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The leader in the machine washable rug market since 1990, Lorena Canals is dedicated to creating a safe and functional, yet stylish environment with her eco-friendly, handmade rugs and accessories.  All are made with natural cotton and dyes ensuring durability, comfort and safety.  

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  • (Jan 03, 2019)

    A trip across the world's dawns 

    When I travel I like to get up early in the morning and watch the sunrise, no matter where I am ... up in the mountains, near the ocean or in a crowded city. Each dawn is unique, like each of the pieces in my new Early Hours collection.”  Lorena Canals. 

    September 2018.- Lorena Canals presents a new collection of rugs and washable textiles inspired by all those sunrises that the designer has enjoyed throughout her travels around the world.  


    With each new dawn we perceive different feelings and emotions but all, without exception, take us to a new day, to a new beginning. It does not matter what time it is outside, whether it's hot or cold, whether the sky is clear or full of fog ... there is something incredible about every sunrise. The Early Hours collection is a reflection of the importance of everything that surrounds us, a little piece of nature full of feeling to decorate our home.  

    A mixture of feelings, emotions, textures and nuances extracted directly from the sensations of those moments that the designer has joined together to present it in a collection of carpets, blankets, baskets and cushions called Early Hours. "I wanted each of you to find in this collection what you missed, what brings you beautiful memories of the past or what brings you closer to your dreams and goals" - Lorena Canals. 

    What is the secret of the perfect dawn? There is a moment in each sunrise in which the light is suspended, a magical moment where anything can happen. In just eight minutes the sunlight manages to create a visual spectacle full of sensations and feelings unique to each of its spectators. With the Early Hours collection Lorena Canals pays tribute to those tonalities, textures and colors that the earth and the air give off at dawn, wherever it takes place.  


    In the new home collection by Lorena Canals, the designer introduces 3 new colors: Alaska blue, Savannah red, and Grand Canyon pink, colors that are reflected in the air, on land and in water.  




    The wriggling lines embroidered in the EARTH design, inspired by the sunrises seen from the mountains and hills, reproduce a zigzag pattern in different shades on a cotton base. From the intense blue Alaska to the vivid red of the Savannah or the warm rose of the Grand Canyon, a combination of tones that will bring to the home a look that is both adventurous and full of personality. 

    For the Alaska Blue design, different shades of blue are used from marine to indigo, in the Savannah Red rug a combination of reddish tones mixed with some shades of green is utilized. For the Canyon Rose design, the pink color of the Grand Canyon has been applied and the ash rose that is so characteristic of the designs by Lorena Canals in combination with other pink tones.  




    The sky, the clouds and the morning breeze inspire the combination of textures of the AIR model, a tribute to that beautiful moment at dawn in which most of us are asleep and few can enjoy the color of the sky. The combination of stripes and fringes in different textures and volumes reproduces the hypnotic horizon of the sky at dawn full of nuances and colors trimmed with cotton clouds. From the red and pink sky that sunrises delights us with to the white of the clouds on a cloudy day, or the intense blue of a clear sky.  



    Inspired by the world's oceans, lakes and sea, Water is an expression of the designer's passion both for nature modern art. In my travels, inspiration comes to me from any moment, feeling or image that I can feel. The sea has always been a source of inspiration for me and the sensation conveyed by the depth and colors of the ocean has captivated me ever since I was a little girl"   Lorena Canals. 


    A modern design, whose lines are inspired by the work of the abstract painter Rothko, in which three irregular rectangles stand out in different tones and colors bordered by a single color that frames and divides them one by one. Its tonalities and colors range from the reddish and pink reflection that gives us the light of dawn reflected in the sea horizon, to the intensely deep blue of the seabed.  



    Each shade of carpet seems to have a different finish since the colors are mixed producing a diffused canvas like that produced by the water's depths. This design is suitable both for decorating the floor and walls of any home.  

    Like all of the brand's washable designs, the rugs, cushions, baskets and blankets from the Early Hours collection are washable and suitable for domestic washing machines (8 kg load), with soft and lightweight designs made of 100% cotton in which only non-toxic natural dyes have been used.  



    Since 1990, Lorena Canals' main goal has been to make life easier for all decoration lovers, especially parents, by offering a modern and practical children's decor. Her aim is to ensure cozy and practical environments for children with machine washable rugs and accessories that keep them safe and comfortable.  



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  • Tribute to Cotton. English Gardens and Lobster

    Official Launch at Maison & Objet, Paris, 18 January 2019

    Lorena Canals will present at the next edition of Maison & Objet, Paris, 18-22 January, her three new collections of washable rugs and decorative accessories: Tribute to Cotton, English Gardens, and Lobster.

    These three new collections have been inspired by the brand´s origins and the designer´s love for nature. These passions have been transformed into cohesive and comprehensive collections, with a great focus on elaborate details.

    The collections will also be presented at NY Now, New York, 3-6 February, and at Intergift, Madrid, 6-10 February.

    Craftsmanship: The ethos of Lorena Canals was built around the attributes of cotton – it´s versatility, warmth and softness, amongst many others. So, it was only natural for Lorena Canals to pay homage to this safe and eco-friendly natural material with the Tribute to Cotton. This collection transports us to India´s endless cotton fields, thanks to its soft tones and variety of textures, and is one of Lorena Canals most comprehensive collections, with different models of rugs, cushions, baskets and garlands. This collection is a tribute to a material which represents the values of Lorena Canals, such as craftsmanship and a commitment to safe guarding the environment.

    Elegance: The English Gardens collection is inspired by the richness of colors and textures experienced in English botanical gardens, which captivated the designer as a child. Nature teaches us the importance of small details, and this point is highlighted by the elaborate finishes in this collection and the introduction of a new type of handmade knotted fringe. This collection has the largest number of accessories, comprising of baskets, a puff and garlands in pink, mauve and white with renewed and elegant floral designs.

    Joy: As a loyal lobster lover and all things maritime, Lorena Canals launches a fun, marine style collection: the Lobster collection. Having grown up by the sea, Lorena Canals has turned her childhood memories into fun carpets and wall hangings, with matching baskets and door hangers, in intense red and natural tones with textures that seem sprinkled by the wind and sea water and softened by the white sand.

    In addition to these three new collections of washable rugs and decorative accessories, the designer will present her new collection of cotton baskets with 27 new references of new designs in circular, petal, ball, baskets with handles, trays and flower pots.

    Lorena Canals’ award-winning designs have garnered international attention for being modern & stylish, yet practical & safe for children.

    Our fair-trade products are handmade by expert craftsman in India, who use raw materials of the best quality. Our rigorous artisanal process produces environmentally friendly, machine washable rugs and decorative accessories made from natural cotton. All designs are hand stitched and dyed with natural, non-toxic dyes, to ensure durability after washing.

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