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Tsimshatsui,  Hong Kong 
  • Booth: 3840

Founded in 2009, ZENS employs a group of designers from different countries and fields who are familiar with oriental life wisdom. With the design philosophy of “simplicity”, “muse” and “modernity”, it is about to create oriental life utensils that are fit in modern life.

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  • ZENS Lifestyle to Debut at NY NOW Winter 2018

    Wellness Brand to Introduce 40 New Products Showcasing Top Collaborations & Award-Winning Designs in Tableware, Furniture, Lighting, and Storage - Booth #3840

    NEW YORK, NY (February 2018) -- ZENS Lifestyle, a home decor and lifestyle brand that promotes healthy living by creating contemporary home goods that encourage mindfulness and living in the moment, will show for the first time at NY NOW, the Market for Home, Lifestyle + Gift. ZENS Lifestyle will introduce 14 collections featuring new designs by Nendo Studios, Michael Young, and ZENS-To-Go travel accessories.

    Founded in 2009, ZENS Lifestyle is rooted in unique design that curates a symbolic bridge between the traditions and culture of ancient China, married seamlessly with the forward progression of our modern world. After breaking into the U.S. market in 2017, ZENS Lifestyle will introduce new home products spanning furniture and lighting to decorative accessories and tableware.

    "We are excited to share our enthusiasm for modern, statement-making Asian heritage-inspired designs for the home, office, or hospitality space in the U.S. market,” said Elaine Cai, General Manager of ZENS International. “Our range of products, well-known internationally, has historically focused on teaware and tabletop goods. We are thrilled to continue expanding on that offering and also introduce new collections in furniture and lighting at NY NOW.”

    In collaboration with Nendo Studios and highly acclaimed designer Oki Sato, each piece in the the five series collection - Picto, Chirp, Fungi, Plank, and Stone - draws inspiration from five different elements that are transformed into minimalist designs. The collection includes furniture based on the pictographs of Chinese writing, home decor reminiscent of natural outdoor scenes, and tableware that rethinks the use of its basic parts.

    The Nendo Studios Picto Series of furniture features shapes derived from the pictographic writings of Asian languages, the two-dimensional profile becomes three-dimensional furniture creating an unexpected balance of art and functionality. The collection adds clever functionality to the home, hotel, and office spaces. Each piece is constructed with iron plates for its strength and durability. Crescent-shaped seats seamlessly welded at the contact point are designed to be low profile, but are able to support full body weight. Large rectangular and circular shelves sit on their triangle base as if balancing and are designed to stand out with an unexpected shape and functional use.


    The Stone Series by Nendo Studios features a brilliant design motif of smooth stones, reminiscent of those often depicted in traditional Asian paintings. Creatively using this egg-like shape, the tableware, tea and coffee sets become modern yet elegant pieces of art for your home and kitchen. Circular dinnerware features a flat stone-shaped bottom that gives the illusion of two pieces in one plate. Rounded with slightly squared sides, the middle section resembles a stone, giving it a unique look for creating artistic food presentations. Bone china, cast iron, and high borosilicate glass are used for high quality and enduring characteristics. The Nendo Stone Series includes a Tea Cup, Tea Pot, Pitcher, Serving Cup, Iron Kettle Stone Tray, Rectangle Plate (L/M), Square Plate (L/M/S), Sauce Bowl, Circle Plate (L/M/S), Rounded Plate (L/M/S), Coffee Maker, Coffee Filter, Milk Jug, and Mug. Available in Matte White, Matte Black, Warm Grey, and Green.

    The Plank Series by Nendo Studios rethinks ordinary tea and tableware by transforming the functional element of the lid into a unique decorative focal point of the collection. The seemingly unbalanced large flat wooden lid of each piece rests in place by the creative use of notches and upraised handles. The spout and handle appear to grow from underneath the lid and the structural rim on each piece makes it possible to pick up from any position without using the handle. Bone china is slightly translucent and its craftsmanship can be seen in the perfectly formed column shape. The stackable nature of the collection allows to easy storage. The Nendo Plank Series includes a Carafe, Coffee Cup, Milk and Sugar Bowls, Tea Mug, Coffee Pot, and Serving Tray, available in White, Warm Gray, Blue, and Pink.

    The minimalist design of the Nendo Studios Chirp Series features solid iron bars coupled with bird-like flower pots that recreate a scene of birds perched on a telephone wire. Single-flower parts can be moved for your own creative combinations and embedded with a magnet to hold it firmly in place. The stand comes in three lengths for numerous combinations, and signpost-shaped holder has four crossbars. Flower pots are available in two shapes and colors include Matte White, Matte Black, Warm Gray, Green, Pink, and Cool Grey.

    ZENS Lifeyles will also debut new collections by Michael Young, a leader in international design who has become one of the most authoritative figures in Asian design. His new furniture and lighting series are based on traditional Chinese aesthetics and incorporates bamboo as the primary design element. His tableware series also takes common subjects of Chinese traditional painting as its central theme.

    The Lotus & Fish Series of dinnerware by Michael Young is made of fine bone china with five classic images from traditional Chinese art and poetry -- Fish, Lotus Flower and Leaves, Dragonflies, and Tendrils. The repeating patterns and contrasting blue and white color pallette forms a peaceful narrative filled with the subtle beauty and serenity of water life, creating a traditional yet modern design that that fits today’s minimalist home decor. Made entirely of bone china, the Fish & Lotus collection includes a Plate, Salad Bowl, Rice Bowl, and Cups. Available in Continuing Color Pattern and Gradient Color Pattern Blue/White.

    Featuring complementary gloss and matte finishes in each piece of the tableware collection, the Contra Series by Michael Young features a unique design that is great for everyday use. The mouth of each piece is designed to be slightly smaller than the base to resemble a budding tulip, an unexpected element that makes a great accent in the modern home. The Contra Series includes Coffee Mugs, Ceramic Serving Bowl L/M, Cruet Jar L/M, and Salt & Pepper Shaker Set. Available in Grey, Light Coffee, and Light Pink.


    Bamboo woven into delicate bone china creates these remarkable Nesting Fruit Baskets, by Michael Young. Ideal for exposed kitchen or tabletop storage, the porcelain is carefully perforated and bamboo strips are hand-woven as to not break the porcelain. Combining the delicate bone china and bamboo creates a natural look that will brighten the atmosphere of any home and kitchen. Overcoming the limitations of the materials, this series is indeed a rarity.

    The Angle & Arc Furniture Series by Michael Young takes the natural characteristics of bamboo and solid iron frames to create a minimalist style where East meets West. The iron frames are subtle in unique design and are the perfect complement to the lightness of the bamboo surface. Through a slow-bending process, selected bamboo strips form a seamless seat and backrest on the chair, and the iron frame takes shape in the style representative of the Ming Dynasty. Available in three colors, these are great pieces on their own or as part of the dining table set.

    ZENS-To-Go collection encompases a handful of portable tea sets ideal for enjoying your favorite tea at a picnic, short lunch break, or in your car on the go. Each set comes complete with a decorative carrying case, tea cups and steeper. Expanded designs of the Mobile Moon Portable Set and the Pi Tea Set (2017 German iF Product Design Winner) will be on display in-booth in addition to the introduction of the Compass Travel Tea Set. The Compass Travel Tea Set features a novel design based on the 8-point compass rose used by sailors long ago. The double-wall glass construction creates an insulating layer that keeps it cool to the touch. The travel case features soft faux-leather, an adjustable shoulder strap, and vintage colors for an enduring look.

    These introductions will be on display at NY NOW at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center, February 4-7, 2018 in the ZENS Lifestyle booth #3840. For additional information about ZENS, visit​.

    ABOUT ZENS Lifestyle

    ZENS Lifestyle encourages healthy living by creating teaware and home decor that reminds us to live in the moment. With designers from all across the world, ZENS Lifestyle brings contemporary products infused with traditional Asian culture to your home. Founded in 2009 in Southern China, ZENS Lifestyle has since grown to become a leader in Asian lifestyle products with offices in six countries. We partner with like-minded companies and brands to promote the benefits of a life in balance.


    Media Contact:

    UpSpring PR

    Ashley Fidler Bond

    Senior Communications Director


    ZENS Lifestyle

    Jason Shepherd

    Marketing Manager



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  • ZENS Mobile Moon Portable Set
    Mobile moon portable set, a great companion for picnics or a short break at lunch in the courtyard to enjoy alone or with a friend who also appreciates a good cup of tea....

  • ZENS Portable Travel Double Wall Glass Tea Set for 2, 100% Glass Teapot with Built in Infuser, 2 Clear Insulated Glass Cups, Colorful EVA Bag for Travel and Outdoor Picnic.

    • Strong Glass Teapot: Crafted by blown-made heat resistant borosilicate glass that is stronger than normal glass; Nordic minimalist design has no handle but 2 hollows to hold it steadily; double-wall keeps it cool to the touch.
    • Double-walled Tea Cups: Two clear double wall glass teacups are made of blown-made heat resistant high borosilicate glass; rim has single wall edge to let you feel the temperature easily and fits your lips shape as well; perfect for drinking all kind of teas, or even espresso while travelling.
    • Stainless Steel Lid with Built-in Silicone Infuser: Creative combination of stainless steel Lid and silicone infuser. The built-in silicone filter is made from food grade silicone which meets EU Standard; includes 2 spouts, 1 with small holes to filter leaves, another is one large hole to smoothly serve drinks.
    • Colorful Tote Bag: Each tea set comes with its own carrying case, there are fitted slots for the teapot and 2 cups for safety and protection; convenient to take when traveling or having a picnic; 7 fun colors to match your style.
    • Certified Safety: This tea set has passed SGS certification. We are confident in the quality of our products and offer a 30 day money-back guarantee. If, for any reason, all you have to do is let us know, and we will refund you 100% of your money, no questions asked.

  • ZENS Cobblestone Outdoor Tea Set
    The Cobblestone design is inspired by the various look and shape of pebbles found in mountain streams. These unique, round shapes commonly depicted in Oriental paintings and watercolors lead you to a vivid impression of Mother Nature....

  • ZENS White Ceramic Tea Set Smooth Matte Texture, 28oz Teapot with Natural Bentwood Handle, Two Double Wall Teacups & 2 Rattan Coasters, Stainless Steel Strainer for Loose Leaf Tea

    Bullet Point:

    • Matte Ceramic: The smooth texture creates a soft and delicate feel while drinking tea. Made of lead-free material undergoing a rigid crafting process, this ceramic tea set is durable for daily use. The crafted handle is made of natural bentwood that is perfectly shaped. It is heatproof and comfortable to hold and pour after brewing your favorite tea.
    • Large Capacity: Ceramic Teapot 280z/800ml and Teacups 55ml with elegant pebble-shape design; good to brew loose leaf, flower tea, and fruit tea. The spout is wide enough to pour freely without dripping.
    • Double Wall Tea Cup: With a perfect pebble design, the walls are durable and keep the surface tool to the touch, preventing excessive heat you to enjoy the relaxation of drinking tea; it will not absorb flavors and is good for an objective assessment of the tea quality.
    • Rattan coasters: the natural rattan coasters complement the white ceramic cups; it is a perfect match and gives the whole set its high end, modern look.
    • Certified Safety: This tea set has passed SGS certification; we are confident in the quality of our products and offer a 30 day money-back guarantee. If, for any reason, all you have to do is let us know, and we will refund you 100% of your money, no questions asked.
    This sake decanter has a special design that was inspired by classic wine bottles, echoing their elegant curved lines. The vessel is light and sits in a base which features a half matte finish on the lower portion....

  • As part of the ZENS SOBER SERIES, this sake decanter has a special design that was inspired by classic wine bottles, echoing their elegant curved lines. The vessel is light and sits in a base which features a half matte finish on the lower portion. This gives people the illusion of the decanter being full when actually it is not, reminding you to enjoy the taste of the liquor instead of the volume when drinking with friends or relatives.

    More Details

    1pcs Glass Pots base: Diameter 2.42*7.80 inch (3.88 oz)

    1pcs Glass Flagon: Diameter 4.02*5.11 inch

    2pcs Glass Cups: Diameter 1.68*2.34 inch (3.56 oz)

    1pcs Sandstone Coaster: Diameter 3.90*0.43 inch

    1pcs Cotton Cloth: 12.48*6.63 inch

  • ZENS Nendo Plank Tea Set
    Design by Oki Sato, A tea set that is secretly hiding under a seemingly unbalanced large lid....

  • A tea set that is secretly hiding under a seemingly unbalanced large lid.

    It looks as if the spout and handle are growing from underneath the lid or as if it is pouring directly from under the lid. The lid is simply fixed with a notch, and with the flattened top, it can be stacked.

    With the surrounding border popping out, it is possible to pick up from any position even without a handle.

    Similarly, a carafe, and a mug cup with a strainer was designed for users to enjoy their herb tea or Chinese tea.

    The lid is normally considered as a supporting role, but by making it play the lead, this design was born.

  • ZENS π Cup Set
    2017 German iF Product Design Winner, ZENS Pi Tea Set features a vertical design teapot and glass cup set that you won’t find anywhere else....

  • 2017 German iF Product Design Winner, ZENS Pi Tea Set features a vertical design teapot and glass cup set that you won’t find anywhere else.

    The teapot, infuser, and tea cup fit snugly together as one piece, and a stainless steel ball in the center keeps the tea in the upper section. Simply press the button when the tea is steeped to your liking, and the tea cup below will fill up. Viola! You are ready to go. The fun, hard-shell carrying case comes in 7 fun colors make it a great gift idea for friends.

  • ZENS Nendo Chirp series
    By portraying single flower vases and small containers as “small birds” and resting them on motifs of “electric lines” or “tree” shaped stands, an image of various sized birds resting their wings is expressed....

  • Design by Nendo studio, by portraying single flower vases and small containers as “small birds” and resting them on motifs of “electric lines” or “tree” shaped stands, an image of various sized birds resting their wings is expressed.

    The number of vases can be increased to hold more flowers and reduced when there are fewer flowers. Depending on what is on display, the vases can be added or reduced accordingly.

    Accessories, such as necklaces, or keys can be hung on the stands. Additionally, vases and containers can be used on the desk to keep some small items, pens or clips, for instance.

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