From The Mines

Ridgefield,  NJ 
United States
  • Booth: 2271

From the Mines is a wholesale company of natural crystals, stones and minerals based in New Jersey, US., with mines and manufacturers located in Brazil, Uruguay, India and Africa. Every piece we provide our customers has been carefully hand-picked and brought directly from the mines


  • Scolecite- From The Mines
    Scolecite a white sparkling natural Zeolite crystal...

  • It is a hydrothermal mineral derived from low temperature alteration of basalts and related rocks, associated with other zeolites, calcite, quartz and prehnite
  • Uruguayan Amethyst Geode- From The Mines
    A large Amethyst Geode, with lustrous, deep purple Amethyst crystals....

  • This geode has an intense, rich color and luster of Amethyst, it is stunning! 
  • Large Sodalite Obelisk- From The Mines
    Sodalite is a rich royal blue Tectosilicates mineral, widely used as an ornamental gemstone....

  • Sodalite is known for it's beautiful royal blue color. Sodalite occurs in igneous rocks that crystallized from sodium-rich magma. In this photo, you can see it is used as pillars in a home decor setting!

  • Clear Quartz Cluster- From The Mines
    Clear/white large stone...

  • Crystal quartz is one of the world's most popular stones. It is rapidly becoming a staple in home decor!
  • Smoky Quartz- From The Mines
    Smoky quartz is a gray, translucent quartz, with a brownish tint....

  • Smoky quartz is a variety of quartz that ranges in clarity from almost complete transparency to an almost-opaque brownish-gray or black crystal.
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