• We are very excited to be part of the first-ever FASHION RUNWAY at NY NOW. Tradition Textiles scarf, Wool Indigo Stitch– WINT has been selected to be part of theaccessories fashion show. Curated by Farai Simoyi of The Narativ four themed fashion shows will be staged during NY NOW. Tradition Textiles Indigo Stitchscarf is... Learn More

  • Submitted on: Aug 08, 2019, by KAHRI (#121)

    Fashion Designer/Artist KahriAnne Kerr is debuting her popular collection of Fashion Icon Dolls at NY NOW in August.  The collection, which includes everyone from Karl Lagerfeld to Ruth Bader Ginsburg, is sold at stores such as Story, Shopbop, Lord and Taylor, and more, and is now ready to expand to... Learn More

  • Oblation Papers & Press is an urban paper mill, letterpress print shop, hand-bindery and fine retail paper boutique, founded by Ron and Jennifer Rich in 1989. Our wholesale line of academic, amusing, artisanal paper goods, including our subsidiary, the Hat+Wig+Glove Company are made exclusively in Portland, Oregon.  ... Learn More

  • YAY NOVELTY Seattle, WA - August, 5th 2019 - Lifestyle and accessory brand YAY NOVELTY introduces YaYgiftjar - a greeting card in a jar. The round jar with inscribed bamboo lid is a chic and reusable way to present a gift of chocolate, teas, drill bits for dad, jewelry, or... Learn More

  • There's strength in numbers, for sure, but we love the fearlessly independent single. Yes, we're talking about earrings. Deliberately mixing an ear jacket with a crawler or a simple stud with a bold drop earring (celebrity proof, Emma Watson, above) creates this intriguing, not to mention, effortlessly cool, effect that you wouldn't find in... Learn More

  • FROM HUMBLE BEGININGS TO "THE WORLD’S LARGEST ART INSTALLATION PROJECT" Metalbird started as a New Zealand based guerrilla street art project in 2009. Inspired by stencil artist Banksy, I designed, crafted and hammered up dozens of life-sized, Metalbird stencils for no other reason... Learn More

  • Submitted on: Jul 26, 2019, by Sevya Handmade (#1863)

    Our Brand Sevya is a Fair Trade company that works with artisan cooperatives throughout India to develop contemporary styles that showcase their traditional and eco-friendly methods of handcraft--including hand-loom, blockprinting, tie-dye, and embroidery. ... Learn More

  • For Immediate Release                                                                      For Additional Information: July 2019                                                                                               Kelly Wenzel, National Sales Director                                                                                                                 (888) 265-1069 x 105          kelly@beatrizball.com     NY NOW, August 11-14, 2019 Booth # 3220                                                                                       Tage Strom, Brand Ambassador    ... Learn More

  • For Immediate Release                                                                      For Additional Information: July 2019                                                                                               Kelly Wenzel, National Sales Director NY NOW, August 11-14, 2019                                                           (888) 265-1069 x 105          kelly@beatrizball.com     Javits Center, booth 3220                                                                  Tage Strom, Brand Ambassador                                                                                                                ... Learn More

  • Submitted on: Jul 24, 2019, by NACH SARL (#8136)

    High-end porcelain jewellery, ready-to-wear and accessories designer. Nach, created in 2011 and based in Toulouse, France, is above all the story of two sisters: Nadia and Nancy Koch. They have built on their family know-how in the porcelain handicraft to create jewels and accessories unique... Learn More

  • FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE  Rustico's new leather color offers a rugged yet elegant tone that's appealing to all demographics  Lindon, Utah – Monday, July 22, 2019 - Rustico, a premium leather goods brand handcrafting high-end journals, notebooks, bags, wallets, logbooks, accessories, and gifts, is releasing its newest color tone this summer and will... Learn More

  • Submitted on: Jul 23, 2019, by Seda France Candles (#7903)

    Seda France’s journey from candle-making newcomer to prominent player in the home fragrance market has been a whirlwind of sumptuous fragrances, press kudos, and the extravagant packaging that defines our Texas-made goods as the “gifts that need no wrapping.” Thanks to an amazing family of retailers and... Learn More

  • Submitted on: Jul 19, 2019, by Hyascent (#8038)

    An award-winning hourglass fragrance diffuser to reflect your personal style and décor.   Scent is a form of artistic design and expression which can transform any space. Hyascent is disrupting the home fragrance market with its innovative new fragrance diffuser to ensure modern, memorable fragrances are put on... Learn More

  • Albrea Throw, Cocoons, Wraps and Scarves are distinguished by our unique, one-of–a kind patent pending puckering stretchable fabric. Designed while on a quest for the perfect blanket, we have created products that are not only beautiful & aesthetically pleasing, but also provide pure comfort & luxury. With 26 sq yds of fabric in the largest Albrea Blanket... Learn More

  • Do not mess around with the diminutive baby of the XBOY family! 3-inch standing, packing 3W of power, mini XBoy is the cutest Bluetooth speaker ever! YouTube is still trying to recover from unboxing mini XBoy! Don't judge XBoy owners, because once... Learn More

  • NY NOW, NYC, NY- Xoopar introduces a revolutionary concept: iné Xoopar has surveyed precise Powerbank usage since 2016 driving to a simple conclusion: 63% of users do not have their power banks when they need them. The top reason? Powerbanks have become too heavy and bulky... Learn More

  • Submitted on: Jul 10, 2019, by Rosanna (#3414)

    Table Narratives  Rosanna’s Fall & Winter 2019 Collection Teaches, Delights, and Celebrates the Stories of Identity Seattle, WA – From formal dinnerware to holiday fare to giftable pieces in unique forms, each look in the Rosanna Fall and Winter 2019 Collection helps customers create or tell... Learn More

  • Submitted on: Jul 10, 2019, by La Tagueria (#8310)

    We are a family-run business based in Bogota - Colombia. We are specialized manufacturer in producing environmental friendly & Ethical Tagua Jewelry, Fashion accessories and objects. With our own in-house factory located in the booming industrial district of Bogota and our professional knowledge in Tagua,... Learn More

  • Industrial Jewellery, the unique and modern jewellery brand designed by Hila Rawet Karni, is proud to introduce the new AW’19 Collection: Graphite Monochrome. Last season’s Mondrian and Bauhaus inspired collection was so well received we decided to keep that pop of colour in our rope pieces but introduce a darker... Learn More

  • Vagabond House is a family-owned American company specializing in high-end tableware, serving ware, and giftware. Artistically designed and finely crafted from the highest quality pewter, and other rare, beautiful and durable natural materials. Our products are exclusively designed to be unique, functional heirlooms for those who seek to express tradition... Learn More

  • Submitted on: Jun 27, 2019, by BESPOKE PAWS (#1075)

    Founder and NYC based designer Ivy Higa, and her yorkie rescue, Brooklyn, set out to create a luxury line of pet accessories when realizing there was a void of functional, well designed pet products in the market. With over 10 years of luxury design experience, heading DKNY's... Learn More

  • Submitted on: Jun 25, 2019, by beblue jewelry (#8271)

    Find our sterling silver Trinity Ring in the Fashion section of Hello! Canadamagazine. Recreate Jennifer Lawrence’s look with this versatile jewel. ... Learn More

  • Submitted on: Jun 25, 2019, by beblue jewelry (#8271)

    Find our Be Caring and Be Thoughtful, in the Fashion section of Culture magazin. « Mixing and matching two bracelets to create your own arm candy adds a unique and personal flair to your outfit. We suggest the Be Thoughtful, a lovely sterling silver bracelet with bright... Learn More

  • Submitted on: Jun 25, 2019, by beblue jewelry (#8271)

    Find the media favorite in the Forever Young magazine. The Be Blossom bracelet is made with sterling silver, fine stones, and a hand-crafted glittery felt flower. ... Learn More


  • Inspired by the latest fashion trends, Ania Haie is paving the way for affordable sterling silver jewellery that combines exquisitely made pieces withoutcompromising on quality or affordability. With each collection inspired by key catwalk trends, Ania Haie is the hottest destination for everyday jewellery that will keep you one step ahead of the fashion crowd. Each... Learn More

  • Submitted on: Jun 24, 2019, by Ania Haie (#8412)

    Here to transform your wardrobe from season to season Ania Haie is set to unveil two new collections for Autumn/Winter 2019. First up, the classic baguette gets a modern makeover as the trend for baguette jewellery makes a sparkling comeback to the catwalks. The Glow Getter collection is comprised of... Learn More

  • Submitted on: Jun 18, 2019, by IN-ZU (#3859)

    La firma italiana In.Zu investiga en materiales como los procedentes del motociclismo para crear exquisitos complementos de dibujo contemporáneo   https://www.arquitecturaydiseno.es/estilo-de-vida/bolsos-todo-gas_1739 ANA BERMEJILLO ... Learn More

  • Submitted on: Jun 17, 2019, by LENZ & LEIF (#2946)

    For the first time Lenz & Leif is exhibiting in the US market at NY NOW Summer Market 2019 We are very happy to give you some information about our company and introduce ourself. Quality Control – Made in Germany Outstanding quality is the... Learn More

  • Submitted on: Jun 17, 2019, by Lotta Djossou Paris (#1148)

    For years, studying and traveling around the world, meeting with different jewelry designers and professors in the industry as well as always passionate about jewelry world, a jewelry creator, a designer, Clement Djossou decided to create his own jewelry brand named Lotta Djossou in Paris, France. ... Learn More

  • You’ve probably heard of the new trend in rain accessories - reverse/inverted umbrellas. La Bella Umbrella takes this new design one step further - on top of its excellent functionality, our reverse umbrellas have a gorgeous and vibrant, unique design on both sides of its canopy.... Learn More

  • Submitted on: Jun 13, 2019, by ZanZour Luxury Antiques (#3267)

    Our Story started in 1978 in the Middle East, when my father, a military officer decided to do what his father did (My grandfather) many years ago. For many generations we designed beautiful hand made furniture, decoration in an artistic way, it was... Learn More

  • You won’t find better rugs than Eco Hilana rugs. Beautiful, affordable and of course eco-friendly rugs in a wide range of colors and designs Manufactured through a responsible process with the environment, from regenerated pre-dyed cotton fibers. Beacuse we strongly believe... Learn More

  • Submitted on: Jun 11, 2019, by vireChic (#1482)

    VireChic is a sustainable fashion brand that wants Fashion to be a force for Good that spreads Social Consciuosness and respect the planet and promote environment responsibility. Located in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil,  vireChic was founded by Sara Passaglia, an italian stylist who works with... Learn More

  • Geneva, March 2019 – The iconic Ecridor collection goes full-throttle, with the new Ecridor Racing. Mirroring the sleek lines of automotive design, this Matte Black ballpoint is the latest of Caran d’Ache’s performance-inspired fine writing instruments. Ecridor Racing: automotive design at your fingertips.... Learn More

  • Submitted on: Jun 10, 2019, by nam (#1458)

    “nam-jewelry” is made by Nami Maeda herself in every process. Utilizing 18-karat gold, prepared to express a particular color, and set with natural stones, carved in original designs, and individual misty diamonds.  She carefully crafts each piece by hand, one-by-one, allowing her work to appeal to people’s primitive senses and igniting a spark... Learn More

  • Submitted on: Jun 07, 2019, by Nippon Kodo Inc (#4111)

    The brand's concept is based on the teachings from the "Five Elements of Theory" of Chinese philosophy and the "Ten Virtues of Koh". The "Five Elements Theory" states that every place, person and object in the universe was made from the five basic elements: wood (Moku); fire... Learn More

  • Made with non-synthetic fragrances and soy-based sponges, Spongelle’s Spongology Collection is perfect for any upcoming sustainability stories or roundups you are working on! Made with proprietary infusion technology, these body wash buffers contain skin softening ingredients and extracts that will be sure to make you feeling good from the inside and outside. ... Learn More

  • Hi! Just in time for festival season, Spongelle launches their new, Flower Child Collection! The new collection is a celebration of love, summer, and the language of flowers in signature scents of Poppy, Tulip and Daisy. These body wash infused buffers are perfect for your next festival or to simply pack in your gym bag. ... Learn More

  • Hi! As you continue to work on any spring beauty stories, please keep Spongelle’s Box Flowers top of mind! These perfectly packaged body wash infused buffers are designed to cleanse, exfoliate and nourish the skin. The boxed flowers come in a variety of fragrances for all $16; Coconut Verbena, Freesia... Learn More

  • If you’re tired of getting your mom the same old bouquet of flowers for Mother’s Day, this year you can treat her to the all-new Floret Diffuser Collection from Spongelle! Displayed in a gorgeous hand-blown glass vase and hand-sewn from natural fibers of the tapioca plant, these one-of-a-kind diffusers are... Learn More

  • Channel your inner Water, Air, Fire or Earth sign with Spongelle’s Zodiac Collection of Body Wash Infused Buffers! With a guaranteed 15+ uses, these Zodiac Buffers have built-in body wash that delivers a rich, indulgent lather to nourish, exfoliate and cleanse the skin. ... Learn More

  • Spongelle is thrilled to launch their newest fragrance, the Sugar Dahlia! This brand-new scent blends notes of citrus, jasmine and neroli. Available as a Boxed Flower, Wild Flower, Pedi-Buffer, Body Lotion, and Spongette, these products are perfect for your next vacation or to pack in your gym bag! The Sugar Dahlia is... Learn More

  • Spongelle just launched eight luxurious hand creams that soothe, nourish, and hydrate your hands & cuticles with hyaluronic acid, shea butter, argan, and macadamia seed oils.  Available in eight timeless scents for just $18 on: https://spongelle.com. ... Learn More

  • Submitted on: Jun 06, 2019, by Kent Stetson Handbags (#1308)

     Our handbags are sure to spark fun conversations.  In 2003, after an exhibition of my computer- generated art failed to result in any sales, I cut the pieces up and sewed them in to bags. They sold immediately. Fast forward,... Learn More

  • Submitted on: Jun 06, 2019, by Joel Lani (#QUAD4)

    The Diamond collection is birth from what the year 2018 signifies to us as women, and of course as Africans. At Joel Lani we believe that 2018 is the year of the woman, a diamond in the rough, the year that introduces the world to the strength of the African... Learn More

  • Submitted on: Jun 05, 2019, by Nippon Kodo Inc (#7826)

    Nippon Kodo's devotion to making fine incense follows a long and honored tradition that started more than 400 years ago and can be traced back to Jyuemon Takai, better known as Koju, a skilled artisan in the art and the principal provider of precious rare and exquisite aromas to the... Learn More

  • Submitted on: Jun 05, 2019, by Serpui (#1566)

    p.p1 {margin: 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px; font: 11.0px Helvetica} Serpui’s Resort 20 takes us on an inspiring trip along Italy’s Amalfi Coast. The understated sophistication of that area, combined with the traditional craftsmanship of the Italian riviera, inspired the designer to... Learn More

  • Submitted on: Jun 05, 2019, by Nawrap (#3332)

    Nawrap Japanese Home Textiles nawrap.ippinka.com Nawrap is a Japanese home textiles company, and soon to be a fourth-generation family business located in Nara, Japan. Each Nawrap product is made with a unique weaving technique that isn't found... Learn More

  • Submitted on: Jun 05, 2019, by Brainstream GmbH (#7763)

    Al Dente® - THE PASTATIMER FOR PASTA WITH BITE.   Forget about mushy pasta without bite. Al Dente® will sing to you when your pasta is ready. Simply cook Al Dente® together with your pasta in your pot. Al Dente® is a kitchen Mafioso and battles mushy... Learn More

  • Submitted on: Jun 05, 2019, by Brainstream GmbH (#7763)

    cregg - The gentle way to open eggs Tired of opening eggs by beating the shell with a spoon and peeling off the broken shell? No space left for your eggcups in the kitchen? We’ve got what you need.  cregg is the... Learn More

  • Submitted on: Jun 05, 2019, by Brainstream GmbH (#7763)

    SOI. Stop searching. Start finding. All the women know this issue. They love their purse, often it's huge. And they can't find what they're looking for in this bag.      That's where SOI comes... Learn More

  • Submitted on: Jun 05, 2019, by Brainstream GmbH (#7763)

    BeepEgg The singing floating egg timer It looks like an egg, it feels like an egg, boils like an egg, but unlike an egg it sings: BeepEgg®.   BeepEgg® is... Learn More

  • Submitted on: Jun 05, 2019, by Brainstream GmbH (#7763)

    drip.line multifunctional kitchen drainer and sink rail Where to put the wet stuff? This multifunctional kitchen drainer puts an end to all the "where to put this and that" around the sink questions. It can be applied as a sink draining rail for sponges, dishcloths or... Learn More

  • La Bella Umbrellas have two important features that make them stand out from the crowd: unique and colourful designs that you won’t find anywhere else, and impeccable quality.  The canopy fabric is waterproof, soft and durable 300 thread-count Pongee, with the bright design visible from both... Learn More

  • Submitted on: May 29, 2019, by Trufquén (#1367)

    WHAT WE DO We focus on giving visibility to handcraft, generate value in endemic raw materials, using the technology and know-how of master craftsmen. We work to be agents of change through research, based on a methodology of Industrial Design, being this the main facilitator of the... Learn More

  • Submitted on: May 23, 2019, by Petra Class (#1428)

    p.p1 {margin: 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px; font: 12.0px 'Helvetica Neue'} After immigrating from Germany in 1991, Petra Class, a classically trained goldsmith, founded a small jewelry design studio in San Francisco. Since then it has grown into an atelier where a small team of gifted women create... Learn More

  • Submitted on: May 23, 2019, by Petra Class (#1428)

    p.p1 {margin: 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px; font: 12.0px 'Helvetica Neue'} Petra Class was educated in Germany. After studying art history and philosophy at the University of Stuttgart she pursued a rigorous tradition education in  gold smithing and design before moving with her husband to his native San... Learn More

  • The Introna Wax company has been working in the world of wax since 1840, our company is being led by the brothers Vincenzo and Rossella Introna, sixth generation. Only our profound and true passion for our work, handed down from father to son, has allowed us to enlarge our market... Learn More

  • Michael Graves 10TH Anniversary Witherspoon Watch Limited Edition Few are credited with spearheading a single design movement; Michael Graves, well known throughout the world for design excellence, led several. In the 1980s,... Learn More

  • Submitted on: May 21, 2019, by PROJECTS (#3825)

    Bees are unanimously credited for creating the stripe fashion trend and Reason to Bee honors this maverick of the insect world. The humble Bee symbolizes good luck and prosperity. Some cultures claim that charms in the shape of honey bees attract wealth like nectar attracts this winged wonder. ... Learn More

  • Introducing Reusable Chalk Paper.  Draw, erase, then draw some more. Individual chalk sheets allows for flexibility like never before: frame them, cut them, rearrange them, share them.  Each set includes 10 sheets. Each sheet measures 13.7 x 10.9 inches. Butterstix and Wishy Washy Markers are sold separately. ... Learn More

  • Press Release Since releasing its first product in 2010, Brightz, Ltd. has developed and manufactured an array of uniquely colored LED accessory lighting. We use vivid hues to create spectacular style for any event! Our lights can be used in a variety of settings, including... Learn More

  • When a stylist and a cartographer fall in love and get married, what do they make (besides babies)?  In the case of Brooklyn couple Rachel Rheingold and Michael Berick, they create Maptote, a line of products decorated with maps of locales both domestic and exotic.  At Maptote, Rachel and Michael get asked... Learn More

  • Submitted on: May 07, 2019, by Maptote (#7238)

    Light it up with our latest product - Candles! With the strike of a match, these 100% soy candles will transport you to your hometown or favorite vacation spot. Designed, printed and hand-poured in New York, our new candles are available in five locations each with its own signature scent... Learn More

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