Mountain Handicrafts

North Canton,  OH 
United States
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Mountain Handicrafts draws its inspiration from nature.

Having a vision that the wearer will cherish a unique, handcrafted piece of art in the form of a scarf, made on a table loom. 

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  • Mountain Handicrafts
    This chic plum scarf in tints of color and weave effects, feels like soft warm air. The wearer will cherish this one of a kind table loom handwoven art....

  • This  scarf measures 8.75" wide and 83.5" long with 5.5" neat bullion tassels on either end. An absolute fashion statement, Mountain Handicrafts is proud to have drawn its inspiration from a hand made pinwheel and the plum fruit. Thus creating an amalgamated grid of the two components. The yarns are spun from Merino and Cashmere sheep wool fiber. Soft and warm in broken and unbroken twill weave structures it completes both form as well as function.

  • Mountain Handicrafts
    This scarf was created, keeping lichen in mind. With a warm and snuggly feel, it is a winter winner....

  • This scarf is 9.25" wide and 75" long with 7.5" finely braided tassels on both ends. The yarns are hand dyed ballet slipper Bombyx silk and Alpaca forest, woven in an exquisite concentric rhombi lattice. 
  • Mountain Handicrafts
    This elegant scarf in vivid colors, represents a palette of the twilight sky....

  • A perfect accent to an ensemble for all who have great taste. It is made in Alpaca silk, Linen-Silk blend and Cashmere-Silk. The width is 7" and length 83" with 10" neatly braded tassels on both ends. The weaves are broken twills in color effects.
  • Mountain Handicrafts
    This unique handcrafted scarf is inspired by fine Riccia moss that has a dense appeal. Woven in Alpaca forest and Tussah silk, it is warm and supple....

  • The dimensions are 11.5" wide and 69" long with 11" finely braided tassels at both ends. This scarf is reversible with a weft dominant weave structure that is intricately handwoven on a table loom!
  • Mountain Handicrafts
    Inspired by a conch, this exquisite piece of art is carefully handcrafted on a table loom. The weft dominant twill weave structure, lends a two tone character to it. Thus enhancing the visually pleasing vibe....

  • Its dimensions are 10" wide and 18.5" long with 13" hand braided tassels at each end. The yarns sourced are salmon and gray brown silk, which provide lustre and flexibility, along with the weft dominant weave structures entailing this scarf. 
  • Mountain Handicrafts
    The scarf here draws its inspiration from ferns. The trellis like structure in herringbone color and weave effects, is a treat for the senses. Snuggly and sharp, this scarf drapes well and accentuates the wearer's garb....

  • The length is 84.5" and width 9.25" with finely hand braided 6.5" tassels on either end. This chic scarf is handwoven in Cashmere silk pink antique and sage as well as Merino old cherry. 
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