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Allocacoc Corp.

Costa Mesa,  CA 
United States
  • Booth: 3651

 Press Releases

  • Allocacoc: Showing support for women

    Each year, millions of women across the world are affected by breast cancer. Thankfully there are organizations that still care about raising awareness such as National Breast Cancer Foundation, Inc.® (NBCF) through their mission of Helping Women Now®.

    This year, Allocacoc is a proud partner of NBCF with the mission of positively impacting the world.  Allocacoc has created hundreds of products with their NBCF’s pink ribbon to promoting breast cancer awareness. All items with the pink ribbon will be sold online and ALL PROFITS WILL BE DONATED TO NBCF.

    Just as NBCF devotes itself to providing help and hope to those affected by breast cancer, Allocacoc will put continuous effort into creating more innovative products that will bring society to a higher standard and better quality. We also encourage more people to use PowerCubes and show their support this October during Breast Cancer Awareness Month.


  • Allocacoc Rewirable
    The PowerCube ReWirable sets a different standard for travel adapters by providing a universal socket and plug connection....

  • PowerCube ReWirable USB (1910)

    • 4 Outlets
    • 2 USB (2.1)
    • 4 Interchangeable travel adapters: EU, AU, UK, US – available to use in almost 100 major different countries.
    • 100-250V~` 10A
    • 1500W(grounded)
    • Standard Color is Purple

  • Allocacoc Powercube
    2014 Reddot Award Winner and the world's smallest multi-socket outlet....

  • PowerCube Original USB (4220BL)

    • World's Most Compact powerstrip
    • 4-5 Outlets/2 USB Ports (2.1A)
    • Utilize all sockets simmultaneuously 
    • Child-lock
    • Plugs Directly Into the Wall
    • 125V~`15A
    • 1875W (Grounded)
    • 175 Joule Surge Protection
    • Available in blue, red, green and gray
    • Resettable Fuse
    • ETL Certified

  • Allocacoc Notebook Modular
    The Allocacoc Notebook Modular keeps you organized with this user-friendly and innovative magnetic design....

  • - The magnets are embedded into the Notebook cover to store and protect your valuable contents and papers.

    - Simply add or reduce paper according to your needs.

    - Compatible with standard paper. 

    - With its hard cover, you can make notes anywhere: laying down on your soft bed, standing or while traveling. Also, because it lies flat you get a smooth writing surface every time.

    - For lefties and righties: You are not obstructed by a binder and can place all your writing sheets to the left/right side.

  • Allocacoc Heng Balance Lamp
    The Allocacoc Heng Balance Lamp and Reddot Design Award winner is a source of light as much as it is a piece of art. Simply lift the lower wooden ball to switch on the light....

    • Balanced. When you lift the lower wooden ball, it will be attracted by the hanging one and remain suspended in mid-air, switching on the light.
    • Versatile and artistic, the Heng lamp can be placed in any room. Most types of rooms will benefit from this lamp, as besides a source of light it is also a piece of art.
    • Designed so the lighting element is embedded into the frame, allowing the light to find its way out. The gentle curve makes it easy to the eye and calming.
    • Unique material of beech wood, making it natural and warm to the touch.
    • Li Zanwen won the 2016 Red Dot Award and the Red Dot Award Best of the Best with the Heng Lamp. 
  • Allocacoc AudioCube
    The Allocacoc AudioCube features a unique 360 degree sound experience, clear controls and 12-hour internal battery life....

    • The audioCube |Portable| also has an internal battery life of 12 hours
    • The audioCube features clearly indicated buttons, where you can access all basic controls (pause/play, volume, previous/next song and scan for pairing) with a single touch or by connecting to your device’s Bluetooth.
    • The audioCube also offers an integrated power circuit
    • The audioCube has incredible bass, especially for its size.
    • The audioCube uses omnidirectional speakers, allowing the sound to penetrate air space, without any dead spots. We created a 360° audio experience, where the sound interacts with the room. 
  • Allocacoc EarBeans
    The Allocacoc EarBeans are the smallest and most light-weight earphones in the market. Comfy, clear sound, and one-size-fits-all design....

    • EarBean's crafted contour with silicone material offers a pleasing user experience, giving the best comfort.
    • EarBeans are the smallest and lightest earphones in the market. They fit so easily that they become part of you when you're wearing them.
    • EarBeans have built-in micro-speakers commonly used in the hearing aid industry, delivering aston- ishing acoustic sound.
    • Its ergonomically bean-shaped contour provides a secure fit for your ears.
    • There are no left or right sides to the earBeans. Just place them on and be on your way!
    • By putting the earBeans in your ears in different ways, you create multiple sound environments.

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