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Anne-Marie Chagnon

Montreal,  QC 
  • Booth: 8180

Blessed with a bountiful creativity, Anne-Marie Chagnon masters many crafts and possesses a unique expertise through which she has succeeded in establishing a distinctive signature. She invents, shapes and sculpts exclusive pieces, as actual as they are timeless.


  • Anne-Marie Chagnon - Hibis Necklace in Bronze
    Hibis is a statement piece made from genuine leather strands and a metallic pendant. Pulling power from gold, bronze, and pewter, this unique necklace embodies female inner strength and extraordinary essence....

  • Material: bronze-plated pewter, leather

    Lenght: 42-49 CM (16.5")

    SKU: 431846 

    Other available colors:  white & pewter, white & bronze, white & gold, black, lagoon 

  • Anne-Marie Chagnon - Melisse Necklace in Walnut
    Melisse is a moody necklace for the cerebral. Made with terrestrial materials and organic forms, this lariat necklace is a constellation of meaningful symbolism and deep reflection—an imperative for the woman whose inner essence is as deep as the ocean....

  • Material: pewter, resin, pvc

    Lenght: 67 CM (26.4")

    SKU: 440687

    Other available colors: ink, white 

  • Anne-Marie Chagnon - Rosa Necklace in Azur
    Rosa’s bronze and pewter centerpieces are prime examples of Anne-Marie Chagnon's artistry. Exterior contours are nuanced and limitless, while a high relief rises to the surface, calling upon the seamless forms of a Rose Window....

  • Material: pewter, glass, pvc

    Lenght: 42-49 CM (16.5") 

    SKU: 420298

    Other available colors: silvery, marble, green, sulphur, raspberry 

  • Anne-Marie Chagnon - Tara Necklace
    In Tara, a strand of delicately crafted resin circular beads mingles with handmade bronze and pewter stackable beads. Playing a game of hide and seek with its elements, this statement necklace breaths as a woman wears it....

  • Material: pewter, bronze, resin

    Lenght: 51-58 CM (20.1")

    SKU: 496500

  • Anne-Marie Chagnon - Salvia Bracelet in Sulphur
    With an Art Deco-infused design, Salvia serves any woman with a bit of grace and funk. Slip on this elastic bracelet day or night to remind yourself of the surprising beauty revealed in raw material, effortless form, and brilliant color....

  • Material: pewter, glass, wood, elastic

    Circumference: 16,5 CM (6.5")

    SKU: 335693

    Other available colors: lagoon, tan, azur, marble, raspberry

  • Anne-Marie Chagnon - Kanel Necklace
    Say goodbye to plain pearls from the past, and hello to Kanel, a daringly long necklace, remastering the freshwater baroque pearl. To create, Anne-Marie Chagnon complements a short strand of pearls with her signature hammered pewter, funky beads, and PVC....

  • Material: pewter, glass, resin, pearl, pvc

    Length: 83-91 CM (32.7")

    SKU: 446600

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