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Glass by Iness

Brooklyn,  NY 
United States
  • Booth: 1678

Hi there, thanks for checking us out. We have some amazing hand made and hand painted glass products such as tea light candle holders, christmas ornaments and decorative ornaments, figurines of all different sizes and types, as well as vases. We can also customize art work. You should give us a look. 

Brands: Candle Holders
 Mouth blown, hand made, hand painted glass candle holders. RIch in color and design. Many options available and custom designs welcome., Christmas Ornaments
 Mouth blown glass, hand made, hand painted ball ornaments, bell ornaments and shape ornaments. Lots of colors and designs to choose from., Glass Figurines
 Hand crafted glass figurines made using lampworking technique. Over 100 style options ranging from cats and dogs, to lions and tigers, to sea life, birds, mythical creatures, doctors and lawyers and rabbi's and many many many more. , Glass Mini Figurines
 Hand crafted glass mini-figurines made using lampworking technique. Over 50 style options available all about 1" size., Glass Vases
 Mouth blown, hand crafted glass vases. Modern and traditional designs. Quality craftsmanship and glass.


  • Glass Figurines
    Check out our extensive collection of handmade glass figurines. From dogs and cats to dragons and doctors. We have over 100 types of figurines and over 50 types of mini figurines. Everything that you see at our booth or on our site is made by hand....

  • Our glass figurines are made by European master craftsment using solid glass rods, flame and hand tools. The charming figurines come in many sizes, about .5 inches to 10 inches, including domestic animals, wild life, sea creatures, birds, mythic creatures, clowns and professionals. We have over 100 types of figurines and over 50 types of mini figurines.

    Everything that you see at our booth or on our site is made by hand.

  • Glass Ball Ornaments
    Delightful hand blown glass ball ornaments. Available in the natural glass loop or a traditional metal loop. They can be purchased in standard designs or go ahead and get creative with your own custom designs....

  • These magnificent ornaments are very light weight, immaculately done and really stand out. They are available in 5 different sizes from 6 cm to 15 cm. There are 6 base colors that we use, but virtually any color on the spectrum can be accomodated, just send us a color sample and we will accomodate. We have over a dozen standard designs, along with some new designs we've created for the traditional U.S. Christmas season featuring Santa's and Snowmen and Cardinals. We also recently developed a Baby's First Christmas, as well as some unique designs for retailers as per their requests. Go ahead and submit an image and we will let you know the price per unit and will get a photo sample for your approval. 
  • Glass Bell Ornaments
    These charming bell ornaments are a wonderful addition to any home and come in multiple sizes and designs. Can also be customized to taste....

  • These exquisite bell ornaments come in 3 sizes, 6 base colors and over a dozen standard designs. They can also be customized to meet your specific design requests. They can be hung on trees, featured on mantles or other table tops as decor and can even be hung outside and used as windchimes as the ringer is functional!
  • Shape Ornaments
    Charming hand painted glass shape ornaments. Over 2 dozen to choose from!!!...

  • Beautifully done shape ornaments. We have over 2 dozen different styles, all hand painted. A wonderful addition to any tree and a great gift. Also wonderful for collectors.
  • Glass Candle Holders
    We have lots of different styles of hand made glass candle holders that are also hand painted. From our standard designs to your own custom designs I'm sure you can find something you like....

  • From traditional candle holders in multiple sizes to lotus blossoms, lamps and terrariums we have many variations that will satisfy many tastes. Everything is done by hand and as always custom designs can be accomodated :)
  • Glass animal figurines and mini-figurines
    We have over 100 different animal and mini figurines, all handmade using lampworking technique....

  • We have dogs and cats, chickens and roosters, horses and goats, fish, dolphins, lobster, storks, owls, frogs, jungle animals and mythical creatures. The traditional sizes are about 3-4 inches, but can get as big as 12 inches. The mini figurines are about an inch in size and are just precious! Take a look, we're sure you'll find something you like :)

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