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Jaipur Rughauz

  • Booth: 1966

Come to us to find high quality Indian Dhurrie rugs and cushions all made using vegetable dyed yarns. All of our products are completely natural and handmade, as we aim to preserve the fading art of hand weaving and support the local weaver-artisans of India.

 Press Releases

  • Jaipur RugHauz is gearing up to display naturally dyed, handmade rugs at NYNOW. These rugs are made from 100% cotton yarn and involve a lot of organic processes in order to achieve the final beautiful designs and color. Handwoven as well as Block printed rugs and cushions are going to be at display in beautful colors but primarily in vegetable dyed Indigo. 

    Come Visit us at booth 1966 to have a look at our range of products. We are willing to work with all kinds of retailers no matter how small. 


  • Jaipur RugHauz Indigo Haveli Stripes Mundota
    These Flatweave Dhurrie rugs have all been handloomed and handwoven using 100% naturally dyed cotton yarn by skilled Indian Artisans....

  • The age old craft of rug-weaving has been passed on for generations in the weaver families of Rajasthan. This intricate art requires days of work by master weavers in order to be able to deliver such a fine rug piece that can enhance the look of any room in your home/office!  This Mundota Rug has been made using Indigo vegetable dyed yarn, and then woven on a pit loom by weaver artisans.
  • Jaipur RugHauz Monochromatic Handblock Printed Rug
    Handmade and Block Printed Monochromatic Cotton from India....

  • Hand block printing is a traditional Rajasthani art that has now become famous all over the world. It involves hand carving intricate patterns in teak wood blocks and then using them to create stunning designs on fabric. Custom wooden blocks are first hand carved by ace artisans in teak wood to ensure maximum durability and print quality. After that, the ‘Chhipa’, term for the block printing artist, prints our designs on fabric with phenomenal accuracy and speed, using only his eyes, hands and the wooden block. The printed fabrics are then left to dry out in the open in the hot Rajasthan sun. The fabrics, if they are rugs, are then stonewashed by hand using pumice stone to give the final finished look. Other materials are given organic cold wash treatments to ensure maximum color fastening.

    This craft is passed on from generation to generation in a ‘chhipa’ household. Some of our artisans have a family history of over 4 generations of block printing.

  • Jaipur RugHauz Block Printed Cotton Yoga Mats
    Practice yoga like the ancient yogis of India with our all natural cotton handmade yoga mats!...

  • Presenting our range of handmade rugs especially created for yoga enthusiasts. These eco friendly rugs have been made from soft cotton and have been printed with natural vegetable dyes that are skin friendly. Even the ancient yogis used cotton dhurries to practice yoga because of the unique sweat absorption properties of cotton.
  • 1Indigo Block Printed Rugs Jaipur RugHauz
    These are block printed rugs dipped in indigo dye after beautiful patterns were made on them using clay pastes and wooden blocks. After about 6 different processes, the final color/design is achieved in this labor intensive craft....

  • At first, artisans carve the patterns by hand on teak wooden blocks. The patterns are designed by our in house design team that tries to keep up with the latest trends and also incorporate timeless classics in our design portfolio. After the wooden block is made, the patterns are printed on a plain white handwoven cotton rug using a clay paste. Afterwards, the clay is left to dry and once it does, the rug is dipped in a tank of Indigo Dye and then left to dry again. Then, the clay is scraped from the rug and this results in amazing patterns on the rug!

    This art is called Dabu Printing.

  • 1indigo Block Printed Rug Cushions Jaipur RugHauz
    Handmade Block Printed Indigo Decorative Cushions...

  • Look out for our Block Printed Dabu Indigo Dyed Cotton Cushions! Completely Handmade with natural materials.

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