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Category: Environmentally Friendly/Natural/Recycled Products

Exhibitor List Index

EXHIBITOR NAME Section Hall Booth Enhanced
Karen Alweil Studio Gift GL QUAD3 Upgraded
T.S. Pink Personal Care + Wellness PC 7935 Upgraded
Ready Set Go Gift GN 7780 Upgraded
23rd Day Gift GN 7348
9th Letter Press Gift GN 7319
A Lost Art Handmade® Global Design H4 1875
Abrazo Style Handmade® Global Design H4 1652
Acacia Creations Handmade® Global Design H4 1840
Adelita & Moi Handmade® Global Design H4 1473
Alamwar Home Furnishings + Textiles HF 2953
Alashan Cashmere Company Personal Accessories PA 8262
Albert L. Punkt Gift GN 7771
Alfie Designs Artisan Resource® AR 1074A
Algodones Mayas, S.A. Handmade® Global Design H4 1664
Alio Gift GN 7144
Allocacoc Corp. Accent on Design® AD 4047
Allsop Home & Garden Home Furnishings + Textiles HF 3069
Altiplano Personal Accessories PA 8266 Handmade® Global Design H4 1581
Anchal Project Accent on Design® AD 3825
Angelrox Handmade® Designer Maker DM 1540
ANHAD Handmade® Global Design H4 1571
Aplat Inc. Accent on Design® AD 4007
Apple Park Baby + Child CH 7032
ARCADIA HOME Home Furnishings + Textiles HF 2774
Ark of Crafts Artisan Resource® AR 1169A
Ashlee B. Agency Gift GN 7345
Atlantic Blankets Handmade® Designer Maker DM 1240J
Attic Journals Handmade® Designer Maker DM 1002
AVIOLOGIE Handmade® Global Design H4 1728
Baabaazuzu Handmade® Designer Maker DM 1342
Backyard Safari Co Tabletop + Gourmet Housewares TH 3449
Baskets Of Cambodia Handmade® Global Design H4 1783
BE HOME Tabletop + Gourmet Housewares TH 3562
Beatriz Ball Collection Tabletop + Gourmet Housewares TH 3220
Beekman 1802 Personal Care + Wellness PC 8026
Beekman 1802 Personal Care + Wellness PC 8023
Bee's Wrap, LLC Tabletop + Gourmet Housewares TH 3555
Belart/Bello Arte Handmade® Global Design H4 1637
Bella Vita Jewelry Personal Accessories PA 8311
Bench Pressed Gift GN 7515
Beyond Borders Home Furnishings + Textiles HF 1958
Biely & Shoaf Gift GN 7421
Bigelow Trading Personal Care + Wellness PC 8037
Bigso Box of Sweden Gift GN 7645
BITCHSTIX Personal Care + Wellness PC 8054
Blacksaw Accent on Design® AD 3935
Blackwing Gift GN 7812
B'Livinn Personal Care + Wellness PC 8058
BlocArt Handmade® Global Design H4 1888
Blue Q Gift GN 7310
Bluetiful Artisan Resource® AR 1074
Brackish Personal Accessories PA 8100
British Jewellery & Giftware International Gift GN 7764
Buddha Board Inc Gift GN 7482
Buldano Home Furnishings + Textiles HF 2868
Business and Pleasure Co Home Furnishings + Textiles HF 2857
Calyz Textiles Handmade® Global Design H4 1877
Canvas Nursery, The Home Furnishings + Textiles HF 1974
Caribbean Craft Artisan Resource® AR 1163
Carthusia Personal Care + Wellness PC 8040
Catherine Rising Personal Care + Wellness PC 7907
CATHs belgium Personal Accessories PA 8115
CDMX Design, Contemporary Designers de Mexico Accent on Design® AD 4020
Chameleon Displays Gift GN 7478
Cherry Blossom Creative Gift GN 7150
Chocolate and Steel Personal Accessories PA 8124
Chortex USA Home Furnishings + Textiles HF 2652
Cielito Lindo Studio Handmade® Global Design H4 1586
Circa Home 55 Handmade® Global Design H4 1656
CLM Enterprises Home Furnishings + Textiles HF 2168
Cloth & Co. Home Furnishings + Textiles HF 2651
Cognitive Surplus Gift GN 7222
Conscious Step Handmade® Global Design H4 1873
Cose Nuove Incorporated Accent on Design® AD 3951
Creative Art Materials Accent on Design® AD 4125
Creative Women Handmade® Global Design H4 1844
Crudo Textiles Artisan Resource® AR 1073
Curly Girl Design Handmade® Designer Maker DM 1020
daisyd and friends Handmade® Designer Maker DM 1402
Danica Studio Accent on Design® AD 4056
DART Taiwan Artisan Resource® AR 1067
DART Taiwan Artisan Resource® AR 1069
David Stepan Handmade® Designer Maker DM 1526
Days of August Accent on Design® AD 3947
Denik Gift GN 7526
DesignWorks Ink Gift GN 7816
Devi Arts Collective Handmade® Designer Maker DM 1433
DISTANT ECHO Handmade® Global Design H4 1833
Doles Orchard Box Shop Handmade® Designer Maker DM 1014
Dot & Lil Bath & Body Inc. Personal Care + Wellness PC 7944
Down Inc Home Furnishings + Textiles HF 2948
DownRight Ltd. Home Furnishings + Textiles HF 2934
dZi Handmade Handmade® Global Design H4 1862
Eccolo Ltd. Gift GN 7662
Edwin Jagger Limited Gift GN 7776
Elegant Additions Inc Personal Accessories PA 8761
ELISABETTA STUDIO Personal Accessories PA 8359
ELYSE MAGUIRE Personal Accessories PA 8135
Emilie Shapiro Contemporary Metals Handmade® Designer Maker DM 1210
Emilime Personal Accessories PA 8341
Emily McDowell Studio Gift GN 7406
Emma Kate Co. Gift GN 7238
Enchanted Moments, Inc. Gift GN 7077
Enchanted Moments, Inc. Gift GN 7074
Erbario Toscano Personal Care + Wellness PC 7921
Essence One Personal Care + Wellness PC 7948
Eunco Handmade® Designer Maker DM 1255
Evangeline Home Furnishings + Textiles HF 2926
Eve & Nico Gifts & Home Decor Handmade® Global Design H4 1584
Fair Anita Handmade® Global Design H4 1651
Faire Collection Handmade® Global Design H4 1837
FarmTrue Personal Care + Wellness PC 7948
Fibres of Life Handmade® Global Design H4 1628
Finn + Emma Baby + Child CH 7010
Fiorentina LLC Gift GN 7625
Five Ply Design Accent on Design® AD 4129
Flipside Hats Handmade® Designer Maker DM 1530
FLUF Textile Goods Inc. Baby + Child CH 7005
FunnyFish Inc. Gift GN 7851
Futurewagon Pvt. Ltd. Gift GN 7149
Global Girlfriend Handmade® Global Design H4 1727
GLOBAL GOODS PARTNERS Handmade® Global Design H4 1631
Global Mamas Handmade® Global Design H4 1836
Grainwell Gift GN 7542
Great Lakes Bath & Body Personal Care + Wellness PC 7967
GREEN SAILS / 727 Sailbags Home Furnishings + Textiles HF 2863
Greentree Home Candle Handmade® Designer Maker DM 1429
Hailey Gerrits Designs Handmade® Designer Maker DM 1149
Halo and Swan Personal Accessories PA 8340
HANADURI Accent on Design® AD 4151
Harper Group Gift GN 7704
Harry Barker Gift GN 7412
Harry D. Koenig Company, Inc. Gift GN 7265
Heist Handmade® Designer Maker DM 1263
HHP Gift GN 7848
Hilo Sagrado Artisan Resource® AR 1169
Himalayan Trading Post Gift GN 7658
Home Treasures Home Furnishings + Textiles HF 2812
Honey House Naturals Gift GN 7753
House of Cindy Home Furnishings + Textiles HF 2647
Ichcha Handmade® Global Design H4 1725
ILA Handmade® Designer Maker DM 1409
In2green LLC Home Furnishings + Textiles HF 2756
India Handicrafts Inc Tabletop + Gourmet Housewares TH 3346
Indigo Handloom Handmade® Global Design H4 1624
Inklings Paperie Gift GN 7247
Inspired Peru,LLC Handmade® Global Design H4 1568
Intiearth Handmade® Global Design H4 1465
Itza Wood Handmade® Global Design H4 1463
J.K. Adams Company, Inc. Tabletop + Gourmet Housewares TH 3611
Jack Rabbit Creations Baby + Child CH 7015
JAO Ltd. Personal Care + Wellness PC 8051
Jill Kathleen Designs Handmade® Designer Maker DM 1377
Johanna Howard Accent on Design® AD 3833
Join Handmade® Designer Maker DM 1341F
Judge Sampson incorporating Julia Gash Gift GN 7764
Judi Powers Jewelry Handmade® Designer Maker DM 1372
K Studio Accent on Design® AD 3832
k. hall designs Personal Care + Wellness PC 8004
K. Hall Studio LLC Personal Care + Wellness PC 8004 Personal Care + Wellness PC 7908
Kalaty Rug Corp Home Furnishings + Textiles HF 2959
Kara Weaves Handmade® Global Design H4 1671
Karen Alweil Studio Gift GL QUAD3 Upgraded
Kata Golda Handmade® Designer Maker DM 1405
Kate Maller Jewelry Handmade® Designer Maker DM 1432
Kinross Cashmere Personal Accessories PA 8408
KITPAS Gift GN 7166
Knock Knock Gift GN 7404
Knot & Bow Gift GN 7317
Le Blanc Linen Wash, Inc. Home Furnishings + Textiles HF 2150
Lighthouse Publications Inc. (LEUCHTTURM1917 / SEMIKOLON) Gift GN 7577
LIKHÂ Handmade® Global Design H4 1462
Little Moon Essentials Personal Care + Wellness PC 8075
Living Cocoon Home Furnishings + Textiles HF 2152
Looksur Handmade® Designer Maker DM 1413
Lorena Canals USA Home Furnishings + Textiles HF 2666
Lost & Forged Handmade® Designer Maker DM 1125
Lotus Love Beauty Personal Care + Wellness PC 8012
Loulou Lollipop Baby + Child CH 7023
Lovewild Design Gift GN 7343
Lucy Lu Designs Gift GS 6622
Lulu & Shay Fine Jewelry Handmade® Designer Maker DM 1304
MAAKO Artisan Resource® AR 1070A
Made By Humans 2 Designs Gift GN 7853
Maggie's Organics Personal Accessories PA 8470
Magicforest Baby + Child CH 7121
Magnetic Me by Magnificent Baby Baby + Child CH 7037
Makeup Eraser Personal Care + Wellness PC 8077
Malia Designs Handmade® Global Design H4 1753
Maple Landmark Woodcraft Baby + Child CH 7065
Maple xo Handmade® Designer Maker DM 1530
Maptote Gift GN 7250
Mar Y Sol Personal Accessories PA 8308
Market Incubator Pavilion Artisan Resource® AR 1177
Marquet Handmade® Global Design H4 1724
Mayan Hands Handmade® Global Design H4 1466
MAYDE Home Furnishings + Textiles HF 2855
Mbare Home + Gift Handmade® Global Design H4 1832
Merrily Made Handmade® Designer Maker DM 1346
MIHO UNEXPECTED THINGS Accent on Design® AD 3920
Mimbres Handmade® Global Design H4 1857
Mingei Japan Gift GN 7576
Miniware Baby + Child CH 7047
MOA - Magic Organic Apothecary Personal Care + Wellness PC 8073
Mode Living Tabletop + Gourmet Housewares TH 3424
MoMA – The Museum of Modern Art Accent on Design® AD 4028
Mona B. Gift GN 7870
Moon Rivers Naturals Personal Care + Wellness PC 7974
Moon Valley Organics Personal Care + Wellness PC 7909
Morihata International Ltd. Co. Accent on Design® AD 4112
Mova / TurtleTech Design Inc. Gift GN 7465
Mr. Ellie Pooh Handmade® Global Design H4 1820
nailmatic Accent on Design® AD 3957
Natalie Therese Handmade® Designer Maker DM 1117
Nativa Fine Mexican Clothing Handmade® Global Design H4 1736
NaturaPure Handmade® Designer Maker DM 1052
NAUSENI Personal Accessories PA 8175A
Nives By Baldini E Cecchi Home Furnishings + Textiles HF 2145
Ocean Love Jewels Handmade® Designer Maker DM 1334
Ofer International Home Furnishings + Textiles HF 3066
Ohh Deer Gift GN 7212
Oka B Personal Accessories PA 8513
On The Road Reps Gift GN 7265
On The Road Reps Gift GN 7266
On The Road Reps Gift GN 7285
On The Road Reps Gift GN 7365
One World Projects Handmade® Global Design H4 1876
Ore' Originals, Inc. Gift GN 7615
Packaging Specialties Gift GN 7682
Pampeana Glass Art and Green Living Tree Handmade® Global Design H4 1749
Panty Fresh Inc. Personal Care + Wellness PC 7948
Papaya Inc Gift GN 7502
Paper Epiphanies Gift GN 7215
Paperproducts Design Tabletop + Gourmet Housewares TH 3540
Papier Tigre Accent on Design® AD 4127
Pebble Baby + Child CH 7042
Pendleton Woolen Mills Home Furnishings + Textiles HF 2154
PILLOWPIA Home Furnishings + Textiles HF 2853
Pinch Me Therapy Dough Personal Care + Wellness PC 8068
Pistachio Press Gift GN 7548
Point No Point Studio Handmade® Designer Maker DM 1458
Pomegranate Home Furnishings + Textiles HF 2256
Poppy Treffry Handmade® Designer Maker DM 1240E
Portico Designs Ltd. Gift GN 7607
Power and Light Press Gift GN 7515
Prepd Accent on Design® AD 3730
Prosper Portland Handmade® Designer Maker DM 1530
queFactory Tabletop + Gourmet Housewares TH 3624
Quotable Cards, Inc. Gift GN 7328
R. Expo/Song of India Gift GS 6724
Rachel Atherley Handmade® Designer Maker DM 1314
RaisaAntoniaLLC Handmade® Designer Maker DM 1352
Ready Set Go Gift GN 7780 Upgraded
Retrospect Group Gift GN 7631
Rifle Paper Co. Gift GN 7204
Rigel Stuhmiller Gift GN 7474
Rinse Bath & Body, Inc. Gift GN 7500
Rinse Bath & Body, Inc. Personal Care + Wellness PC 8014
Rose Alchemista Handmade® Designer Maker DM 1530
Rosie Wonders Gift GN 7876A Handmade® Designer Maker DM 1132
s.e. hagarman Gift GN 7411
Sam and Zoey Home Furnishings + Textiles HF 3068
Sankofa Handmade® Global Design H4 1889
Santorus Distinctive Living DL 2546
Sardine Clothing Co. Personal Accessories PA 8371
Sarut Gift GN 7366
Saturn Press Handmade® Designer Maker DM 1124
Scentanicals Home Furnishings + Textiles HF 2057
Scents and Feel Home Furnishings + Textiles HF 2831
Scentual Aroma Personal Care + Wellness PC 8079 Upgraded
Scribble & Daub Gift GN 7876C
Sea Bags, LLC Handmade® Designer Maker DM 1126
Seaglass by White Light Productions Personal Accessories PA 8653
Seltzer, LLC Gift GN 7351
Semaki & Bird Gift GN 7466
Seriously FAB Personal Care + Wellness PC 7948
Sevya Handmade Handmade® Global Design H4 1863
Sharelli Personal Accessories PA 8317
Shorebags Personal Accessories PA 8622
Shupaca Handmade® Global Design H4 1721
Siana Creations LLC Handmade® Global Design H4 1467
Silvr Inc. Accent on Design® AD 3726
Simply Gum Tabletop + Gourmet Housewares TH 3451
Sirciam Jewelry Handmade® Designer Maker DM 1459
Smart Glass Handmade® Designer Maker DM 1411
Snifty Scented Products Gift GN 7142
Snow Leopard Trust Handmade® Global Design H4 1647
Solight Design Accent on Design® AD 4045
Solmate Socks Handmade® Designer Maker DM 1336
SPONGELLE BEYOND CLEANSING Personal Care + Wellness PC 7951
Srushti Inc. Handmade® Global Design H4 1475
Stitch & Story Gift GN 7774
Studio Daedre Gift GN 7479
STUDIO FORMATA Accent on Design® AD 3729 Handmade® Designer Maker DM 1043
Sustainable Threads Handmade® Global Design H4 1763
Sweet Art Attack Gift GN 7744
Sweet Bella, LLC Accent on Design® AD 3908
T.S. Pink Personal Care + Wellness PC 7935 Upgraded
Tattly Gift GN 7261
Ten Thousand Villages Handmade® Global Design H4 1772
Tensira Made in Africa Artisan Resource® AR 1167
Textillery Weavers Home Furnishings + Textiles HF 3044
The Handcrafted Handmade® Global Design H4 1585
The Naked Bee Personal Care + Wellness PC 7946
the napkins US Tabletop + Gourmet Housewares TH 3610
The Neighborgoods Gift GN 7150
Tonle Handmade® Global Design H4 1653
Turkish Towel Collection Home Furnishings + Textiles HF 3127
Twenty Two West Handmade® Designer Maker DM 1263
TWIN Handmade® Designer Maker DM 1382
Two Hermanas Handmade® Designer Maker DM 1105
U.S. Apothecary Personal Care + Wellness PC 8004
Urbana Sacs Handmade® Designer Maker DM 1111
URSA Textiles Handmade® Global Design H4 1468
Verloop Personal Accessories PA 8107
Victoria Eggs Gift GN 7772
VIKOLINO Home Furnishings + Textiles HF 2766
VIVAIODAYS Baby + Child CH 7043
Viverano Baby + Child CH 7049
VoZ Jewelry Personal Accessories PA 8347
WAFF World Gifts Inc. Gift GN 7839
Whisky Frames Handmade® Designer Maker DM 1240I
WholeStory Collective Handmade® Global Design H4 1579
Wild Ink Press Gift GN 7417
Winding Road, the Handmade® Global Design H4 1843
Yellow Leaf Hammocks Home Furnishings + Textiles HF 2858
Yellow Owl Workshop Gift GN 7350
Zass Design Handmade® Designer Maker DM 1030
Zen Art & Design Handmade® Designer Maker DM 1312
Zen Zen & Living Imprints Handmade® Global Design H4 1633
Zoe Comings Handmade® Designer Maker DM 1453
ZOOCCHINI Baby + Child CH 7058
ZPOTS and Vnoelle Handmade® Designer Maker DM 1513
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