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Katie-Ames begins with repurposing, but ends with quality products and great customer service.  Our hat and mitten designs deliver an American Made product you can be proud to stand behind, just like I am.  Color, pattern and fit that works.  "Earth friendly, fashion design!"

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  • Fall orders placed at NY NOW, stores will receive your choice of a free 11x17 color poster for P.O.S. While supplies last.  


  • Katie-Ames Sweater "Cuppy" Hat for Men or Women
    The Cuppy Hat is made from repurposed wool blend sweaters and fully lined with fleece. The yarn finishing around the brim makes the cap adjustable. Available in men’s or women’s sizing. Designed to give generous coverage. Cost $24....

  • Katie-Ames Sweater Cuppy Hat is designed to face winter with style. Lined and nicely finished, our hat offers coverage and warmth when we need it most, and designed to cover the ears, just where we need it!  Available in one of four color palettes:  traditional (grey, black, red, or white combinations), warm (red, orange, yellow, pink), cool colors (blue, green, purple) or neutral combinations (tan, brown, grey).  Orders are filled with a primary color preference, but since they are created from wool blend sweaters (30-40% wool content) they are one of a kind and will contain pieces from an average of three different sweaters...making them a well made unique addition for your customer.  All products are made with repurposed materials and are made in the U.S.A.  Hats can be ordered with matching medium or large mittens to offer the customer a nice selection.  Wholesale cost of $24, Suggested Retail of $49.
  • Katie-Ames Pillbox Hat from Repurposed Sweaters
    Made from repurposed wool blend sweaters, the Pillbox Hat’s unique design offers the best of fashion, confort and warmth. Adjustable and fully lined. Wholesale cost $24 per unit....

  • The Pillbox Hat is one of my most popular designs.  Made from repurposed wool blend sweaters (30-40% wool) my hats are nicely finished one of a kind accessories that will keep it’s owner warm all winter long. Fully lined with fleece.  Yarn finishing along the brim holds the brim nicely in place while giving the ability to adjust the size for a custom fit.  Hats are available in one of four color families: traditional (black, grey, red, white), neutral (brown, tan, grey, cream), cool (blue, green, purple) or warm (red, orange, yellow, pink) colorways.  Since each hat is made from repurposed sweaters, each one is unique and orders are filled with primary color preferences in mind, with a variety of complimenting colors.  Measuring 22 inches circumference and 7 inches deep, offering great coverage over your ears.  Hats can be ordered with medium sized mittens that match if desired.
  • Sweater Slouch Beanie by Katie-Ames
    My sweater slouch beanie is made from light-weight up-cycled sweaters to give the finished hat a great slouch effect. Hats are lined and reversible, and can be worn cuffed, slouched or tucked in on the back....

  • Katie-Ames sweater slouch beanies are a great way to face winters chill with contemporary style. It is made from repurposed light weight used sweaters and finished with new material inside making them reversible and versatile for both men and women.  Hats can also be cuffed and worn as a traditional stocking cap shape.  Beanies are sold in a variety pack, but attention to your preferences are considered, as most appealing to your customer.  Priced at $20 wholesale.  Suggested retail of $40.  (Slouch Beanies are also available made from repurposed t-shirts for summer use).
  • Katie-Ames Newsboy Hat from Repurposed Shirts
    Made from repurposed dress shirts or flannel shirts, my Newsboy Cap is a fashion forward, stylish accessory. Fully lined and finished, the hat is reversible and size can be adjusted with a button/stretch loop. Wholesale cost of $20....

  • Finished hat measures 22 inches circumference but is also adjustable with a button/stretch cord.  The Newsboy Cap can be worn by men or women, anyone who appreciates the style addition of a well chosen cap.  Reversible and made from repurposed materials, it is finished with a stretch edge.  The cuff from the shirt becomes a cute accent brim, its upper edge remains unfinished for the frayed look. Wholesale cost $20 per unit.  Suggested retail of $40.  Newsboy caps are sold in a variety pack.
  • Sweater Mittens by Katie-Ames
    Made from repurposed wool blend sweaters, lined with thick fleece, my sweater mittens delivers warmth and style in an adorable way. Wholesale cost of $23 per unit, suggested retail of $46. Available in a variety of sizes....

  • Katie-Ames sweater mittens are the perfect addition to a winter accessory lineup.  Made from gently used repurposed wool blend sweaters, the mitten is lined with fleece, making it warm and comfortable.  Sweaters mittens has the honor of being where my business began in 2011.  My pattern offers a great fit, not too wide...not too short, and with a thickness that makes the mitten perfect for everyday.  We jokingly tell customers that they won't be trying to hold the steering wheel with an oven mitt on their hands!  Mittens are available in three sizes and are ordered in an assorted color mix. Yarn finishing around the cuff keeps the cuff in place year after year, and is a method for changing how tight the cuff fits the wrist.  I’m very proud to say that the mittens we produce are known for their color combinations, quality fit and hand finishing.  Mittens can be ordered for men or women’s color palettes and sizing ranging from small (suitable for children/teens), medium, and large (which fits most men, and some women).  They can also be ordered to match both Pillbox and Cuppy Sweater hats.
  • Text Mitten by Katie-Ames
    My fingerless mitten offers warmth to pass the chilliest days of winter in style. Made from repurposed sweaters, lined with fleece. Hand yarn finishing around the cuff. Wholesale cost of $22 per unit....

  • My text mittens are the best way to keep warm and still have finger control for driving, shopping, or carrying your phone.  They are fleece lined and offer more warmth than just a sweater material alone.  The text mitten is a combination of several different repurposed sweaters and finished with a 4 inch sweater cuff, with yarn finishing that can be retied to adjust the width of the cuff. Each pair is carefully created, with attention to color combination.  Mittens are ordered as a variety pack, but preferences to your particular customer base are considered.  Finished dimensions of 7 inches deep by 4 inch wide, with a thumb opening.  Text Mittens are a wonderful holiday gift giving item.  One size fits most.  Wholesale cost $22, Suggested Retail $46.

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