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Home and fashion collections made of alpaca fur and wool.

Boutique scale manufacturer of alpaca fur and wool. Our collection includes home textiles: rugs, throws, cushions, plaids, blankets; fashion items: baby alpaca scarves and knitwear and alpaca fur teddy bears as gift items. Embrace a lifetime of luxury and warmest of emotions!


  • ALPAKA Yaku collection alpaca fur rug
    Yaku Rugs are made of the longest and silkiest of the alpaca furs. Alpaca fur is an exclusive natural material with unique qualities - soft, silky, warm, allergy-free....

  • Front: natural alpaca fur; backing: special anti-slip backing and genuine leather bordering. 

    We specialize in custom made but also standard-sized alpaca fur rugs.  

    The rug holds a cushion of soft air in the fur, making it feel like a gentle breeze blowing under your footsteps.  

  • ALPAKA Baby Alpaca Throw Blanket
    Plaid Exclusive is made of 100% baby alpaca from the Peruvian highlands. These wonderfully soft and luxurious throws are offered in a variety of colours from trendy to classic that go great with any interior or outfit....

  • The rare alpaca material is exceptionally soft, silky and at the same time warm, durable and hypoallergenic - excellent for people with particularly sensitive skin.
  • ALPAKA Fur Trim Throw
    Fur Trim Throw is a great combination of alpaca fur and baby alpaca material. The products combine the treasured fibre from the Peruvian Highlands, traditional craftsmanship and Nordic design....

  • Soft, lightweight and luxurious, alpaca fibre offers also extreme warmth and is perfect for people with particularly sensitive skin. Alpacas live in the high mountain plateaus of the Andes mountains, mostly in Peru where the daily temperatures fluctuate remarkably. The softness of baby alpaca together with all natural baby alpaca fur make it an irresistible home or fashion accessory.
  • ALPAKA Fur Lux Throw (Yaku collection)
    Yaku Lux Throw is made of sumptuous natural alpaca fur. These throws are available in both natural and dyed tones. The products combine the treasured fibre from the Peruvian highlands, age-old craftsmanship and distinctly Nordic design....

  • Alpaca fiber is known around the world for its fineness and luxuriousness. This wonderfully soft and silky throw makes an elegant decoration piece.
  • ALPAKA Baby Alpaca Scarf and Stole
    Scarf Exclusive is made of 100% baby alpaca wool from the Peruvian Highlands. Pure baby alpaca makes a great accent piece, adding a little luxury and warmest of emotions to your look!...

  • Excellent choice for colder seasons to add an elegant look and a gentle touch. Baby alpaca keeps you warm on the inside and radiant to the outside. Exclusive Scarves come in a range of classic colours that suit every outfit. Baby alpaca wool is not prickly and can be worn next to skin. Alpaca fibre also contains no lanolin which makes it allergy-free. This fibre is also naturally water- and dirt repellent.

  • ALPAKA Alpaca Cushion Cover
    Yaku Cushions are made of the longest and silkiest of the alpaca furs....

  • Yaku means water in the South American quechua language and Yaku Cushion holds a deep layer of soft air in the fur, making it feel like a gentle breeze is blowing through the fur. Each Yaku Cushion has a unique appearance, both in terms of colour variations and physical qualities of the fur. Small differences in colour shades and fibre length can occur, as only natural materials have been used. Yaku Cushions are exclusive accessories for contemporary interiors or where ever comfort and warmest of emotions are aimed for.

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