Essências de Portugal

Torres Novas, 
  • Booth: 7981

Essências de Portugal… We design, create and make soaps with Art, offering an exclusive range of dermatological soaps with essential oils, with certified quality control. Our main objective is to bring to life our soaps through what best is made in Portugal.

Brands: Essências de Portugal


  • Jewel-Keeper with Portuguese Cork
    Auto-sustainable packaging, made with Portuguese Cork, after using the soaps you can keep using it to storage your jewelry....

  • Cork combines the refinement of the charm of an older world with the technical capabilities of a new world. This is one of the most typical natural products in Portugal being the world's largest cork producer, with abundant cork oaks in the Alentejo region, being used in the corks of the best Champagne and wine in the world, and even by NASA!

    For the Portuguse Cork Jewel-keeper we selected two Designers to create a handcrafted piece with cork inspired by the "Tarro" of the Alentejo shepherds, so that we could take to you our soaps with Art with the most traditional fragrances of Portugal.

    About the Aluminium jewel-keeper with cork lid it was inspired by the aluminium "Púcaros" used to warm water in our Grandparents' homes, the aluminium jewel-keeper helps us to travel and to remember those times that will remain forever in our hearts. It is a rare and valuable combination with the lid made by hand in Portuguese cork preserving our treasures that are the soaps with Art.

    This is a zero waste product, it's an auto-sustainable packaging. Essencias de Portugal will keep with you for a long time.

  • Charm Air Freshner
    Portuguese fabric sewn manually with one soap inside...

  • Typically Portuguese handbags sewn manually by dressmakers from the region. They offer numerous patterns that identify various regions of Portugal, including the Azores and Madeira. They are specially prepared to be able to absorb the fragrance of soaps, scenting the atmosphere of your home for months.

  • Love Soap
    Handmade packaging made of Portuguese pine wood with our Love Soap...

  • Natural wood of Portuguese Pine, handmade by Carpenters of the region and stamped by fire as in the past, there are no two equal pieces!

    The handcrafted packaging combined with the Love Soap, will be an unique gift due to it´s natural charm and originality.

    The Soap of Love was inspired by the love that unites humanity. A love which does not see or represent colour, race, culture or religion. Although beliefs may differ, it is this universal love that unites humanity!

    It is a 100% vegetable soap, enriched with glycerine and Lotus Flower aroma, a hypoallergenic fragrance with floral and fruity notes that transport you to a refined and glamorous environment.

  • Portuguese Cork Coffret
    Portuguese cork base with 2 or 3 Senses soaps....

  • Inspired on our traditional Portuguese Cork, we design a base to put our Senses collection soaps. There are 3 combinations, two with 2 soaps and one with 3 soaps.
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