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terima kasih kemBali, fashion and art jewellery (thank you you are welcome - in Bahasa Indonesia) is an expression of gratitude to nature and life.Each design has a representation of Indonesian rich craftmanship and culture, in the form of natural materials such textiles, bamboo and wood.

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  • Imperfection is always synchronized with a negative mindset. People prefer perfection which sometimes becomes a norm.  For myself as an art jewellery designer and artisan, I tend to look at things through the eyes of appreciation of imperfection; perfection is a state of boredom and too mainstream. I believe there is beauty, in any imperfection when it is presented artistically and designing it wholeheartedly. More importantly, this approach will lead to green & sustainable lifestyle. That is my personal concept design approach of each creation for my Art Jewelry  & Fashion Accessories under my brand terima kasih kemBali, which means Thank You, You’re Welcome, an expression of gratitude. It  was conceived in 2016.
    I have always been committed in using imperfect, often overlooked yet bountiful objects from nature or waste/scrap materials, which I  infused with philosophical thoughts behind each design  to create meaningful pieces which can be used as a fashion object as well as an art décor  
    For my Art Jewelry lines, the fundamental components selected are combination of traditional Indonesian handcrafted materials such as the Kalimantan scarf, Ikat woven fabric, batik fabric, terracotta, brass objects and my recent obsession is bamboo. I try to incorporate as many natural, unique and locally resource elements into my design, thus maintaining a sustainable supply, as well as support our local artisans and their products. I believe that locally based handcrafted objects with contemporary designs are appealing for the International market. Indonesia has abundant resources of exquisite traditional materials handmade by skillful artisans.  It is an ancient skill that many now tend to leave as its painstakingly long, using traditional technology and the perseverance to uphold the traditional in this modern age. Through the deconstruction techniques defining my designs, combining natural and handmade objects, I hope to create a unique wearable artsy pieces which honours tradition with a contemporary touch.
    The collection lines are categorized based on my creative journey traveling to many cities in Indonesia.  However,  Bali has given an immense source of creativeness, allowing me to explore and play without no limitations yet understanding the need to fulfill a market that appreciate uniqueness, one of a kind pieces  yet  with  reasonable price  point.  While, I started my collection with my signature terima kasih kemBali charmed bracelet,  for NY_NOW 2019 summer edition I brought a complete collections, which  are The Kalimantan collection representing scarf necklace with bold pendants, Tangled Texture, Fur Elise Collection, Ubud Terracotta Line, I love Bali Collection, Uluwatu Bali Collection, Seminyak Bali Collection, Jatiluwih Bali,  Kuta  Bali , Sumba Island, Poulet et Papillon Collection,  Maumere,  Bali leather, Knock on Wood and  Bamboo Wisdom. The Bamboo Wisdom collection was submitted for competition, in Best New Product Award category, at NY_NOW 2019 summer edition. 
    Each pieces are handmade created with passion and gratitude towards the life’s exuberant energies added with the ability to express creativity art pieces for the unique, bold & quirky individuals. I hope you would allow my creation be part of your collection too.
    For further information, please kindly contact us at:
    Email              : terimakasihkemBali234@gmail.com or 234inbloom@gmail.com
    Instagram     : @terima-Kasih_kembali and @234in_artcraftsatelier
    Mobile No.    : + 62.813.1430.8342
    Shop/Atelier:  Jl. Kemang Timur Raya No.55 Jakarta Selatan – Indonesia (next to galeripot,
    project house complex)


  • terima kasih kemBali tangled texture art jewelry
    terima kasih kemBali, handmade Art Jewelries & Fashion Accessories defines the beauty of imperfection and deconstructive approach evolving in each piece into a contemporary art piece...

  • My story in creating the Tangled Texture Necklace
    My designs are always based on my desire to be environmental friendly as well consciously use to recycle unwanted materials and turn them into a wearable art pieces. I was strolling through the lined batik factories in Yogyakarta and saw remaining pieces of batik material left unwanted on the floor. Such a waste for them but became a valuable item for my designs. I then  worked together with the batik factory owners to collect all the unwanted material and have it specially natural dyed according to my colour reference of dark sea blue and various hues of green. Each material are cut and measured to a perfect length as a bold neckline fashion accession and adorned with a unique brass pendent like a bird cage or tassel, incorporating coral beads to accentuate the hard brass or the soft tassel.   
    This whimsical neckline piece brings out the fun and childish side of the wearer without the intend to look childish, but making fashion accessories as a fun, bold and interesting way to stand out of the crowd. Yes, you are allowed to be bold, to be funny and that is the way to be the center of attraction because one is comfortable in your own individual self. 
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