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Pepin Press

  • Booth: 7645

The Pepin Press creates and sells high-quality art & design items, stationery and fine paper goods, such as gift- and wrapping papers, origami books, craft books, letter writing sets, greeting cards, label & sticker books, bags, paper placemats and a coloring line on professional drawing paper. 

Brands: PEPIN Greeting Card Sets, PEPIN Letter Writing Sets, PEPIN Origami Books, PEPIN Gift & Creative Paper Books, PEPIN Placemat Pads.


  • PEPIN PRESS Letter Writing Sets
    Each luxury box contains 10 sheets of 4 different designs (printed on one side), so 40 sheets writing paper. Included are 40 matching envelopes (20 x 2 designs) and 50 assorted stickers and labels....

  • The writing papers measure 6 inch x 8¼ inch (150x210mm; A5).

  • PEPIN PRESS Greeting Card Sets
    Each set contains 20 folded greeting cards (2 x 10 designs) and 20 envelopes (10 x 2 designs), all kept in a high-quality box with magnetic snap closure....

  • The cards measure 150x210mm (6”x8¼”) when open and 105x150 mm (4⅛x6”) when folded. The designs on the cards and envelopes are based on masterpieces from important art & design movements. 
  • PEPIN PRESS Gift & Wrapping Paper
    The books all contain 12 folded large sheets of very high-quality paper. These sheets can easily be removed from the books by tearing them along a perforated line....

  • The sheets are folded to fit into the book; when removed and opened they measure 50 cm x 70 cm (19½ inch x 27½ inch; a standard size for gift wrapping papers). Depending on the theme, we have selected a suitable light-weight paper quality. For example, papers with designs in gold, silver or bronze are printed on silky art paper on which the inks show to their best advantage. Designs with an antique or hand-made feel are printed on high-quality creamy paper. PEPIN® papers will make your gift package look very special. In addition, our papers are suitable for scrap booking and all sorts of craft projects as well.
  • PEPIN PRESS Origami Books
    This book contains 96 beautifully designed origami sheets that can be easily removed. Some pages are double printed....

  • Origami is the more than a thousand year old Japanese art of paper folding. Origami is often meant to be decorative, but it can be practical as well: envelopes, folders and boxes can be created by simply folding a sheet of paper in the right way. Included in the book are a few folding diagrams; many more can be found for free on the internet.
  • PEPIN PRESS Placemat Pads
    Each pad contains 8 sheets of 6 different designs, so a total of 48 placemats per pad. These placemats will make your dinner table look truly wonderful....

  • The designs are printed with soy-based ink on high-quality FSC-certified paper. The placemats can very easily be removed from the pads without damaging the sheets. The placemats measure 42 cm x 30 cm (16½ inch x 12 inch). The design, printing quality and materials are all of the highest quality.
  • PEPIN PRESS Label & Sticker Books
    Each book contains 32 sheets of high-quality sticker paper with a total of about 250 labels, stickers and strips of sticker tape....

  • The stylish designs come in various shapes and sizes and allow you to label, decorate and seal your envelopes, packages and many other items. The sticker paper is uncoated and easy to write on with pen, pencil or felt marker.

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