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United States
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Dreams USA is the only place to get AUTHENTIC Cable Bites!  They join Smiski, Sonny Angel, Amy's Cats and our line of outer space, bath/spa and whimsical animal products. Gift, Toy, Book, Trend, Museum shops. Any place unique and clever, fun to sell products sell. Specialty store focused!

Brands: Dreams, Cable Bites, Smiski, Sonny Angel


  • Cable Bites by Dreams
    Little animal companions “bite” onto your iPhone to protect your lightning cable! Cute and functional. Packaged for impulse sales. Don't be fooled. Cable Bites from Dreams are the only authentic and original. New styles for 2019. MSRP $5.50...

  • Adorable animals "bite" your iPhone when you plug in your charging cable.  Each Cable Bite fits over the iPhone plug on your lightning cable to protect the connector and bring a smile to your face every time you charge your phone.  Available in a variety of fun and colorful animals from the meek pink bunny to the voracious blue shark.  Don't be fooled by imitations.  Dreams is the originator of the Cable Bite and the only authentic supplier.  New styles for 2019 include Japanese version and Lovely series.  Display programs available.

  • Smiski from Dreams USA
    Smiski are curious creatures that love hiding in small places and corners. They glow in the dark to fascinate young and old alike. Sold in boxes of 12 blind-boxed figures. How many poses can you collect?...

  • You have probably seen him in gift, book and toy stores around the country.  Smiski is a phenomena.  People just love him.  They like to collect him, gift him, trade him.  They like to put different Smiski all around their homes to rediscover him daily.  There are four series of the original (green) Smiski and two of the newer (blue) Bath and Toilet series.  The latest introduction is Smiski Living - find Smiski in a variety of leisure activities.  Each series includes a mystery Smiski.   Although they like to stay hidden, you might discover one at night as they mysteriously glow in the dark.  One of the fastest turning mini-figures in the industry.  Get in on the fun!  Can you collect them all?  Point-of-sale display program available with purchase.  

  • Sonny Angel from Dreams
    Sonny Angel makes you smile, makes you happy, makes your daily life a bit more delightful. Eight - soon to be nine - regular series and 6 special series each year. Blind boxed collectible....

  • You might wonder, why does Sonny Angel exist? Our company develops products that make people feel happy.  We are all troubled by various things in life.  As your tiny friend, as your angel, Sonny Angel is always by your side to give you comfort and make you smile.  Sonny Angel is sold in "blind box packaging;" the customer doesn't know which one they will get until they open the package.  In addition, each series includes secret figures that are rare.  Secret figures appear randomly in production.  The blind package and secret figures give customers incentive to buy multiple boxes in order to complete their collections.  Tweens, teens, young women are Sonny Angels biggest fans.  Sonny Angel distribution is limited as is annual production and quantities of the seasonal special series.  All of our marketing efforts are intended to help Authorized Sonny Angel Retailers be more successful.  In addition to the sheer fun of collecting, Sonny Angel has emerged as a social media star.  Check out how many people around the world are taking and posting pictures of Sonny Angel in a variety of settings.  There are many FaceBook and Instagram pages devoted to Sonny Angel.

  • Projector Domes from Dreams
    Projections of planets and space objects appear when the dome touches water. Turn your bath into a planetarium. Great fun and relaxation. Moon, Earth, Saturn, Milky Way, Andromeda and Spiral Galaxy....

  • Projector Domes illuminate when they come in contact with water.  Available with six different projections - Moon, Earth, Saturn, Milky Way, Andromeda and Spiral Galaxy.  Each color dome projects a different image.  Can float in your tub, rest on the edge of your tub, sit in a cup or small dish of water or even on a damp paper towel or cloth.  Darken the surroundings and the projected image appears on the ceiling.  Bathe amidst the glowing cosmos for the ultimate in relaxation.  Keep a toddler in the tub a few extra minutes marveling at the movement of the planets.  Sold 6 pieces per style in a retail display box.  Get several styles and offer a variety on your selling floor.  Also available as Projector Dome Ocean - projecting sea themed images of jellyfish, sea turtle, manta ray and dolphin.

  • Unicorn Door Light from Dreams
    White unicorn magically lights up when it feels movement. Attaches to doors, walls, lockers, etc. with three built-in magnets or with a nail or screw. Illuminates for 15 seconds and goes out. Find your way, find your homework, find a unicorn!...

  • What's more magical than a unicorn?  A Unicorn Door Light that mysteriously lights up when it senses movement.  Hang your keys, jewelry or ?? on its horn so that they are always handy.  Illuminates for 15 seconds when moved, then goes out.  Includes replaceable batteries.  Attaches with built in magnets or with a nail or screw inserted into the keyhole on the back plate.

  • Projector Dome Star Map from Dreams
    Fall asleep to a starry sky. The Projector Dome Star Map covers your ceiling with images of the cosmos and turns off automatically after one hour. White Northern Hemisphere; Blue Southern Hemisphere. Educational and fun!...

  • The Projector Dome Star Map captures the imagination of young and old.  How many constellations can you spot before you nod off?  Better (and more educational) than counting sheep!  LED light is powered by replaceable batteries.  Safe for children 3 and older.  A great gift or self-purchase.  Handsome acetate packaging explains the concept.  Designed in Japan.

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