Cape Alpaca Products (Pty) Ltd

South Africa
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Ayamara & Cape Alpaca are 2 of the brands we produce using our own alpaca fibre at our mill in Wellington ( 1hour drive from central Cape Town). Once we process our fibre to yarn at our own mill on the farm we then go onto weaving our throws or knitting items such as scarves / socks / beanies /ponchos etc 

Brands: Aymara - luxurious throws woven from our own alpaca fibre which is processed in our own mill in Wellington (about 1 hour from the centre of Cape Town), Cape Alpaca - knitted scaves , beanies , ponchos and socks all made with our own alpaca fibre


  • Cape Alpaca - Natural Colour Alpaca Throws -Throws
    Throws - Our throws come in natural colours . On our alpaca farm & mill we tranform their firbre into fabulous yarns which are then woven into soft luxurious throws....

  • Throws - Our throws include many natural colours ( Alpaca come in some 23 different shades from white , fawns , browns , greys and black) as well as a variety of dyed colours. Apart from our herd of Alpaca we have our own mill on the farm where the alpaca fibre is processed into fabulous yarns that are then woven into these soft and luxurious throws.
  • Cape Alpaca - Natural Colour Alpaca Throws -Throws
    Throws - our throws are marketed under the Aymara brand and consist of yarn processed in our own mill on the farm . These throws are made using the natural colours from our herd of alpaca....

  • Alpaca come in up to 23 different natural colours and we have utilised a number of these to produce these soft luxurious throws . All the alpaca yarn comes from either our own alpaca or other local alpaca herds which is processed in our own mill on our farm in Wellington ( about 1 hours drive from central Cape Town)
  • Cape Alpaca - Natural / Dyed Alpaca - Throws
    Throws - A combination of natural colour yarn and dyed yarn is used to weave these throws ....

  • Throws - This range of throws is made using both natural and dyed yarns . All the yarns are produced in our own mill using our own and other local alpaca. Our farm is situated in Wellington ( in the wine producing region just 1hour from central Cape Town)
  • Cape Alpaca - Throws - Natural Colour Alpaca
    Throws - Alpacas throws using either natural colours or adding some dyed colours to enhance the natural tones...

  • Alpaca Throws - Alpacas come in some  23 diffferent colours/shades so there is quite a choice to work with we then ,at times, add some dyed colours to enhance these natural colours . As we have an alpaca farm and mill everything is processed here on our farm just outside Cape Town , South Africa ( hence the company name Cape Alpaca). In the last few weeks we have finalised our new brand Aymara and it will be at the NY Now show that our new designs and brand will be launched. 
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