Chuang Yi Inc

New Hyde park,  NY 
United States
  • Booth: 1559

CY Gallery specializes in authentic handmade jewelry and home decor. Our jewelry line has been perfected over 15 years and now sells wholesale across the country and can be completely personalized to match any mood or occasion. We even use the more elaborate pieces to create custom bridal jewelry!


  • E430 - Chuang Yi Inc. Handmade Jewelry
    14k gold fill wire branches into organic shapes, tipped with labradorite and pearls!...

  • This style is a favorite for our customers for its unique appearance, and is delicate and comfortable to wear. Handmade in Long Island NY.
  • E580 - Chuang Yi Inc. Handmade Jewelry
    Tightly wrapped 14k gold fill wire with high quality moonstone and labradorite!...

  • This pair of earrings is one of our more simple designs, which many retail customers have been looking for. Many of our pieces feature neutral color gemstones as well as very colorful stones, catering to as many fashion trends as we can.
  • N1701 - Chuang Yi Inc. Handmade Jewelry
    14k gold fill wire studded with carnelian stones and a tightly wrapped chalcedony pendant....

  • Another unique color combination, these bold colors cater to those with bold style. It can be worn to stand out from a backdrop of neutral colors, or it can complete a colorful outfit. Whatever the occasion, good gemstones always pack a lot of color into a small space, making this necklace light and delicate, yet bold and beautiful.
  • SEA1046 - Chuang Yi Inc. Handmade Jewelry
    Sterling silver lotus earrings with gold plate and a pearl in the center. This drop earring hangs from the earlobe with a long stem in the back....

  • This is perhaps one of our most popular earrings, and is almost always the first to catch the eye when we have it on display. All the sterling silver jewelry is very affordable, making it a high profit item for retail stores while still allowing a reasonable price that customers will love.
  • SRI1029 - Chuang Yi Inc. Handmade Jewelry
    A unique piece, this sterling silver adjustable ring features a gold plated songbird perched on an adjustable band next to a pearl....

  • This is a piece that caters to a more specific taste, but our line of bird jewelry is interesting enough that it usually gets into the hands of those that love birds and nature.
  • SNE1050 - Chuang Yi Inc. Handmade Jewelry
    Who doesn't like deer and wildlife? Sterling silver with gold plated antlers. Part of a set!...

  • We call this series "Nature Jewelry" for a reason! This deer necklace always catches the customers eye, especially if they are from a wooded or natural area. This is a piece that has even sold to men as well.
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