African Eyes

Cape Town, 
South Africa
  • Booth: 1476

African Eyes is an interactive rope jewelry and accessories project based in Cape Town, South Africa. Inspired by local and trans-Atlantic traditions, our products are ethically hand-made by our team. Our rope jewelry and bags can be customised and we can also produce exclusive designs. 


  • African Eyes, Amina Necklace, handmade jewelry
    Handmade rope necklace based in African traditions. Custom interactive jewelry. <br /><br />...

  • Queen Amina reigned the Zazzau Kingdom during mid 16th century, located in Zaria. She was a powerful warrior and a great military strategist that got to control the Hausa trade routes and built a commerce network all over the region.

    Amina Necklace celebrates her strength and courage. The rope double line and its different colors combinations make a strong statement impossible not to see.

    Amina Necklace can be customised.

  • African Eyes, Candace Necklace, handmade jewelry
    Handmade rope necklace based in African traditions. Innovative custom jewelry....

  • Candace (Kandake) was the way in which the Queens of the Ethiopian Kingdom during the 4th century B.C. were called. Candace means Queen mother. Candace necklace is inspired by the Ethiopian queens, mothers of the Kingdom. Kind, warm but still brave, this necklace is made by rope and threads in a twisted way.

    The Candace Necklace can be customised.

  • African Eyes, Circle Earrings, handmade jewelry
    Handmade rope earrings. African design and patterns....

  • Round and round. Multicolor stripes and brass make us feel that life is simple but twisted and straight at the same time. The Circles Earrings are fresh, bright and easy to wear.

    Circles Earrings can be customised.

    All our earrings are nickel free.

  • African Eyes, Rozvi Bracelet, handmade jewelry
    Handmade rope bracelet. Innovative custom jewelry....

  • The Rozvi Queen Bracelet is part of our Rozvi collection. Fresh, elegant, flexible and smooth, it adjusts to the shape of your arm.

  • African Eyes, Spiral Bag, handmade bags
    Handmade ethnic rope bag....

  • Our Spiral bags are handmade using specific rope jewellery skills that make them unique, elegant and high end bags.

    The Spiral Bag comes in three different sizes and counts with an adjustable strap.

    They are flexible and light. You can change their shape in many different crazy ways or use them in their traditional round plain shape. 

  • African Eyes, Scarfless Necklace, handmade jewelry
    Handmade rope statement necklace. Innovative custom jewelry....

  • The Scarfless statement necklace tries to reflect the empowering feeling traveling gives us. At the same time, powerful and protective, this piece shows us we can trust our instincts and feelings.

    The Scarfless Statement Necklace comes in two sizes and can be customised.

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