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Map Marketing Ltd

United Kingdom
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Map Marketing - Personalized Map Products

Map Marketing Ltd - Creators of Personalized Map Gifts.  Centered on any US location. Individual design, skilled workmanship and all hand crafted. Drop shipped direct to the customer. No stockholding and no minimum orders. Beautiful gifts to delight and impress.

 Press Releases

  • Map Marketing plans to launch a new Limited Edition Map Jigsaw at NYNow in February 2018, to celebrate One Million sales

    Map Marketing was established in London, England in 1979. Having successfully created a market for personalized wall maps, by 2003 the company found that the marketplace was becoming increasingly competitive.  Satellite navigation systems and Google Maps were on the horizon and as a small British company, Map Marketing was looking for a way to expand. Moving from business maps to personal maps seemed sensible, but how could it create a unique niche?

    The Eureka moment came with the idea of creating a map jigsaw puzzle when the center piece was the home of the customer. The company had already developed software to create personalized maps (long before Google & GPS!) but had focused on wall maps for business customers. This seems like the ideal opportunity to create a gift that consumers would like. All they needed now was to figure out how to make jigsaws...

    Fast forward 15 years and the Map Marketing map jigsaw range is now sold all over the world. The range of map jigsaws has expanded with Where We First Met, Merry Christmas, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day versions.  And early in 2018, Map Marketing will sell their 1 millionth map jigsaw – each one unique, centered on a different address!

    Map Marketing’s Managing Director, Brian O’Donnell, joined the company in 2015 and loves the history of this feisty British company. He says: “When I joined Map Marketing I spent a lot of time learning about its history.  I think it’s important to know where we come from in order to move forward. Adding together the various versions I realized that we were about to sell our millionth jigsaw so wanted to celebrate it in some way.

    We decided to go back to basics. Why do our customers love this product? It comes down to the unique challenge of a jigsaw puzzle and tying that together with learning more about where you live. So, we looked at our map jigsaw – what can we do to update our flagship product?  After all, it’s 15 years old now! Can we adjust it to appeal to a new audience? I hope you like the result."

    Map Marketing will be on Booth 7748 at NY Now2018.


  • Hometown Puzzle - Personalized - Map Marketing
    An individual, unique personalized 400 piece map jigsaw puzzle centered on your Home.<br />...

    • A map jigsaw puzzle centered on your Home.
    • Individual, thoughtful and unique, a made-to-order map jigsaw puzzle, a fantastic gift. What better way to celebrate a special place than with this fun puzzle that shows an area chosen by the customer? Whether selecting a family home, college, sports field or business the customer will receive a puzzle that puts their chosen location at the very center.
    • Using the US Geological Survey mapping, digitally seamlessly stitched together, a high-quality jigsaw puzzle can be created centered on the exact address supplied. The map covers an area of 7.5 miles (east-to-west) by 5 miles (North-to-South) and is made of up to 400 pieces. The detailed map shows roads, contour lines, transport infrastructure, water features, vegetation and notable buildings – a perfect opportunity for friends and family to compete over local knowledge as they put the map together.
    • Presented in a handsome box, the jigsaw is an unusual, thoughtful gift that people treasure. Indeed, many customers write to say that they prefer not to put the completed map away, but display it for visitors. Proof that even the smallest home-town really is at the center of things!
    • Each jigsaw is individually made to order using high quality 1.5mm millboard, and is hand finished by expert craftsmen.
    • Assembled size – 12 ¼ x 18 ½ inches.
    • The jigsaw arrives in an attractive presentation box.
    • Extra fun detail, is that the center piece is shaped like a house – the perfect place to start.
  • We First Met Here - Puzzle - Map Marketing
    A unique, romantic gift for anniversaries, birthdays or Valentine’s day, this jigsaw puzzle is a light-hearted but tender way to celebrate love and relationships.<br />...

    • A unique, romantic gift for anniversaries, birthdays or Valentine’s day, this jigsaw puzzle is a light-hearted but tender way to celebrate love and relationships.
    • The customer supplies the US address of their choice – it could be any restaurant, café, high school or house with special significance – to create a jigsaw puzzle centered on that address. Using US Geological Survey mapping, the completed jigsaw will cover an area of 5 miles (north to south) by 7.5 miles (east to west).
    • It shows fascinating details: roads, contour lines, water features and notable buildings. A great way to discover if the happy couple even noticed their surroundings.
    • Each jigsaw is individually made-to-order using high quality 1.5mm Millboard, hand finished by expert craftsmen.
    • Assembled size – 12 ¼ x 18 ½ inches.
    • The puzzle comes complete with charmingly shaped pieces that spell ‘I LOVE YOU’.
    • The jigsaw arrives in an attractive presentation box; the box lid is printed with space to add a special gift message.
    • Extra fun detail is that the center piece is shaped like a heart – the perfect place to start.
  • My Home in the Center - Map Marketing
    A beautiful print of a USGS topographical map with your chosen location right in the center of it...

    • Put your home at center stage!
    • Enter your full address and zip code and we will produce this beautiful print of a USGS topographical map with your chosen location right in the center of it. We then laminate the print, frame it in your choice of high quality wooden frame and personalize it with the first line of your address and your postal town. Smart, stylish and informative, these framed maps or aerial prints make highly original and distinctive gifts for someone special. Or of course you could treat yourself…
    • Each finished print measures 18.5 x 14.5 inches and shows an area of just over 4.5 miles square on a USGS map.The frames are available in your choice of black, ivory or ash
  • Personalized Map Kitchen Towel - Map Marketing
    An original Kitchen Towel, featuring the new USGS mapping...

    • An original Kitchen Towel, featuring the new USGS mapping, and personalized to a location of choice. Learn all about your area whilst you dry you tableware! Using the USGS mapping, the center of the towel will represent the home or place you have requested. Printed on high quality color-fast cotton, it is both informative and fun, and ideal as a hostess gift, or any other occasion.
    • Measuring 28″ x 14″, coverage 11.5 miles x 6 miles
    • Made from 100% cotton
  • Personalized Wanderlist Dropbox - Map Marketing
    The Personalized Wanderlist Dropbox with Wooden Tokens...

    • The personalized Wanderlist Dropbox is wonderful way to collect and visualize all of those dream destinations and exciting adventures that have captured your imagination. By writing these places and activities onto the wooden tokens and dropping them in the frame, you will not only build an attractive collection of your traveling desires but always have inspiration of where to wander next!
    • Size: 18x14x0.8in
    • Wooden frame with Perspex
  • Personalized Wedding Dropbox - Map Marketing
    Personalized Wedding Dropbox with Keepsake Box and write on Tokens to capture wedding guests wishes....

    • A wedding day is full of joy and excitement and this is a wonderful alternative to a traditional wedding guest book. This handmade wooden frame looks stunning filled with heart shaped tokens showing messages from everyone who share in the special day. It is a wonderful reminder of an amazing day and all the people who shared it. Wedding guests will love writing and dropping their tokens in and it’s sure to raise a smile from all who do.
    • Finished size: 18 x 14 x 1 inches
    • The heart map uses USGS Mapping (1:20,000).
    • Supplied with either 60, 80 or 100 heart shaped tokens
    • Tokens are supplied in cream drawstring cotton bag
    • Four background colours available (blush pink, royal blue, teal green and soft grey)
    • Available with a special hand finished natural waxed keepsake box.
    • The wooden box measures 6 x 6 x 3 inches and will be engraved with the same details as the wedding drop box.
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