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AndYu product is 100% hand-woven from Ata grass, a vine which is native to limited parts of Indonesia. Artisans use a special technique to individually weave Ata grass vines into beautifully structured items for your home and more.


  • Ata Placemats & Trays
    Ata grass is a type of fern that grows naturally in parts of Indonesia. In some places, it is also called "ketak."...

  • Ata grass, which grows in the bountiful surroundings of nature,
    is tough but flexible and easy to weave into different shapes.
    Village artisans skillfully transform Ata grass into beautiful and durable baskets.
    These skills have been handed down through generations.
  • Ata Bread Baskets
    A feeling of warmth created through Hand-weaving Ata grass is handwoven by artisans while it is still fresh....

  • They carefully weave and check every stitch, without the help of machinery or mechanical devices. It is a truly awe-inspiring process. Some of AndYu's baskets are those that are woven by only one artisan in the world.

  • Ata Basket Vase
    Dried in the sun Ata baskets are dried for a week in the scorching Indonesian sun. The baskets need to be completely dry in order to make the baskets strong and durable....

  • Making the baskets strong and durable for long-term use. In the final part of the process, the baskets are smoked using natural wood chips. This acts as an insect repellent and protects the baskets against mold. It makes them strong and durable enough to last for three generations with proper care.The sheen grows with use, turning the baskets a nice amber color.
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