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Exhibitor List Index

EXHIBITOR NAME Section Hall Booth Enhanced
1canoe2 Gift GN 7613
20 Leagues Handmade® Designer Maker DM 1232
23rd Day Gift GN 7348
9th Letter Press Gift GN 7319
Abrazo Style Handmade® Global Design H4 1652
Acacia Creations Handmade® Global Design H4 1840
Ad-N-Art, Inc. Tabletop + Gourmet Housewares TH 3662
AGRARIA Home Furnishings + Textiles HF 3215
Alef To Tav Tabletop + Gourmet Housewares TH 3253
Alexandra International Gift GS 6618
Alice Sturzinger LLC Personal Accessories PA 8722
Alison Gardiner Designs Ltd. Gift GN 7770
Anna Griffin Incorporated Gift GN 7638
Aplat Inc. Accent on Design® AD 4007
ARCADIA HOME Home Furnishings + Textiles HF 2662
Backyard Safari Co Tabletop + Gourmet Housewares TH 3449
Badash Crystal Tabletop + Gourmet Housewares TH 3615
Banquet Atelier & Workshop Gift GN 7438
Bareket Fine Jewelry Personal Accessories PA 8713
Basic Spirit, Inc. Handmade® Designer Maker DM 1226
Bauble Stockings Home Furnishings + Textiles HF 1948
Beekman 1802 Personal Care + Wellness PC 8026
Beekman 1802 Personal Care + Wellness PC 8023
Bigso Box of Sweden Gift GN 7645
Blackthorne Forge Handmade® Designer Maker DM 1207
Brainstream GmbH Gift GN 7674
Bridge for Africa Handmade® Global Design H4 1759
Broadway Gifts Co Gift GN 7476
Bunnies By The Bay Baby + Child CH 7105
California Clock Co. Home Furnishings + Textiles HF 2073
Calypso Cards, Inc. Gift GN 7505
Canvas Nursery, The Home Furnishings + Textiles HF 1974
Caspari, Inc. Tabletop + Gourmet Housewares TH 3240
Cavallini Papers & Co., Inc. Gift GN 7632
cb stuffer Tabletop + Gourmet Housewares TH 3353
Celebration Crackers Gift GN 7768
Children's Treasures / Just Bubbly Gift GN 7256
Cody Foster and Co, Inc. Home Furnishings + Textiles HF 1940
Coe & Dru Inc. Gift GS 6702
Compendium, Inc. Gift GN 7221
CoolSnowGlobes Gift GN 7574
Cose Nuove Incorporated Accent on Design® AD 3951
Creative Displays and Design Home Furnishings + Textiles HF 1941
Crow and Canary Gift GN 7614
Crystamas Inc Home Furnishings + Textiles HF 2353
Culturas Handmade® Global Design H4 1658
Culver Industries Tabletop + Gourmet Housewares TH 3359
Cynthia Webb Designs Handmade® Designer Maker DM 1001
Dabbah Judaica Gift GS 6617
daisyd and friends Handmade® Designer Maker DM 1402
Danforth Pewter Handmade® Designer Maker DM 1158
dci / decor craft inc. Gift GN 7601
Decotrend GmbH Gift GN 7678
Dekorasyon Gifts & Decor Home Furnishings + Textiles HF 1949
Delton Products Corp. Home Furnishings + Textiles HF 2068
DemiLune LLC Home Furnishings + Textiles HF 2722
Design Ideas Accent on Design® AD 4032
DesignWorks Ink Gift GN 7816
Doodle Pants Baby + Child CH 7046
Dorjebajra Tibet Shop Handmade® Global Design H4 1778
Dover Publications Gift GN 7347
Dunes and Duchess Home Furnishings + Textiles HF 2330
dZi Handmade Handmade® Global Design H4 1862
East End Press Handmade® Designer Maker DM 1262
Eclair Lips Personal Care + Wellness PC 7948
eco-kids Baby + Child CH 7000
Emma Kate Co. Gift GN 7238
Eric and Christopher Home Furnishings + Textiles HF 2048
Eunco Handmade® Designer Maker DM 1255
Fatty Sundays Tabletop + Gourmet Housewares TH 3471
Fig & Dove Home Furnishings + Textiles HF 3152
Flatyz Handmade® Global Design H4 1567
Flora Bunda Inc Home Furnishings + Textiles HF 1957
Found Image Press Gift GN 7514
Franny B Good Gift GN 7148
French Knot Personal Accessories PA 8223
From There To Here Gift GN 7685
FunnyFish Inc. Gift GN 7851
Gabrieli Hand Weaving Gift GS 6619
Galassi Co. Home Furnishings + Textiles HF 2053
Gamago Gift GN 7843
Ginger Ray Gift GN 7749
Glass Eye Studio Handmade® Designer Maker DM 1220
Godinger Silver Art Co. Tabletop + Gourmet Housewares TH 3420
Green Import Limited Home Furnishings + Textiles HF 2174
Greentree Home Candle Handmade® Designer Maker DM 1429
Greeting Life America Gift GN 7752
Gumball Poodle Gift GN 7860
Halcyon Days Gift GN 7865
Hamro Village Inc. Handmade® Global Design H4 1648
Harry Barker Gift GN 7412
Henry Handwork Home Furnishings + Textiles HF 3145
Iscream Gift GN 7136
Jacaranda Living Home Furnishings + Textiles HF 3051
Jack Rabbit Creations Baby + Child CH 7015
Jeannie's Enterprises, Inc. Gift GS 6721
Jollity & Co Gift GN 7649
Joy Stember Metal Arts Studio, LLC Handmade® Designer Maker DM 1233
JustStars Handmade® Global Design H4 1859
K Studio Accent on Design® AD 3832
Kara Weaves Handmade® Global Design H4 1671
Karla Gudeon Art & Design Handmade® Designer Maker DM 1235
Katie Mawson Handmade® Designer Maker DM 1341B
Kiku Handmade Handmade® Designer Maker DM 1327
Kinaloon Handmade® Designer Maker DM 1129
Kingston Glass Studio & Gallery Handmade® Designer Maker DM 1435
Knot & Bow Gift GN 7317
Kubla Crafts Home Furnishings + Textiles HF 1966
LA VACA Gift GN 7139
Lands Downunder Home Furnishings + Textiles HF 3014
Lazyjack Press Personal Accessories PA 8435
Le Puppet Regime Handmade® Designer Maker DM 1263
Legacy Fine Gifts Tabletop + Gourmet Housewares TH 3249
Legally Addictive Foods Tabletop + Gourmet Housewares TH 3252
LetterCraft Gift GN 7153
LILIES & ROSES NY Baby + Child CH 7018
Lolli & Pops Tabletop + Gourmet Housewares TH 3670
Lorraine Oerth + Co. Handmade® Designer Maker DM 1120
Love Is Project Personal Accessories PA 8442
Maggie's Organics Personal Accessories PA 8470
Magicforest Baby + Child CH 7121
Map Marketing Ltd Gift GN 7357
Maple Landmark Woodcraft Baby + Child CH 7065
Maple Leaf At Home Tabletop + Gourmet Housewares TH 3545
Marianne Nems Design Studio Distinctive Living DL 2550
Marquet Handmade® Global Design H4 1724
Michael Bromberg Handmade® Designer Maker DM 1356
Mierco Inc. Tabletop + Gourmet Housewares TH 3301
Milestone Baby + Child CH 7009
Mills Floral Company Home Furnishings + Textiles HF 1955
Mode Living Tabletop + Gourmet Housewares TH 3424
Modern Sprout, LLC Accent on Design® AD 3721
Modgy Gift GN 7481
Moksha Imports Handmade® Global Design H4 1683
MoMA – The Museum of Modern Art Accent on Design® AD 4028
Mova / TurtleTech Design Inc. Gift GN 7465
Mrs Twinkle Home Furnishings + Textiles HF 2170
MULXIPLY Handmade® Global Design H4 1746
NAUSENI Personal Accessories PA 8175A
Nelles Studios Handmade® Designer Maker DM 1042
Nelson Line Gift GN 7511
Nielsen Trading, Inc. Gift GN 7386
Nippon Kodo Inc Gift GN 7826
Nomi K Tabletop + Gourmet Housewares TH 3209
NorthEast Specialty Foods, LLC Tabletop + Gourmet Housewares TH 3568
Notes & Queries, Inc. Gift GN 7508
Oblation Papers and Press Gift GN 7524
Olivia Riegel Home Furnishings + Textiles HF 2710
One World Projects Handmade® Global Design H4 1876
Ornaments 4 Orphans Handmade® Global Design H4 1758
Pampeana Glass Art and Green Living Tree Handmade® Global Design H4 1749
Paperproducts Design Tabletop + Gourmet Housewares TH 3540
Paula Skene Designs Gift GN 7436
Pebble Baby + Child CH 7042
Penny Winter Gift GL QUAD4
Peruvian Trading Co., LLC. Personal Accessories PA 8453
Peter Pauper Press Gift GN 7523
Piatnik of America Inc. Gift GS 6717
Pilgrim Imports Inc. Gift GN 7470
Pink Lemonade LLC Home Furnishings + Textiles HF 2052
Pinnacle Peak Trading Home Furnishings + Textiles HF 1971
Polaroid Originals Accent on Design® AD 4141
Pomegranate Home Furnishings + Textiles HF 2256
Poppy Handcrafted Popcorn Tabletop + Gourmet Housewares TH 3470
Printed Village Personal Accessories PA 8102
ProMaster Gifts Tabletop + Gourmet Housewares TH 3250
Provence Platters Tabletop + Gourmet Housewares TH 3312
RachaelPots Kitchen Handmade® Designer Maker DM 1113
Rebellion Stephanie Wheat Handmade® Designer Maker DM 1451
Retrospect Group Gift GN 7631
Rifle Paper Co. Gift GN 7204
Rigel Stuhmiller Gift GN 7474
Rock Scissor Paper Gift GN 7521
rockflowerpaper Home Furnishings + Textiles HF 2952
Roger La Borde Gift GN 7318
Roo Kee Roo Home Furnishings + Textiles HF 2758 Handmade® Designer Maker DM 1132
Sagaform Inc Tabletop + Gourmet Housewares TH 3612
Salaheddin Artisan Resource® AR 1171
Saturn Press Handmade® Designer Maker DM 1124
Sensational Sweets / Creative Cookie, etc. Tabletop + Gourmet Housewares TH 3571
SERRV International Handmade® Global Design H4 1866
Shannon Martin Design Gift GN 7320
Sherri's Designs Home Furnishings + Textiles HF 1946
Shorebags Personal Accessories PA 8622
Silk Road Bazaar Handmade® Global Design H4 1632
Snifty Scented Products Gift GN 7142
Snow Leopard Trust Handmade® Global Design H4 1647
Soap & Paper Factory Personal Care + Wellness PC 8007
Sock it to Me Personal Accessories PA 8558
Strawberry Hill Grand Delights Tabletop + Gourmet Housewares TH 3355
Streamline, Inc. Gift GN 7862
Sunnylife Gift GN 7232
Sweetsmith Candy Co. Tabletop + Gourmet Housewares TH 3361
T2 TEA Tabletop + Gourmet Housewares TH 3644
Talking Tables Gift GN 7653
Ten Thousand Villages Handmade® Global Design H4 1772
Texstyles Deco Inc. Tabletop + Gourmet Housewares TH 3567
The Finest Accessories, Inc. Personal Accessories PA 8543
The Handcrafted Handmade® Global Design H4 1585
The Joy Of Light Gift GN 7453
the napkins US Tabletop + Gourmet Housewares TH 3610
The Nice Fleet Accent on Design® AD 3713
The Potlicker, LLC DBA Potlicker Kitchen Tabletop + Gourmet Housewares TH 3256
The Tea Can Company Tabletop + Gourmet Housewares TH 3334
Threet Ceramics Handmade® Designer Maker DM 1375
Time Concept, Inc. Gift GN 7646
Tree by Kerri Lee Baby + Child CH 7051
Tropical Enterprises Home Furnishings + Textiles HF 1969
Twisted Wares Gift GN 7342
Two Hermanas Handmade® Designer Maker DM 1105
Two Tone Studios LLC Handmade® Designer Maker DM 1315
Two's Company, Inc. Home Furnishings + Textiles HF 2616
Uncle Goose Baby + Child CH 7116
Unicorn Studio Inc Home Furnishings + Textiles HF 2780
Vahdam Teas Global Inc. Tabletop + Gourmet Housewares TH 3206
Victoria Eggs Gift GN 7772
Vista Alegre USA Tabletop + Gourmet Housewares TH 3302
Waddle and Friends Baby + Child CH 7062
Wild Bunch Studio Handmade® Designer Maker DM 1151
Wishbone Letterpress Gift GN 7344
Workman Publishing Gift GN 7545
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