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BlocART manufactures handmade wall art from reclaimed wood. Based in South Africa, we offer a wide range of designs, sizes and colour options. 

Brands: BlocART
 BlocART manufactures handmade wall art from reclaimed wood. Based in South Africa, we offer a wide range of designs, sizes and coour options.

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  • (Jan 16, 2019)

    Orders of $350 or more willl receive four XS Hearts for free 

    Orders of $500 or more will receive any two Mini Items of their choice for free 


  • BlocART Animals
    Colourful handmade decor , made from recycled timber...

  • BlocArt offers unique handemade wall art for interior and exterior use. The animal designs include many African animals such as Giraffe, Rhino, Lion, Buffalo, Zebra, Elephant, Wildebeest, Hippo etc.  There area a number of colour palletes to choose from, and some designs are available in multiple sizes. Prices vary between $27 - $35. 

  • BlocART Garden Range
    Handmade Wall decor suitable for outdoor use. BlocArt is uniquely handmade from reclaimed wood....

  • The BlocART Garden Range wall decor is made from Reclaimed wood. We have altered our application to produce a limited range of designs that are suitable for outdoor use. All items are indivicually crafted and uniquely handmade.  The slightly larger sizes are perfect as accent pieces and brings life to any outside area. The range includes a number of insects, birds, plants, animals, sea life and coastal related designs. We also create custom pieces, and offer a variety of colour options.
  • BlocART Mini range
    BlocART Mini Range - Handmade wall decor made from reclaimed wood...

  • The Mini range is suitable for Museum outlets, Zoo shops, Airport stores, Gallery stores etc. Typically sold in outlets frequented by many visitors/tourists. These mini items offers a low price point ($14each), and are sold (wholesale) in packs of 5 units. The pack comprises a number of colour options , or as per your request. We are also able to manufacture requested designs. The Mini range includes animals, insects, maps , flags, and designs suitable for kids rooms such as rockets, hot air balloon, aeroplane etc

  • BlocART Ocean range
    Handmade wall decor made from reclaimed wood. <br />The Ocean line includes all designs Ocean related - Seagull, Crab, Lobster,Fish, Whale, Dolphin, Shark, Orca, Octopus, Sea horse etc, as well as items such as the Lighthouse, Sailboat and Anchors...

  • The Ocean line designs are suitable for sale in decor stores, as well as Aquarium stores. Many of the Ocean designs are availabale as Garden/outdoor as well as Mini items too. The Ocean line offers a great variety of designs suitable for seaside living
  • BlocART Kids/Baby
    Handmade wall decor made from reclaimed wood. <br />Designs suitable for kids and baby rooms...

  • These eco friendly items are perfect for you child's room. The designs include pastel colours, or monotone soft palletes: Bunny, Sheep, Bear, Fox, Antelope, Anchor, Aeroplane, Brontosaurus etc. We also offer a number of decor items suitable for young boys and girls: Truck, Tractor, T-Rex, Stegosaurus, Spacerocket, Falmingo, Surfboard, African Animals, Dogs, Cats, birds etc
  • BlocART Maps and Flags
    Handmade wall decor made from reclaimed wood. <br />Maps and Flags of the world - USA, and USA states, Flags of the world...

  • We offer USA maps, in a number of colour palettes (or custom), in three sizes. Priced between $27 - $48. We manufacture all USA states, most of which are also available in the Mini Range (pack of 5 at $16 per unit/$80 per pack wholesale). We offer all the world maps, with some  hand painted details.  Some Flags are alos available as Hearts

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