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What started as a glass factory in Iittala, Finland, today celebrates generations of essential objects that are made to enrich people’s everyday lives. We believe objects should be distinctive, combinable and multi-functional, with lasting design that inspires individual use and expression.


  • Iittala Raami collection
    Raami – ‘frame’ in Finnish – is a new dining collection designed by Jasper Morrison. The carefully composed pieces in ceramic, glass and wood work together to promote good atmosphere at the table from morning to night, in every occasion....

  • Jasper Morrison is a leading designer, considered to be one of the most accomplished product designers of his generation. Morrison is best known for his work in furniture, lighting, electrical products and tableware. Morrison believes the role of the designer is not to invent form, but rather to be open to the surrounding world, reapplying form to meet new purposes. He is especially interested in those everyday objects that are so good in their design they almost go unnoticed.

    Raami, a new dining collection designed by Morrison, is launched in 2019. Each item from the Raami collection is an individual, perfect on its own, yet a significant part of the entity. Like a family, or a group of friends: each member brings their own characteristics to the table.

    Raami has been designed with great attention to detail. When taking a closer look, its fine characteristics come out. The feeling of Raami is familiar, something you've known throughout your life.

  • Iittala Birds by Toikka
    Oiva Toikka's iconic collection, Birds by Toikka, are individually handmade, mouth blown glass art objects. This year’s annual bird, Vuono, was inspired by Nordic nature and the beauty of sea birds....

  • Oiva Toikka is one of the greatest names in Finnish design. His iconic collection of Iittala Birds by Toikka first took flight back in 1972 with the creation of his small glass Flycatchers. The collection embodies a rich fusion of glassmaking traditions and would not have been possible without Toikka’s hands-on-approach at the glassworks and his keen understanding of each employee’s skills. Drawing from nature and his passion for art glass, Toikka has created more than four hundred birds in the last forty years.

    Today, collecting Toikka birds has become an international activity with collectors tracking down rarities and discussing favorites with the same enthusiasm as their real-life equivalents in the ornithological world. These lovely little creatures are individually mouth-blown making them a unique treasure in homes, offices or any other space where they nest.

  • Iittala Teema collection
    New to Teema is Powder, a warm, neutral color that has beautiful softness in it. Powder is a soothing shade that evokes the tranquil sky of a Nordic sunset. An alternative to the pureness of white, powder combines with other colors in a clean, modern way....

  • Designed by one of Iittala’s most iconic design heroes, Kaj Franck, Teema is a versatile collection with endless combinations of shapes, sizes and colors. Functional, durable and refined, Teema is the perfect tableware for everyday use.

    Capturing the essence of Scandinavian design thinking, each Teema piece is derived from three simple forms: circle, square and rectangle. It’s what you use them for that makes them yours. Plates, platters, cups and bowls, each and every Teema piece is oven, freezer, dishwasher and microwave safe. So not only will they look beautiful on your dining table, but they’ll make cooking, serving and clean-up fast and easy.

    Designer Kaj Franck's vision demanded the removal of everything excessive, leaving only the essential. As Kaj Franck put it, "Color is the only decoration needed".

  • Iittala Alvar Aalto collection
    The Aalto collection gets a new addition in the color Sea Blue, inspired by the lakes and coastline of Finland. Soothing and energizing colors that aid well-being are relevant in 2019....

  • Inspired by waves in the water, the Aalto vase is a symbol of Finnish design and one of the most famous glass objects in the world. Designed by the legendary Alvar Aalto, each glass vase is individually mouth blown at the Iittala Glass Factory in Finland.

    In 1936, Alvar Aalto’s series of glass vases won first prize in the 1936 Karhula-Iittala Glass Design Competition. Compared to the decorative objects of the time, the simple yet organic shape of this vase was a revolutionary statement. Each and every vase in the Alvar Aalto Collection continues to be mouth blown at the Iittala factory and comes in a wide range of colors and sizes. The Collection is a staple of modern Scandinavian design and Iittala’s most iconic series. 

  • Iittala Kastehelmi collection
    The Kastehelmi collection gets a new addition in Iittala's glass color of the year, Sea Blue. The color Sea Blue was inspired by the sea in Finland an ever-changing portrait of the four seasons....

  • Kastehelmi (“dewdrop” in Finnish) draws inspiration from dewdrops glistening like a string of pearls under the morning sun and refers to the circles of delicate bubbles in the pressed glass that give each piece in the collection its distinct character. Originally designed by Oiva Toikka in 1964, the Kastehelmi series was relaunched in 2010. Toikka came up with the idea to use droplets of glass as decoration when trying to find a way to hide joint marks left in the production process. The result was a unique design that features rings of tiny glass bubbles that extend outwards from the center of each piece. The droplet enhanced the optical quality of Iittala’s glass recipe resulting in a glass that is like no other. For over fifty years, Kastehelmi has been a beloved Iittala series.
  • ED Ellen DeGeneres crafted by Royal Doulton
    The ED Ellen DeGeneres crafted by Royal Doulton collection is a collaboration between Royal Doulton and Ellen DeGeneres’ lifestyle brand, ED....

  • Ellen’s style and character sit at the heart of the collection, which includes contemporary tableware, giftware and flatware.
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