La Savonnerie Royale

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La Savonnerie Royale is a French company, passionate about the history of France and its chateaus! We make our soaps in France with fragrances from GRASSE, the renowned capital of perfume. Our passion for French history is equally reflected in our scented candles with jewelry inside.


  • Poudre de Riz Bar Soap
    The Poudre de Riz Grasse fragrance was a favorite of the kings and queens of France. The floral and powdery notes will transport you to a royal era and leave a subtle scent on the skin.......

  • La Savonnerie Royale offers natural soaps inspired by the history of France. Our 100g natural soaps, enriched of organic shea butter, are 100% made in France. To obtain a luxurious high-quality product, we have crafted our extra-soft soaps in Haute-Provence, in the renowned artisanal tradition of Marseille soaps. Each bar is formed by pouring the pure vegetable-base into soap molds featuring an engraved fleur-de-lys. 
  • Pétales d'églantine liquid soap
    Rose fragrances were a favorite of Queen Marie-Antoinette. Our Grasse perfumer has created this perfume, inspired by her favorite scent of subtle rose, with woody notes and a hint of musk....

  • La Savonnerie Royale offers natural soaps inspired by the history of France. In order to create a luxurious high-quality product, we have created our extra-soft liquid soaps in Haute-Provence, in the quality tradition of Marseille soaps. All of our artisan-crafted liquid soaps are vegetable based, using only the finest olive and coconut oils.

  • Le Bassin de Neptune Candle
    Our scented candles contain an exceptional vegetable wax, composed of soy oil, coconut oil and mango butter. ​18 carat gold-plated jewelry, adorned with Swarovski © zirconias are found in each candle....

  • The Fountain of Neptune, located in Versailles’ enchanting gardens, inspired this fresh, invigorating fragrance with a hint of the sea and notes of musk and citrus. 

    The 100% vegan vegetable wax in each of our candles is composed of soy oil and coconut and mango butters. Our scented candle wax reflects traditional expertise and combines luxury with quality and tradition. 

    The 18-carat gold fleur-de-lys pendant with Swarovski © zirconias found inside your scented candle, echo our inspiration from the history of France and create a unique gift. 

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