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Adnart Inc, Div. of Asobu ,

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  • Item FB500 French Press-By Asobu -Adnart Inc.
    Made of double wall vacuum insulated, copper lined stainless the carafe section will stay hot for up to 12 hours. The unique pouring handle and adjustable lid makes it great for serving,...

  • # FB500   the Asobu French Press Retail $59.99

    This stunningly designed coffee maker has many revolutionary features that will please all coffee lovers, and we can honestly say, “That no other coffee maker in the world has today! “

    Made of double wall vacuum insulated, copper lined stainless the carafe section will stay hot for up to 12 hours. The unique pouring handle and adjustable lid makes it great for serving, with a twist of the dial on top of the lid, one can easily serve, or seal the lock and preserve the heat. The clear heat resistant borosilicate glass brewing section makes it very easy to see when the coffee is brewed and ready to serve or store. With the French Press stainless steel filter and plunger, one gently pushes the coffee grinds to the bottom of the stainless steel cylinder filter section once you see the coffee is ready, to serve or store.  The complete product is 100% BPA free. The beauty and design of this product is only made of top quality materials so it functions far beyond other coffee makers. The lightweight carafe portion also has a handy twist off lid for those you prefer to make the coffee and take to work or school. The push button drain section enables you to transfer the freshly brewed coffee and capture the deep rich flavours hidden in the coffee bean. We recommend using freshly ground or store bought regular grind to coarse ground coffee. The complete unit cleans easily and we recommend hand washing all parts and wiping regularly to keep this coffee maker ready for your next wonderful coffee drinking experience. Easy to follow instructions and on line videos are available to fine-tune your skills!

    We recommend using 10-12 teaspoons of your freshly ground coffee. Insert into the filter section and then gently pour just boiled hot water into the cylindrical stainless steel filter and glass brewing chamber till almost completely filled to the brim. Wait 4-5 minutes while it brews, and then insert the press filter gasket and gently press the plunger down to the bottom of the filter basket. Now you are ready to release the freshly brewed coffee by pressing the push bottom, which gently drains and blends all the coffee into the storage and serving carafe. Makes up to 1 litre/34 ounces of gourmet coffee each time.

    Now add your favourite condiments and enjoy! Coffee lovers will immediately taste the difference, and realise a new standard in coffee brewing and serving has now been reached today! 


    Easy to clean and operate.

    All sturdy brewing and serving parts are all 100% BPA free.

    Makes gourmet coffee easily in minutes at a fraction of the price of other methods

    The suspended coffee diffuses centrally while its submerged in hot water

    French Press filter plunger captures all that last minute bouquet of the coffee

    The Push Button drain insures a perfect blending every time

    The carafe will keep your coffee hot up to 12 hours

    The pouring handle lid option is ideal for serving

    Comes also with a twist on stainless steel lid for on the go activity

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