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In business for over 25 years. We love designing products that stand out in terms of creativity, functionality and visual appeal. But what really keeps us going (and going, and going...) are the relationships based on trust and reliability we've built up with customers in all corners of the globe.

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 Press Releases

  • Made By Humans is introducing a money bank in the shape of a baby that's folded from party balloons. It's the cutest thing ever.

    The balloon baby is sitting on its butt in a pair of smashing balloon diapers, staring vacantly into space the way happy babies do while sucking the hell out of a balloon pacifier.

    Material: hand-painted ceramic. 

    Dimensions: 8.5"H, 5.75"L, 5"W.

    BOOTH 7853.

    Press contact: Freddie Boersma,

  • Made By Humans will be adding a penguin to its eye-catching line of brightly colored balloon animal money banks. He looks a bit naughty, this penguin. But he's got happy feet.

    Available: in black/white and blue/white.

    Material: hand-painted ceramic.

    Dimensions: 8.25"H, 5.75"L, 5.5"W.

    BOOTH 7853.

    Press contact: Freddie Boersma,


  • Made By Humans - Deflated Balloon Bowls
    The craziest, most unique bowl in the history of bowls - so far. Heck, this bowl hardly looks like a bowl yet, most definitely, IS a bowl! Its eye-catching design is based on the sad, wrinkled shape of a balloon that has lost most of its air....

  • Available in glossy white and super shiny electroplated gold.

    FDA approved.

    Material: ceramic.

    Dimensions: 13"L, 8"W, 2.75"H.

    Full-color gift box with Styrofoam protection.

  • Made By Humans - Balloon Unicorn Money Banks
    These legendary guardians of hard-earned cash are first and foremost gorgeous pieces of home decor. Great gifts for trendy adults who are into contemporary art, teens who should be taught the value of a dollar and baby showers....

  • Balloon Unicorn Money Banks are available in two different sizes: BIG (11"L, 5.25"W, 10"H) and baby (7"L, 3.75"W, 6.75"H).

    Available colors: rainbow, gold, pink, silver.

    Material: ceramic.

    Full-color gift carton with Styrofoam protection.

    Order in 4's.

  • Made By Humans - Dating Journal
    Keep track of your adventures - and misadventures - in the dating world in a way that's super fun. Awesome gift for anyone who's still looking for The One or just a great time....

  • Hardcover, 8.5" x 6", 172 pages.

    There are 4 pages of multiple choice questions and rating scales for each date you go on. All you need to do is check boxes and circle numbers and you'll end up with a pretty good picture of the person you've dated and how your date went. Basically, the journal does all the thinking for you and, by being relentlessly systematic and exhaustive, totally guarantees that no important data are overlooked. It's all based on empirical research in the field and popular pseudo-science. 

    As a record of your romantic adventures and screw-ups, the Dating Journal is awesome reading material for later in life when you're no longer in the game (or for your friends if they ever manage to get their hands on it).

  • Made By Humans - Pop Art Vases
    Pop Art is back, folks! And it's still as "groovy" as back in the 60's....

  • The Pop Art Vases are identical in shape and size to the popcorn cartons you used to get at the movies when America was still great. So, yes, you can also fill'em with popcorn while watching a Netflix. 

    Material: ceramic.

    Dims: 5.5"W, 9.5"H.

    Full-color gift carton with Styrofoam protection.

    Order in 4's.

  • Made By Humans - Square Round Mugs (Set of 4)
    Square AND round at the same time? Are you kidding? That's mathematically impossible! No, it's not. We did it. QED....

  • Set of 4 mugs (16 oz) in assorted colors.

    Material: ceramic.

    Dimensions: 4"H, top 2.75" diameter, bottom 3" x 3".

    Order in 4's

  • Made By Humans - Balloon Money Bank Baby
    Oooohhh! Too cute!...

  • Dims: 8.75"H, 5.75"L, 5"W.

    Material: ceramic (hand-painted).

    Full-color gift carton with Styrofoam casing.

    Order in 4's.

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