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Stoned Crystals

Melbourne,  Victoria 
  • Booth: 3623

💎 Australia's original natural crystal decor brand. Crystals for the Home and Workspace. A fresh and modern take on crystals that helps you to instil positive energies into oneself and Zen into the spaces around you.


  • Stoned Crystals GEO GEMS
    5 geometrically shaped crystals beautifully boxed with a unique energy card. Available in Clear Quartz, Rose Quartz, Labradorite, Obsidian and Amethyst....

  • Stoned Crystals is the world’s first Natural Crystal Decor Line for the Home & Workspace. Launched in the Spring of 2015 Stoned Crystals first collection GEO GEMS encompasses 5 geometrically shaped crystals.  A Fresh and Modern take on crystals that create Zen within oneself and bring balance into the spaces around you.  The GEO GEM Collection comes beautifully boxed with a unique energy card. They are perfectly priced gifts that have a stunning POS that make them our top sellers in store. Style our Geo Gems in the home as beautiful decor as you would a plant. They bring light and positive energy into the home and are a stunning reminder to. 'Let a little magic in..'
    This innovative Crystal Platter fuses A grade solid Crystal Sheets with Glass . A designer home item that brings style & crystals to function.<br />...

  • The Crystal Crush Platter range is perfect for use in decorating the Home & Workspace. They can be used to showcase home items such as candles, makeup and toiletries, vases, flowers, jewelry and other tid bits. You can even serve food and cheese on the glass side of our platters!

    Crystal Platter Care

    +HEATPROOF-  Stoned Crystal platters are heatproof and can take up to 100 degrees celsius. They therefore make fantastic coasters for hot drinks and candles etc.

    +DISHWASHER SAFE-  We would recommend cleansing your platters as you would any other crystal to maintain the integrity of these special stones. Tap water is also okay, preferably with an organic spray, however if they do find their way into the dishwasher they will be safe to go through the cycle.

    +STAIN PROOF-  Unlike Marble, the crystal used in these platters are not porous so will not stain.

    +FOOD FRIENDLY-  As some crystals can be toxic by nature we have designed our Crystal Crush Collection to have a glass side. This allows us to serve all types of food on our beautiful Crystal Platters by simply flipping them over and using the glass side.

    Our Signature Bracelet incorporates a Stoned Crystals Clear Quartz wand. Very high quality, heavy solid brass with plating.  <br />...

  • About Clear Quartz

    Purify your mind.. I will make things clear to you, my gift is patience and focus. Look at things from a new positive perspective, free from judgements. Learn to live, with love and make peace in the things you say and do.

    Crystals emit steady vibrations that help to create Balance within oneself and Zen into the spaces around us. Place crystals in the spaces around you and you will begin to notice subtle changes in yourself and the energy in the environment. Stoned Crystals come in natural geometric shapes that work perfectly when styled in the modern home and office.

    Material & Size

    Brass with Nickel free .1 micron plating Yellow Gold 14k. Clear Quartz Crystal Wand. ONE SIZE. 60mm inside diameter.

    All  Stoned Crystals are made from 'GRADE A' quality Crystal unless otherwise specified.

    Crystal Origin: Brazil

  • Stoned Crystals INTENTION CARDS + FRAME
    This luxe card deck combines Zen style artwork and quotes with Stunning Crystal Imagery fitted into a Acrylic Frame. <br />...


    The cards at the front of the deck are instructional cards explaining how to best care for your crystal. The quote cards at the back of my deck will help you to set intentions. Shuffle the cards and choose one the resonates with you. Pop your intention card inside the Acrylic Frame for instant Luxe!


    This luxe card deck combines Zen style illustrations by Kelsie Trainor with Stunning Crystal Imagery. The photography has been combined and dropped into beautiful graphics by Edem Badu. The quotes are positive and uplifting with a bit of cheek- the perfect message for your home or workspace. Founder Ashley Bellino has photographed her personal collection of her favourite Crystals which she has collected for many years to develop this modern and fresh card deck.

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