Alexandra Tsoukala

  • Booth: 8358

 “minimum design” is a small design studio in the center of Athens. AlexandraTsoukala  started the workshop out of her desire to explore her design ideas by constructing objects  and fashion jewelery with her own hands. 


  • is this a bag? minimum design Alexandra Tsoukala
    Bags and clutchs are handmade in Greece....

  • Material: pleated fabric (satin polyester)
  • shell bracelet minimum design Alexandra Tsoukala
    Shell bracelet are made in Greece. <br />...

  • Material : Pleated fabric, satin polyester
  • Twist it! minimum design Alexandra Tsoukala
    Necklace made in Greece....

  • Material : Pleated fabric, satin polyester
  • Wrap it! minimum design Alexandra Tsoukala
    Wrap made in Greece...

  • Material : Velvet fabric
  • essilp necklace minimum design Alexandra Tsoukala
    The necklaces are handmade in Greece-Athens, of pleated fabric (satin polyester), which gives them a slight shimmer and ensures their elasticity and durability....

  • Their width is 50-55 cm, and each is composed of eight 3mm wide lines which can be washed, stretched and used at all times, making them fashionably easygoing, both in summer and winter.

     I have designed the products’ packaging as a very simple, minimal white box, so that the necklaces’ colors can be clearly set off. On the lid there is a photo of the necklace its color code number, and the name of the designer.

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