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<100% environmentally friendly leather>

Brands: new developed textile wallpaper, 100% environmentally friendly leather for stationery, children.

 Press Releases

  • Company : YOUIL A&L Co.

    will go to NY NOW 2018 FAIR to exhibit “MY NEW TEXTILE WALLPAPER.”

    In last april, I went to eastern Europe to exhibit my new textile wallpaper.

    In that exhibition, I met many company and designer.

    And I had good meeting with good company.

    I need good partnership in Europe and the others.

    For 8 night, I met many people, in Europe. And make friends, met my friends in Europe again.

    Feature of company YOUIL A&L

    My items are only one in the world and environmentally friendly materials.

    I developed new textile wallpaper and then make 100% eco-friendly leather.

    My company was established in 2011.

    My market is not only korea.

    I will sell my items in the world. So, I need some good partners.

    In Europe, in USA, in Canada.

    In april, Europe!

    In August, USA!


  • new textile wallpaper manufacturer.

    YOUIL A&L Co.

    this is first time in USA.

    i need good partners in USA, CANADA.......

    i'm looking forward to having meeting with you.



  • new developed textile wallpaper (YOUIL A&L Co.)
    you can easily attach them horizontally (not vertically) without joint.<br />you don't need any skill to attach them.<br />premium textile wallpaper ( not print )...

  • "new developed textile wallpaper" 

    new developed(no back paper) (only 1 in the world)

    -because of very broad width (max. : 3m, bottom to ceilling ), you can attach my wallpaper on

     the wall horizontally not vertically.

    -don't need to set pattern, easily attach them on wall. (D.I.Y.)

    -no joint. attach them only one time, horizontally.

    -only one layer. (don’t need back paper)

    -use same glue.

    -premium textile.

    all designs in web site. 

  • 100% eco-friendly leather (YOUIL A&L Co.)
    100% environmentally friendly leather for children, stationery.<br />no endocrine disruptors<br />non pvc<br />no heavy metal<br />no TVOC<br />i have a test report....


    -FEATURE : 100% eco-friendly materials

    no endocrine disruptors (endocrine disrupting chemicals) : Bisphenol A,

     Phthalate, Dioxin.

    non-P.V.C. : no formaldehyde, no TVOC, no heavy metal, no Benzen,

     no Toluene,

                      emit nothing.

                      you can select back type : paper, woven, non woven.

            -USE : very nice for children (furniture, stationery, mat…..) for stationery.

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