One World Projects

Batavia,  NY 
United States
  • Booth: 1876

At One World Projects, our mission is to create viable economic alternatives for artisans and their families, and to expand the reaches of ethical and fair trade to include Compassionate Trade, which addresses the most pressing issues that face mankind today.


  • Soapstone Hearts from Haiti
    These soapstone hearts, made by Haitian artisans, are smooth and decorative. They speak clearly of love and caring for both your gift recipient and the Haitian artisans. Available in gray, white or pink stone and many other dyed colors & designs....

  • Haiti is often considered the poorest nation in the Western Hemisphere. Haitian artisans live in a country where the political climate and hardships imposed by economic embargos and sanctions in the 1990's have contributed to poverty and accelerated environmental degradation. Health care and education are unobtainable dreams for the impoverished 75-80% majority. The average income is $55. per month. Only 40% of the population has access to potable drinking water and 25% have access to sanitary sewage systems. Infant mortality is over 7%, malnutrition is a common ailment, and almost half of the population is illiterate.

    Despite this adversity there is hope. One World Proects, through organization like Artisan Business Network (ABN), empowers Haitians with entrepreneurial tools, design input, and market access. The ABN is making essential improvements the earnings or artisans, helping them to provide for their families and community wellbeing through commerce based in Haiti's profound artisanal culture.

    To read about these and other soapstone products from Haiti visit this link:

  • One World Projects - Easter Bunnies made of Abaca
    Perfect for Easter and year-round, this adorable family of Bunny Rabbits would love to be adopted by your customers. Each rabbit, brother & sister, mother & father, and grandmother are handmade from abaca fiber. Each is handmade in the Philippines....

  • The artisans of Disenio de Craftico are fathers, mothers, young men and women who are able to help their families through the production of these crafts. They live near Lagazpi City in the Bicol region of the Philippines. Most are hand-to-mouth workers.

    Using abaca fibre, nito vine and other sustainable materials, they create beautiful native handcrafts which are sold to create a livelihood for their day-to-day needs, lessen the poverty in their community and strengthen family ties.

    • Depending on the rabbit, they range between 10" and 15" tall

    Each is handmade in the Philippines and Fair Trade imported.

    To read more about these crafts, please visit our web page at:

  • One World Projects - Skin & Body Care Products
    Treat yourself to some wonderful Fair Trade Natural Skin-Care Products from Guatemala; they include Mayan Mud Masks, Beauty Pumice Stone, and Loofah Sponges. Also from the Shipibo Indians Eye Pillows and Sachets with many healing and natural herbs....

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  • Iconz - Handmade Aluminum Art from South Africa
    As all our designs are handcrafted; colors, textures, fabrics and papers may vary. Dye lots vary, fabric patterns are discontinued and new exciting designs are added. This enhances the handmade feel, and adds to the individuality of your gift....

  • ICONZ is a cottage industry that started some 23 years ago at a fun fancy dress party, using aluminum stars and moons to decorate costumes, tables and walls. In the aftermath of the party, there had to be a use for all those painfully cut out stars. So a pile of charity greeting cards were created.

    From originally only making greetings cards, we started introducing other stationery items like notebooks and journals. When we added our unique collages, that’s when things really took off.

    ICONZ art designs all start as a concept on paper, worked and reworked until they meet our high standard of innovation and quality. The designs are then made into plates and from there to print and press. 

    We have appreciative female workers, hand-cutting each design. Every spiral, zigzag of copper or brass is individually hand crafted, and every bead is patiently threaded to create the authentic and special handmade effect of our work.

  • One World Projects - Heart Jewelry
    Take a look at our beautiful Fair Trade Heart Jewelry produced in Ecuador from Tagua and from Coal by artisans in Colombia. Perfect for Valentine's Day....

  • Tagualand, located in Guayaquil Ecuador, is helping to provide income for artisans living in the economically disadvantaged coastal city of Manta.

    Here artisans living and working from very simple accommodations develop jewelry made from tagua nuts, or weave straw hats from toquilla palm. For most this is their primary source of income, and the entire family works together from small houses, their living room, or sleeping room.

    Morca Coal Project, the community of Morca, a mountainous area in the town of Sogamoso, Colombia depends heavily on coal mining to sustain its livelihoods. Casualties and deaths are common in these mines, either due to mining-collapses or the inhalation of poisonous gases. In 1995, the Colombian government established the Morca-Boyaca workshop to keep young men and boys out of the hazardous mines. The boys from the area were encouraged to attend school and learn the craft of carving coal into beautiful pieces of jewelry.

  • One World Projects - Junk Yard Sculptures
    These cute and whimsical sculptures are produced in India from recycled metal parts from autos, bicycles, and discarded hardware. The components of these sculptures, have escaped the landfill and found new life in pieces of art for the home or office....

  • These metal sculptures began with the imagination and ingenuity of a Vietnamese engineer-turned-artisan. Working from his small home-based workshop, he transformed salvaged metal scraps into wonderful junk yard critters, fun to decorate your home or office with. Over the years, demand for his creations has continued to grow and the success that began in his small workshop has now expanded beyond the borders of Vietnam to support artisans in India as well. It is a wonderful success story and a truly global fair trade product.

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