Brasil Home Design LLC

Coral Springs,  FL 
United States
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Brasil Home Design LLC works exclusively with craftsmen in the remotest regions of Brazil.  Although each item is handmade and hand-finished from the finest stone, mineral, and hardwoods that Brazil has to offer, we still select each and every piece personally. 


  • Brasil Home Design Crystal Quartz Serving Piece
    Crystal Quartz Serving Center Piece...

  • White quartz has long been thought to represent the Feminine and the Goddess, especially as she manifests herself in Creation. This singularly beautiful, artfully original service bowl, hand-finished to a milky luster, is the ideal design to complement your culinary creations.

    Size: 14" x 0.25" x 5" (LWH) *

    Weight: 15 Lbs * 

  • Brasil Home Design Quartz Platter
    Large Pink Quartz Serving Platter...

  • A calming crystal of strength and stability, rose quartz is also known for its harmonizing effects. These marvelous quartz platters, more than a foot in diameter, are cut from a single piece of rose quartz and finished with 24K gold. Ideal for serving your finest hors d’oeuvres, a lovely cheese board or just to add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your next affair.

    Size: 13" x 12" x 0.375 (LWH) * 

    Weight: 5.5 Lbs *

  • Brasil Home Design Gamelas
    Extra large round Gamela...

  • Designed as the ideal blend of beauty and craftsmanship, our extra-large round gamelas are the supreme specimen to represent the incredible spirit of Brazil and her peoples. Hand made by the Pataxo's, Brazilian Indian Tribe located in the Northeast of Brasil,  A perfect circle, indeed! 

    Size: 18" x 16" x 6.5" (LWH) *

    Weight: 4 lbs * 

  • Brasil Home Design Serving Tray
    Serving Tray with Agate handles finished in 24K Gold...

  • These unique serving trays come with agate handles and are finished in 24k gold, to ensure our very best example of elegance and style. A beautiful, strikingly sturdy reminder of how form and function can come together to enhance our homes—and our lives. The fantastic wood is made with two of the finest Eucaliptus found in Brazil.

    Hand finished and polished, 

  • Brasil Home Design Coasters
    Natural Agate Coasters, 24K Gold Finish, Set of Four...

  • These stunning 4 1/2 ” natural agate coasters are perfect for addition for your home’s design, lending strength and a touch of elegance to its environment. The hand-finished 24K gold trimming offers a striking blend of elegance and natural beauty.  These Brazilian crystals are mined deep within the earth and are a natural stone. Each is hand-selected, so hues and patterns may vary slightly. 

    Size: 4 1/2” Diameter X 0.25” Thick *

    Weight: 1.0 Lbs *

  • Brasil Home Design Champagne Bottle Coaster
    Agate Champagne/Wine Bottle Coaster, Sterling Silver Finish...

  • Natural agate is thought to promote and strengthen familial bonds.  If there is something worth celebrating, it’s family—making these beautiful bottle-sized coasters, hand-polished with a sterling silver finish the ideal complement to your bottle of bubbly!

    Size: 6” Diameter X 1” Thick *

    Weight: 2.0 Lbs *

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