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26 sq yds of fabric in our largest USA handmade Albrea throw or cocoon creates a one of a kind naturally weighted experience that you have to feel to believe!  Also new luxury wraps and scarves - apparel. Unique gifts all ages; home decor; high end corporate; luxury hospitality.

Brands: ALBREA Throws, ALBREA Cocoons, ALBREA Stole Wraps, ALBREA Scarves, ALBREA Baby

 Press Releases

  • Albrea Throw, Cocoons, Wraps and Scarves are distinguished by our unique, one-of–a kind patent pending puckering stretchable fabric. Designed while on a quest for the perfect blanket, we have created products that are not only beautiful & aesthetically pleasing, but also provide pure comfort & luxury. With 26 sq yds of fabric in the largest Albrea Blanket or Cocoon, and with almost unlimited ability to stretch, our throws are naturally weighted and are known as the "Blanket That Hugs You Back”. These bold, new classy Albrea Blankets are sewn & hand crafted in the USA.

  • The Fashion Runway at NY NOW will be debuting the New handmade ALBREA Wraps & ALBREA Scarves with their one of a kind puckering stretchable fabric on August 10th at the Crystal Palace in New York City. This high-energy event has included the ALBREA collection as wearable accessories that are an absolute must for this fall. Come enjoy the entire show!


  • ALBREA Regular Throw - Home Accessories, Textiles
    Albrea Regular Luxury Throws are handmade in America. Great gift for all ages - college dorm, tween, children, babies, adults, & unique corporate & sales gifts. Plush new design for home accessories, outdoor living or office space use....

  • Our Albrea Blanket Throws & Cocoons are distinguished by their unique, patent pending puckering stretchable fabric. Designed by a team on a quest for the perfect blanket, we created blankets that are not only beautiful & aesthetically pleasing, but are functional, easy to care for, and provide warmth, pure comfort & luxury. 

    Our high quality is demonstrated by the amount of fabric in each throw (21 square yards in the regular size, and approximately 26 square yards in the large), our personal hand-crafted attention to detail, and the extensive sewing patterns with the ability to stretch significantly. These factors produce blankets that are "naturally weighted”, making our blankets known as the "Blanket that hugs you”, which is calming and therapeutic. They are USA sewn & hand-crafted.

    Machine wash cold water, lay flat or tumble dry on air only.  

    Albrea Regular Size Measurements - 45" x 50" when flat; 92" x 96" when stretched (approximately)

  • ALBREA Large Throw, One of a kind Blanket Textiles
    The Large Contemporary Plush Albrea Blanket Throw is unique to decorative accessories & home furnishings. Back to School gift for college, tween or children's room. The plush texture is perfect for photo shoots too! Private label, made in the USA....

  • This Large White Classy Albrea Blankent is naturally weighted by 26 square yards of fabric, and is known as the "Blanket That Hugs You Back”. Use for:

    • Luxury gift item
      • Corporate gift
      • Sales incentive
      • Retirement gift
      • Real estate agent's gift to home buyer
      • Wedding gift
      • Baby shower
    • Home Decor / Accessories
      • Throw for Home Furnishings
      • Color Accent on couch or chair
      • Bedroom or Living Area
    • Travel accessories (Lap/Travel size)
    • Luxury apparel (classy funky wrap)
    • College or University dorm room
    • Anxiety relief and help with Autism (Cocoon or Throw)
    • Baby Items (baby cocoon and crib blanket)
    • Children's Items (Kid Cocoon or any size Albrea Throw)
      • Christmas gift
      • Birthday gift
      • Sleepover
      • Camping
    • Sleeping Bag Insert for Adults and Children
    • Pure enjoyment with the Ultimate Albrea Experience that you have to feel to believe!

    Large Throw - 45" x 62" flat, 96" x 115" when stretched.

    Machine wash on cold water, lay flat, or tumble dry on air only.

  • Albrea Lap Throw / Baby Blanket / Travel Accessory
    Lap Albrea Throws are used as decorative accessories for home furnishings in contemporary home textiles. Also used for children, baby blankets, cribs, or plush travel accessories. Some use for pet products blanket. American made; private label; handmade...

  • The Albrea Lap Throw / Travel Blanket is great for children and also used as a crib blanket, and great for a baby shower gift.  It is the ideal size for travel in either car or plane, or if you just need something a little smaller as an accent on your couch.

    29” x 48” lying flat, 59” x96” when stretched.

    Machine wash cold, lay flat or tumble dry air only.

    Made in the USA


  • Albrea Cocoon - Baby, Children's, Tween, College
    Plush Christmas, birthday, back to school or shower gift for baby, children, adults - Albrea cocoons are used for everything, as children & tweens love them! The soft silky puckering stretchable fabric is a one of a kind handmade blanket cocoon textile...

  • The Original Albrea Blanket with its ultimate weighted feeling gave birth to the Albrea "Cocoons" that stretch in every direction, enveloping those who need it. They are used for:

    • Fun and enjoyment for all ages (baby – adult)
    • Luxury gift for all occasions
    • Outdoor Events
    • Calming and Comforting
    • Anxiety, Autism
    • Sleepover Sleep Sack
    • Sleeping Bag Insert when Camping

    The Albrea Cocoons - come in 3 sizes kid cocoon shown above in cream with 9 yr old boy, adult cocoon, and baby cocoon shown here.

    Those with anxiety and autistic children find that the patent pending puckering strethable fabric allows freedom to move while inside, yet gently "hugs", calms and comforts. 


    Baby Cocoon (approximately newborn to age 2 years) 14" x 24" Lying flat, ​24" x 45" when stretched.

    Kid Cocoon (approximately ages 2 - 11). Measures 22"x 50" when lying flat, 45"x 88" when stretched.

    Teen/Adult Cocoon (approximately 5 ft and taller). Measures 22" x 62" - laying flat, 45" x 115" - when stretched

  • Albrea Wrap, Apparel for Women, Tweens, Children
    One of a kind, handmade plush apparel - wrap yourself in luxury with our Albrea Wrap / stole / shawl - be a trend setter in fashion clothing. Perfect for black-tie events and great with jeans & casual college wear. Also for tweens, girls, Back To School....

  • This classy new Albrea product was inspired by our customers who love our products, and consistently requested that we design an elegant stole that could be used for cold evenings at plays, black tie events, and with other formal wear.  However, we have found that our Albrea stole can also be used as a one of a kind wrap for more casual events, as it looks great with jeans too! The smallest sized stole can be used by girls as outerwear during an outside wedding, or as a chic, funky wrap when going back to school.

    There are over 8 square yards of our unique Albrea puckering stretchable fabric in each stole, which snuggles up warm and soft around you, giving you a wrap that actually "hugs you". However, it can also be shared when needed, such as if using at an outdoor event. A mother can tuck her baby inside the wrap close to her body instead of carrying that extra blanket, or instead of struggling to put baby in outerwear, as our wrap stretches to form around both her and her baby.

    Brushed, silky soft polyester fabric is used in the construction, as all our test subjects felt it was the softest, most comforting fabric, and preferring it to the feeling of the other tested fabrics. It is machine washable on cold, and tumble dried - air only. They wear well and are easy to care for.

    Our high quality is demonstrated by our personal hand-crafted attention to detail, large amount of soft fabric, and the extensive sewing patterns that stretch significantly. Our wraps are calming and therapeutic, used for anxiety relief, and for pure enjoyment!  Made in the USA, 100% woman established, owned and operated business.

    13 colors available


    ALBREA Short Wrap - 18" x 48 " when flat, 36" x 96" when stretched

    ALBREA Long Wrap - 18" x 58" when flat, 36" x 116" when stretched

  • ALBREA Scarves - Apparel Adults, Tween, Children
    Beautiful new clothing accessory created from Albrea’s plush, warm. soft, puckering stretchable fabric. Our scarves stretch to just the right fit around your neck for Back To School or college apparel. Handmade in USA. Unique gift for Adults to Children....

  • Albrea Scarves are a handmade, brand new product using our patent pending one of a kind Albrea puckering stretchable fabric. Based on the infiniti scarf style, you can wrap and wear many different styles. Warm, soft, snuggly, you have to feel to believe, and stretches to fold just the right way. Women, tweens, children and men also love them. 13 colors available. Fabric is 100% polyester and very easy to care for. Wears well. Perfect gift for Christmas, birthday or other special events. 

    Women, men, children - all can use. 

    Made in the USA

    Can customize length/size for large orders.

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