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  • (Jan 31, 2018)
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  • ShowMyCoCo Phone case with CoCo Charms
    Innovative Phone cases with a sliding door and back compartment to Introduce CoCo Charms and express personalities trough your phone case,...

  • ShowMyCoCo is a new brand created by 3 sisters

    Its a fun and Inovative way to express yourself and cover your phone at the same time with Iphone Cases with the idea of expressing your crazy personality trough very nice stainless steel charms with diferent categories, that you introduce in the back of the phone case in a compartment covered by a transparent sliding door.

    "CoCo" is that crazy way to express yourself

    The goal is to help you express yourself with your phone.

  • ShowMyCoCo Phone Case
    CoCo phone case with sliding door and back compartment for introducing CoCo stainless steel charms.Inovative...

  • Innovative phone cases with a sliding door to house fun charms that can be used to express yourself and make a statement  with your phone case.

    All of us have a little CoCo going on in our lives, so "Are you CoCo or what??

    CoCo is a crazy way to express yourself.

    We live in a world where everybody wants to show everybody else who they are. So, why not showing it through a fun phone case?

  • ShowMyCoCo CoCo Character Charms
    This CoCo stainless steel Charms, are meant to be introduced on the CoCo Phone case with sliding door. And they are different types of personalities, whose purpose is to match yours....

  • This Charms come in all different types and sizes. For example we have CoCo Character Charms, whose purpose is to express the way you are in a crazy way of course. So if you are a a chef that loves to sing you should deffinetly check them out, and add those charms to you Fun Phone Case right now! And do not forget to add CoCo Cloud Charms to your CoCo Characters!
  • ShowMyCoCo CoCo Things Charms.
    This stainless steel Charms, can also be added to you Phone case with sliding door. The difference is that this are complements to enhance your Phone Case.<br />...

  • If you want everybody to know your a dog person, or if you love when everybody knows when is your birthday, then this charms are meant to be for you. Choose the ones you like the most and add them to you CoCo Phone Case, to make it look prettier, and obviously express yourself to the fullest. 

    Mix and Match this CoCo thing and Character Charms with as many Charm as you can, and add them to your Phone case. Amd remember do not be afraid to express yourself, ´cause you are perfect just the way you are.

  • ShowMyCoCo CoComoji Charms
    Stainless steel charms that can be added to you CoCo fun case, this cocomojis take the whole emoji concept to the next level....

  • Cocomoji charms are star shaped, so that it can be in a crazier way. When you feel sad, happy, angry or aven angry do not doubt to use them, this cocomojis will help you express any kind of feeling through your Phone Case.

    So what are you waiting for? Come visit us and see what this cocomojis are capable of.

  • ShowMyCoCo votes you to show yours...
    Are You CoCo Or What?...

  • ShowMyCoCo is a fun creative way to bring out the crazy side of ourselves. Our goal is to invite everybody all around the world to showcase their different and unique personalities trough their phone cases.

    To achieve our goal, we designed a phone case with a sliding door that allows users to decorate it with funny stainless steel charms in order to show their personality.

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