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Artery Ink is all about combining art with wellness. We hope to encourage and inspire you to learn more about your body and take better care of it. Our bodies are absolutely amazing machines and the more we know about them and the better we care for them the happier we will all be!


  • Show Me Your Guts! Artery Ink Coloring Book
    Show Me Your Guts - a coloring book for adults contains 33 artistic and anatomical drawings. Each drawing is accompanied by a fact and a "take action" tip....

  • This is a coloring book for anyone who lives in a human body! Yes, that means YOU! Filled with fun and artistic anatomical drawings from your eyes, skull and throat to your buttocks, legs, skin and feet this anatomical and artistic coloring book has 33 illustrations accompanied by a little fact plus a "take action" tip! These tips provide easy suggestions on various ways you can become a little healthier in your own daily life. Your body is a work of art - beautiful and detailed. A little extra love for it can go a very long way. With this book we'll take you on a journey through what's inside YOU, so you can understand your body better, feed it better, and enjoy living in it longer and more happily.
  • Artery Ink T. Shirts
    Wear your insides on the outside! Soft and comfortable t.shirts for any occasion....

  • We might care more about our bodies if we could see what was on the inside! We hope to bring out the beauty of our insides with our apparel line. Using soft triblend t.shirts/v-necks our tees make a great conversation starter and even help with good posture. When we are comfortable in our clothing it shows in our confidence and happiness levels. 

    We offer our most popular shirt the Heart & Spine. With a detailed and artistic representation of an anatomical heart on the front left chest and our spine drawing down the back. Printed on a dark charcoal gray unisex t.shirt with a white print. Our logo and website is printed on the sleeve.

    Our Uterus Girl Power v-neck t.shirt is our second most popular shirt. Printed (in the most accurate position) on dark charcoal gray with a turquoise print and logo on left sleeve. A must own for any feminist, midwife, women's march participant, or anyone that appreciates the fact that we all came from a uterus!

    Thirdly, our Anatomical Bicycle t.shirt comes in a dark rust color called "clay" with a white print. On the front is our bicycle design created all of body parts (organs and bones). On the back we have the brain designed like a helmet with the words "Ride With All You've Got". It's a head turner when you're zipping by on your bicycle and a conversation starter at any party. Great for bicyclists, science geeks, doctors or anyone that likes to get active or just likes interesting and different art!

  • Artery Ink Greeting Cards
    Over 100 greeting cards for ALL occasions!...

  • Our soft linen greeting cards come in over 100 different styles for all occasions. They are A7 size and come with a colorful envelope and a cellophane sleeve. Each card comes with an original artwork print on the front and a healthy fact and/or tip on the back. All of our cards are blank inside so your message remains the most important piece. 

    Our cards are a new way to share wellness in a fun and different way. Utilizing fun colors, puns and original detailed drawings relating to anatomy, healthy eating, exercising, and wellness we hope our cards bring a smile to everyone's face and can help be a starting point for living a healthier and therefor happier life. 

  • Artery Ink - Prints
    Available in 8x10 or 11x14 sizes our art prints are a perfect way to add a little art to any space!...

  • All of our prints are digitally printed on Epson photo paper with Epson Ink. With over 80 designs our prints easily fit into common frame sizes and are a great way to easily decorate any space. Each print comes with a backing board, a cellophane sleeve and a fact or tip on the back. These facts or tips relate to the image on the front to make it easy to understand the drawing and learn a little more about how the human body works and how to become a little healthier while living in it!
  • Inside Your Insides - Artery Ink Calendar
    Our 2018 Calendar - Inside Your Insides - takes you on a journey month by month deep into your insides!...

  • Our 2018 calendar is a 12 month calendar and each month concentrates on a specific body part. From the eye to the stomach it's a year full of healthy tips and lots of information about our amazing bodies! It is a full size, 11x17, wall calendar which comes protected in a cellophane sleeve. It is spiral bound and comes with an easy wire hanging hook at the top. Each image is drawn with fun artistic details and the patterns behind each organ are microscopic details of that specific body part. A peek inside the INSIDES of our organs! The deeper you go, the more wonders you find! Each organ is made up of tons of little systems that make YOU who you are!

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