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We create unique design gifts - scratch-off maps and motivational scratch-off posters. 1DEA.me maps and posters have been highly estimated in over 100 counties. Our goal is to build a long-term and win-win relations with the Partners all over the world!


  • Travel Map Air World by 1DEA.me
    Travel Map AIR World is the first transparent and the most detailed scratch-off font map in a big collection of inspiring 1DEA.me gifts. All countries are covered with the silver layer; after its scratching, the map reveals its bright colors.<br />...

  • TRAVEL MAP®  AIR WORLD is a designer diary of your journeys all around the world. This inspiring transparent scratch-off font map will be a wonderful gift for a person who needs travels like the air and for those who just have started to explore our wonderful world. It’s also a stylish decor for a house which perfectly fits any interior. Choose a country which you plan to visit, make notes, use check-in stickers and let your journey get started. Scratch off the silver layer from the countries you’ve already been to, and see how the map becomes brighter, and your life gets more colors. Keep your traveling going until there will be not an inch of the silver layer left.
  • Travel Map Black World by 1DEA.me
    Travel Map® Black World is big wall world map with the special scratch-off coating. You can easily mark countries as you visit them: just use a coin to remove gold scratch-off coating and create a vivid record of your travel history....

  • This is a unique  personal Travel black map of the world, which is very convenient and fun to mark the countries you have visited. You need to scratch  by coin the countries you have been to, to see the colorful history of personal travel. 

    Also you can draw routes of your travel and make notes on the black map of world. All inscriptions can be easily erased with  a sponge.

  • Travel Map Geography World by 1DEA.me
    Travel Map Geography World is the most detailed scratch and pin map of the world.<br />...

  • TRAVEL MAP® GEOGRAPHY WORLD is the most detailed scratch and pin map of the world.
    The map contains many islands, small countries, cities and places of interest.
    Also you will get a scratch list with the world’s most popular tourist destinations.
    Unique design with golden scratch layer.

    Just take the scratcher and scratch off the layer from the countries you have already visited and your own travel history will come alive in bright colors. this map will be an  excellent adornment for the home and also an inspired present for your friends and family.

    Discover the whole world with travel map geography world!

  • Travel Map Letters World by 1DEA.me
    A special feature of the Travel Map LETTERS World is an original font design of the names of the countries, which are painted in bright colors under the scratch off silver layer....

  • TRAVEL MAP® LETTERS World is a colorful scratch off font map with a history of your travels, on which each country is represented by letters.The map will become an original and bright decor that will perfectly fit into an interior of a bedroom, living room or office.
    Scratch off the silver layer from the countries you’ve been to, so the map becomes brighter, and your life gets more saturated. This is a positive gift for friends and family, which inspires to discover the world from A to Z.

    Pleasant freebies:
    – designer tube, in which the scratch-off map looks great and so does not need additional gift packaging.
    – set of stickers with colorful letter-shaped images of the countries.

  • Travel Map of the USA Black
    Travel Map® of the USA Black is a stylish scratch map and a gripping guide to all the 50 states of America. Plan your trip, pave the way, make notes with a marker, and scratch off the scratch layer from every state that you have been to....

  • Travel Map® of the USA Black is a beautiful and inspiring adornment for the home and also a memorable designer gift which either a fashionable, beautiful female or a manly traveler will like.

    Do not stop traveling until the entire map sparkles with bright colors because each state has prepared a collection of interesting and colorful attractions for you.

    The Travel Map of the USA Black is packaged in a designer tube on which interesting facts about the country are outlined.
    Take the world map blackout, make notes with the white marker, which easily wipes off from the flexible plastic surface. And once you have returned from the trip, do not forget to remove the special protective layer, with the scratcher, from the state you have visited.

    Attach The Travel Map of the USA Black to the wall, using the drawing pins, to add American charm to your interior, and give one to a special friend to add bright colors and unforgettable impressions to his life.

  • Star Map of the Sky by 1DEA.me
    Star map of the sky is a design shining in the darkness map of a night starry dome of the sky. <br />Start learning the starry night and the endless Universe through a great number of exciting and unthinkable facts....

  • Star map of the sky — is your personal guide through a breath-taking journey across the starry sky.

    This is your personal astronomer, who will help you to find your own zodiac sign among countless starts and investigate the Galaxy in all its glory.
    It is a trend-perfect present for romantic girls, curious guys, and all who are fascinated by the incomparable beauty of the starscape.
    Moreover, it is an outstanding decoration for your home and a stylish inspiring gift for the people you love.
    Star Map of the Sky is an ideal way to enjoy a piece of a night sky.

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