Cali Cosmetics, Inc.

Boca Raton,  FL 
United States
  • Booth: 8019

Baronessa Cali is a Sicilian themed personal care and home fragrance company.  Founded in 1996 we provide solutions.  We offer a custom fragrance program to help you brand your business.  Our Tarocco brand of personal care is also one of the most successful hotel amenity collections in the US. 


  • Cali Cosmetics, Inc. Custom Program
    Candles and Home Fragrance - Branding Opportunity.<br />We help you brand your company. Creating a signature scent program exclusive to you. You name the scent. It will not be on amazon unless you put it there.<br /><br />...

  • Some of the biggest companies are following this TREND. 

    This is a fantastic way to create your own holiday fragrance collection.

  • Viaggio Home Fragrance Travel Program
    Candles and Diffusers customize your Store Name and Your Location. By branding fragrance your product is exclusive to you. Not on amazon and not available anywhere else.<br /><br />The TREND is the FUTURE....

  • Submit your artwork and choose your scent.

    We will customize your own siganture collection.

  • Tarocco Bath and Body Collection
    One of the most popular lines in personal care. Featured in over 65,000 hotel rooms on a nightly basis. Become and exclusive distributor....

  • Tarocco Story

    In the town of Rapsi, in the provence of Francofonte,Sicily my great great grandfather Gesualdo Di Naro was about to make a special discovery. A farmer, he owned several orange and olive groves throughout the territory. One day walking through his fields he found an orange with a unique red color, sweetness and flavor. Tarocco (also know as "Blood Orange" and "Red Orange"), the first name given to it, meaning beautiful in Sicilian dialect, was his discovery.

    This fruit, rich in antioxidants, has been used by my family in the same way we use everything from our lands, internally and externally. It will leave your skin soft, replenished and toned.

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