PowerCard, an ultra-slim, fashionable powerbank that provides a quick charge for any smartphone or handheld device. Xoopar’s unique powerbank offers a solution for anyone seeking a convenient charge, combining extreme portability, useful features and bright, fun color schemes to create a compact, useful charging device for $24.99.


    As one of the slimmest powerbanks available, Xoopar’s PowerCard takes portability to new bounds, with a sleek five-millimeter-thick design, while also boasting a 1,300 mAh storage capacity. A 1.3A output ensures quick and easy charging on the go from an expandable USB port that collapses for easy storage in a wallet or purse.

    Useful Features

    Xoopar makes it easy for users to check their PowerCard’s battery life with a combination LED light button indicating full charge (Green), 50% battery level (Blue) or 25% battery and lower (Red). Xoopar’s PowerCard also features pass through charging, allowing a mobile device and the PowCard to be charged simultaneously. Each PowerCard can be charged through any USB-port via a built-in micro-USB charging connection.

    Fashionable Aesthetic

    Xoopar is known for putting Joy in Technology, providing consumers with unique, fashionable and useful products; and PowerCard is no different, available in six eclectic colors with a brushed aluminum finish, offering a classy, yet sturdy design. A black protective pouch is also included with every PowerCard, for safe storage and professional aesthetic.

    Each PowerCard comes with a USB to micro-USB charging cable and is available in Black, Silver, Prink, Orange, Mint and soon Gold (!) at http://www.lafab.us/brand/Xoopar for $24.99.

    About Xoopar:

    Xoopar (“Joy in technology” www.xoopar.com) is an innovative gadget outlet at the cross road between design and technology. Xoopar is born from the friendship between Olivier Vergnet and Pierre Yu during an internship in Hong Kong. With offices in China and in Paris, the company combines the strengths of industrial and engineering know-how with cool design inspired from the Art Toy culture. Xoopar sells its signature products in more than 20 countries, within high-street consumer electronics retailers, telecom carriers, major department stores and concept stores in Asia, Europe and in the US. Xoopar is a registered trademark in China, Hong Kong, in the EU, the USA and other countries. Xoopar is distributed in the United States by LaFab US LLC (www.lafab.us/brand/Xoopar)


  • Xoopar Xboy Mini
    3 inch 3W Bluetooth speaker, with color LED and selfies remote controler. Available in 7 colors...

  • More than just a decorative object inspired by the Art Toy, culture mini Xoopar Boy Speaker is a true high quality wireless Bluetooth speaker. Connect the mini Xoopar Boy to a smartphone / tablet / computer and other mobile devices via Bluetooth. Mini Xoopar Boy's face is lit up by multiple LED's and gives it an original design. With mini Xoopar Boy , you can also remotely control your smartphone to take selfies via bluetooth! Includes a micro USB to USB cable, a wrist strap.
  • Xoopar Boy Stereo
    5 inch 5W Bluetooth speaker, with speakerphone, and stereo pairing, LED light. Available in 5 colors...

  • More than just a decorative object inspired by the culture Art Toy, Xoopar Stereo Boy Speaker is a true high quality Bluetooth speaker. Choose how you want to connect the Xboy to a smartphone / tablet / computer and other mobile devices: via Bluetooth or with the cord included in the box. Boy Stereo works like magic: When you buy 2 Boys , you simply pair one to your smartphone and automatically, the first paired speaker will look for and pair itself to the second speaker. Each wireless speaker will then take charge of one sound channel: Left and Right! That's right! Now you can benefit from this advanced technology to immerse yourself into a more vibrant musical experience and stage your room with one speaker for left channel in one corner and set the second speaker for right channel into the opposite corner of your room (up to 30 feet away) if you choose to, giving you deep, real 360 degree stereo depth, exactly like on a HiFi system. The built-in microphone also allows you to take phone calls. Boy Stereo features buttons to control volume, take and hang up calls, manage music (play / pause) and a Micro SD card reader to play your MP3 music files. Its face is lit up by a glowing LED.
  • Xoopar Grand Boy
    8 inch 23W Bluetooth speaker with subwoofer...

  • More than just a decorative object inspired by the culture Art Toy Xboy Speaker is a true high quality wireless Bluetooth speaker. Choose how you want to connect the Xboy to a smartphone / tablet / computer and other mobile devices: via Bluetooth or with the cord included in the box. The built-in microphone also allows to take phone calls. Grand Boy features controls for volume, take and hang up calls, manage music (play / pause). With its dual speaker system delivering 2x 10W of peak power, and an extra bass 3W subwoofer, Grand Boy delivers quintessential beats and rythms in a compact , fun and mobile design that will feel cosy at home and handy for outdoor activities. Includes a micro USB to USB cable, and a jack 3.5mm to microUSB cable.
  • Xoopar Powercard
    thinnest charger eve for smartphones, credit card size, aluminum brush available in 5 colors...

  • Almost as thin as a credit card. Yet it contains1300mA of power , enough for 75% charge of modern day smartphone. This impossibly thin powerbank (only 0.22 inch!) rests discretly in your wallet ready in case you need it. Push on the side button's LED to check your Powercard battery level: Green color : Full charge. Blue color : Half charge; Red color: you are at 25% or less. Choose your favorite color between black, silver, orange, lime, mint, or pink brushed aluminum. A smooth protective pouch is included in the box, together with a USB to micro USB cable
  • Xoopar Octopus Power Pack 2600
    on to go smart and convenient solution to recharge smartphone: include Octopus short cables for all smartphones and 2600mAH battery available in 5 colors...

  • Xoopar brings you the ultimate power pack! Designed for busy people on the go, it includes a cute colorful 2600mAH power bank with enough humph to fully recharge most smartphones 1.5 time. The "octopus" itself is a small convenient connector with a short cable that does it all: Connect the USB end to the power bank, and use the right connector for your smartphone: Choose from USB Type C, Lightning, or micro USB, whatever smartphone you have , Octopus Power covers you! If you have an Android smartphone and an iPhone, Octopus Power is your savior: You do not need to carry 2 cables any longer with you everywhere you go, only Octopus!
  • Xoopar Splash
    5W Outdoor dust & waterproof IP65 bluetooth speaker with speakerphone available in 5 colors...

  • Xoopar Splash Speaker is a Bluetooth speaker certified IP65 resistant to water splashes. It is your ideal companion for outdoor escapades to the country side, for a trek or even to the beach. Splash delivers 5W of music power and features a built-in microphone so you can take calls and have handsfree talks .Splash also is resistant to shocks and dusts thanks to its silicone coating! With its convenient suction cup, you can apply it to any flat surface or suspend it to any support. Plus : Built-in Micro SD Card reader. A microUSB recharging cable and an audio 3.5mm jack cable are included in the box.
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