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A one-of-a-kind brand of fashion accessories and unique gifts for all occasions. These umbrellas turn store ceilings into galleries and attract customers through display windows. They are fashionable and trendy, with vivid and unique designs. Best of all, they're windproof and built to last.

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 Press Releases

  • La Bella Umbrellas have two important features that make them stand out from the crowd: unique and colourful designs that you won’t find anywhere else, and impeccable quality.  The canopy fabric is waterproof, soft and durable 300 thread-count Pongee, with the bright design visible from both inside and out. Whether you choose the lightweight and portable folding automatic open/close umbrella or the larger canopy stick/straight umbrella, the flexible fiberglass ribs prevent your umbrella from breaking in the wind. The high quality rubber-coated handle lets you get a comfortable grip and the soft wrist-strap and durable metal clip allows for two ways to carry your umbrella – on your hand or clipped to your bag when wet.


    All umbrella models come with a matching sleeve with adjustable straps, but folding umbrellas make the best present, since they come packaged in a beautiful gold-embellished gift box. Whichever model and design you choose, you’re guaranteed to stay dry in style.

  • You’ve probably heard of the new trend in rain accessories - reverse/inverted umbrellas. La Bella Umbrella takes this new design one step further - on top of its excellent functionality, our reverse umbrellas have a gorgeous and vibrant, unique design on both sides of its canopy. So you get the best of both worlds with these convenient and original umbrellas. If you’re tired of having your umbrella turned inside out by the wind and getting your car - and yourself - wet while getting in and out, then the inverted umbrella is calling out your name! The unique technology that went into the structure of this umbrella traps the water inside the double-layer canopy fabric and prevents drips, spills, and messes. Not only will you keep the inside of your car dry, but this umbrella is also easy to open and close without having to step out of the car. When getting to work or sitting down at a restaurant, you can also rest assured that you won’t be dripping water all over the floor. This umbrella stands upside down on its ribs and keeps all the water trapped inside its canopy.


  • La Bella Umbrella Fashion Umbrella - Peacock
    The most popular design of our fashion rain accessories, the colourful peacock umbrella resembles the bird’s extravagant feathers. A perfect match for an outfit of any colour, it’s a trendy accessory for those that prefer bright purples and greens....

  • The automatic open-close umbrella is one of many portable fashion rain accessories, but it is by far the easiest to use. Its fully automated mechanism means you can get instant rain coverage by pressing the button on the handle for the canopy to spring open quickly, and close it just as quickly when you’re running inside. The canopy size for this umbrella model is also larger than that of other brands. Built to last - with a wind resistant steel shaft and flexible fiberglass ribs, you will be well protected during light drizzles and heavy downpours. Other features include a rubber coated handle for a comfortable grip, 300T Pongee soft and durable fabric, and matching umbrella pouch with adjustable straps for easy carrying.

  • La Bella Umbrella Outdoor Living - Sunflowers
    This gorgeous sunflower bouquet umbrella is the perfect gift for anyone that enjoys outdoor living and nature. Reminiscent of Van Gogh’s sunflowers, the bright yellows in this umbrella brighten up any rainy day and make you want to get outside....

  • This heavy-duty but lightweight all-fiberglass stick umbrella provides maximum durability and flexibility to prevent breakage. When it suddenly starts pouring rain, open the umbrella quickly and easily with the push of a button. This umbrella model is all fiberglass, making it one of the lightest, large canopy umbrellas available. Ideal for outdoor living and large enough to cover two people, take this umbrella for long walks in the rain as a couple or with a dog, and rest assured that you will stay perfectly dry.

  • La Bella Umbrella One-of-a-Kind - Wild Poppies
    Make a fashion statement and enjoy a rich summer garden every time you open up this one-of-a-kind wild poppy umbrella. The dazzling design will bring your rainy day outfit to life. The saturated red and leafy greens are sure to catch everyone’s attention....

  • These inverted umbrellas are one-of-a-kind and the new trend in rainproof gear. The newest in umbrella design, these innovative rain accessories have a canopy that flips inside out. Say goodbye to the struggle of getting into and out of your car in the rain thanks to reverse umbrellas. Though they open and close manually, the canopy opens away from you instead of towards you, keeping you and your car dry in the meantime.
  • La Bella Wedding Rain Accessories - Gold Floral
    The intricate and fashionable Gold Floral umbrella is both chic and practical - perfect for a wedding gift. Its’ earthy tones and decorative artwork is calming and beautiful. Pair with gold bangles, necklaces and other jewelry for ultimate style....

  • You probably haven’t met very many people who would ever buy an umbrella as a gift. Or very many people who have ever received such an unusual, yet useful, present. But that’s all about to change. La Bella Umbrella is revolutionizing gift giving. Our umbrellas are stylish, meticulously built and come in gorgeous gift boxes that make any occasion, a special occasion. Holidays, birthdays, good days and bad days; these umbrellas are the perfect gift for your family member, significant other, good friend or acquaintance. They’re also a great present for bridesmaids and make for excellent and extravagant wedding photos!

  • Travel La Bella Umbrella Stained Glass umbrella
    This bright umbrella has a large canopy but is also portable and great for travel. A variation of the popular Peacock design, this stained-glass style design resembles a dragonfly’s colourful wings and also comes as a reverse/inverted umbrella....

  • - Brighten up your luggage when travelling with this radiant umbrella design

    - Reverse umbrella is extra convenient for getting into and out of your car

    - Keeps you and your car dry by trapping the water inside the canopy

    - Extra windproof due to the double-layer canopy and air vents

    - Unique design on both canopy layers - inside and outside

    - Rubber coated finger grip handle

    - Umbrella can stand upside down on its ribs

  • La Bella Umbrella Art Souvenirs - Klimt
    A newly revealed design and already a big hit, this Klimt-inspired art umbrella is a real masterpiece - a perfect souvenir or promotional item for a museum. Klimt’s distinctive gold accents will make you stand out from the crowd....

  • This umbrella is a perfect gift for the art lovers in your life. Gorgeous and vibrant, it’s definitely a unique painting to bring out on a rainy (or sunny!) day. It’s a great addition to a museum or art gallery gift shop for those looking for a memorable and unique souvenir that’s also useful in their everyday life. Much better than a canvas that hangs on a wall - this original gift would always come in handy. This design, as well as Van Gogh’s Starry Night, are just a few of the possibilities. La Bella Umbrella can design customized rain umbrellas as promotional items or for your gift shop.
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