Closca Design S.L

L'Olleria,  Valencia 
  • Booth: 4115

Closca is a brand born today with an eye on tomorrow.

Closca brings style, design and change to both its customers and the cities where they live.

We are inspired by those who appreciate beauty, are not intimidated by change and have a thirst for innovation.


  • Closca Bottle - Closca Design
    Closca Bottle has a stretchy silicone flap-strap with a magnetic closure that makes it completely wearable....

  • This stylish, innovative project turns CLOSCA Bottle into a fashionable accessory that becomes part of your daily outfit; attaching to your backpack, bag, bicycle or stroller thanks to its unique design. It is a “pret-a-porter” water bottle that combines comfort and hydration through its innovative features:

    • An unscrewable bottom lid for better cleaning or for adding ice, fruit or tea bags.

    • It’s made of polypropylene, elastic silicone and borosilicate glass, materials that make it recyclable and resistant to high impact and extreme temperatures.

    • 100% BPA free

    Additionally, CLOSCA Bottle was developed with a specific goal in mind: to educate and inspire others to build a healthier planet by reducing the amount of plastic that ends up in landfills and oceans, where they remain for hundreds of years. For this reason, CLOSCA has also developed the CLOSCA Water APP, a mobile application that allows users to locate the closest place to refill their water bottle.

    The free app, funded through CLOSCA Bottle, includes an interactive map that shows the different local refill points, which can then be rated and commented on. Users can also propose new locations which may be missing from the map, in turn building an active and sustainable community. 

  • Closca Helmet - Closca Design
    A sleek, adjustable bicycle helmet designed to keep you safe and enhance your urban style....

  • The bike helmet designed for the city

    Closca Helmet goes with you, dynamically adapting to your life. Closca Design recognizes those who strive to make our cities better places to live and grow.

    Portable and Connected

    Put the helmet into any purse or backpack with the most efficient portable system and use the NFC (located on top) to connect to your Smartphone.

    The Helmet that became Fashion

    Embrace your uniqueness by customizing your helmet with Closca’s interchangeable accessories.

    Double Safety Certificate

    Closca Helmet surpasses the strictest international safety certifications in USA and EU (CPSC & EN1078). The helmet stays locked and secure while on your head.

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