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Laurence King Publishing

United Kingdom
  • Booth: 7339

Original formats, representing books by other means.

Laurence King publishes design-led gifts including Dog Bingo, Match a Pair of Birds, and Art Oracles as well as games, books and stationery for lovers of art, design, fashion, film, and fun. We also publish children's games and activity kits such as Scary Bingo, Story Box, and My Miniature Library.

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  • Established in London in 1991, Laurence King Publishing is recognized as one of the world’s leading publishers of books and gifts on the creative arts for both children and adults. Highlights from the spring 2018 season include the following:

    CATS & KITTENS: A MEMORY GAME (May) asks players to reunite mature cats with their kittens in an adorable matching game that doubles as an education in feline breeds.  

    MAKE YOUR OWN FARM (Mar) is a charming pop-out play set for young children. The kit includes 55 pieces ranging from a barn and farm equipment to the many animals and humans who reside on a farm. No scissors or glue required for assembly.

    MANIFESTO: THE ART MOVEMENTS GAME (May) calls on knowledge of popular art movements to match four influential artist cards with their associated moments including Pop, Cubism, Dadaism, and ten others.

    PICK A FLOWER: A MEMORY GAME (Mar) is a beautiful boxed game for nature lovers, where players pair up flowers with their typical uses and meanings, such as giving roses for Valentine’s Day.

    SUPERHERO SNAP! CARD GAME (Feb) is a superhero-themed cousin of slapjack starring the heroes and villains of illustrator Jason Ford’s fantastic superhero universe.

    THE MYSTERY MANSION: STORYTELLING CARD GAME (Feb) is a simple, story-constructing game based on the Victorian parlor tradition of myrioramas. Oversized cards are placed one after another to create seamless scenes with infinite narratives, this time centered on an old manor house and featuring Art Deco motifs.

    HELLO NATURE ACTIVITY CARDS (Apr) takes projects from Nina Chakrabarti’s acclaimed activity book of the same name and puts them in an easy to carry deck full of inspiration for trips to the park, garden, forest, and beach.

    MONSTERS! A SCARY TOP SCORE GAME (May) pits oddball monsters against each other by comparing scores in categories including stinkiness, scariness, horrible habits, mischievousness, and love of sweets.

    ONCE UPON A TIME… A FAIRYTALE TOP SCORE GAME (May) stages the ultimate fairytale battle as players cast 30 magical characters into battle grading them on bravery, mischievousness, kissability, fashion sense, and wickedness. 

    TERRIFIC TIMELINES: DINOSAURS (Mar) is a new, original timeline format designed to showcase visual evolution, beginning with everyone’s favorite prehistoric beasts. Each dino has its own factfile and press-out model to add to your display. Fun for play or dressing up a bookshelf!

    TERRIFIC TIMELINES: CARS (May) follows later in the spring and shows how the automobile has shifted gears throughout history. Can you arrange the cars in the correct chronology?

    Visit Laurence King Publishing at booth #7339 to meet our representatives and experience our latest games and books in person. LKP’s full list of products spanning art, architecture, photography, fashion, design, and more is also available at the booth of our North American distributor, Chronicle Books (#7332). Please stop by! 


  • Dogs & Puppies (LKP)
    Dogs & Puppies: A Memory Game...

  • Match the dogs and puppies of 25 breeds from around the world in this beautifully illustrated memory game. To play, simply place the cards face down and see if you can remember where the dog and its puppy are located. Collect more pairs than your opponent to win!

    With all kinds of breeds included—from Siberian Huskies to Pugs and Dachshunds to Dalmatians—this fun and educational game will appeal to dog lovers everywhere.

  • The Movie Misquote Game (LKP)
    The Movie Misquote Game: Party Game...

  • Movie magazine Little White Lies invites you to relive 300 cinematic moments – from the iconic to the downright filthy – in this hilarious new party game for movie lovers.  

    Simply pick a quote, and ask your friends to transform it by filling in the blank with a phrase from another classic film. The funniest movie mash-up wins!
  • Who Pooped? (LKP)
    Who Pooped? A Matching and Memory Game...

  • Did you know that wombats poop in cubes? Do you know which animal does sparkly poop? In this fun and slightly irreverent game kids can match 27 animals to their droppings while satisfying their endless fascination for poop.

    Also comes with a booklet full of fun poop facts!

  • I Saw it First! A Family Spotting Game (LKP)
    I Saw it First! Jungle: A Family Spotting Game...

  • Three hundred jungle animals populate the board of this carefully engineered game. Some are familiar, like the leopard or the hippopotamus, others less so, like the eyelash viper or the giraffe weevil. Pull a counter from the box featuring one of the 300 animals in this game and be the first to spot that animal on the board!

    Coming in a triangular box with a hexagonal double-sided board, this game features charming illustrations by Caroline Selmes. Simple to understand but addictive to play, this fun and challenging game will delight adults and children alike.
  • Genius Playing Cards (LKP)
    Genius Art & Genius Music Playing Cards...

  • Genius Art Playing Cards

    Brighten up your card games with the top talent of four awesome art movements:

    pop art = hearts; Impressionism/Post-Impressionism = clubs; Abstract Expressionism = diamonds; Surrealism = spades.

    Includes 52 playing cards featuring illustrations of all the big names in the art world – including Lichtenstein and Hockney in Pop Art, Monet and Renoir in Impressionism, Pollock and Rothko in Abstract Expressionism, and Dalí and Kahlo in Surrealism – plus two jokers (Picasso and Matisse).

    Genius Music Playing Cards

    Jazz up your card games with the top talent of four fantastic music genres:

    Pop = Hearts; Rock ’n’ Roll = Spades; Folk & Country = Diamonds; Soul, Blues & R&B = Clubs.

    Includes 52 playing cards featuring illustrations of all the big names – including Madonna and Prince in Pop, Kurt Cobain and Jimi Hendrix in Rock, Johnny Cash and Bob Dylan in Folk, and Nina Simone and Amy Winehouse in Blues – plus two jokers (Björk and David Bowie).
  • Game of Queens (LKP)
    Game of Queens: A Drag Queen Card Race...

  • Who is the most outrageous—Lady Bunny or Divine? Who is the funniest—Coco Peru or Trixie Mattel? Enter the world of huge hair, sparkling make-up, glitter galore, fake eyelashes, and … the fine art of the tuck and tape, with Game of Queens! Pitch queen against queen from across the carnival court of drag, from the female impersonators who pioneered drag performance in the 1970s up to the superstars of the scene today.

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