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Binky & Lulu Inc.

Portsmouth,  NH 
United States
  • Booth: 8175

Binky and Lulu is an artisanal fashion jewelry brand sensitive to the feminine adornment yet focused on the strength of women today. B&L features In-House Designers who are inspired by globally sourced vintage components and handcrafted mango wood jewelry. Founded in the 80's and resurrected in 2015, we have stayed true to our retro roots.
We have a number of uniquely themed collections. A couple of our top selling collections feature hand-painted and hand-carved pieces crafted from sustainable mango tree wood. Our average price points fall in the $12 to $32 range.

Brands: Binky & Lulu Inc.


  • Binky & Lulu's Summer House Collection
    Mango Wood.<br /><br />Hand-carved, Hand-painted, Hand-dyed, Custom Design from B&L....

  • Summertime and the living is easy. Just off the beaten path, away from the noise and bustle lies your reprieve. Nestled between marsh grass and the ocean its white porches invite you in. You feel privileged to be one of the few that knows of such a place. One of the few that can call this place home if only for the summer months.
  • Binky & Lulu's the Weekender Hoop
    Mango Wood.<br /><br />Hand-carved, Hand-dyed, Gold-filled posts, Custom design by B&L....

  • A palette styled after your classic leather weekender. These sustainably hand-crafted mango wood hoops are exactly what an outfit needs when you have to put down the bag and kick your heals up for the weekend. Hand-carved, hand-dyed, gold-filled posts.

  • Binky & Lulu's Gauguin Bangle
    Mango Wood.<br /><br />Hand-carved, Hand-painted, Custom Design from B&L....

  • The line is about making a statement while paying Homage to the Artist, Gauguin. Just like the painting titled “Eu Haere la Oe (Where Are You Going?)” the Gauguin Collection offers tropical fruit and flowers in ravishing hues of mango, peach, cherry, and pinks.
  • Binky & Lulu's Carnival Collection
    Vintage Components & Mango Wood.<br /><br />Hand-carved, Hand-painted, Custom designs by B&L....

  • The best is yet to come. You came all this way looking for the right parade and on the last corner of the last street you find it. As you turn the corner your senses are hit with a blast of what you can only assume is people that know how to have a good time. The color, amazing. The music, divine. You watch the spectacle with some reservation, it’s only natural. It isn’t often you see people as uninhibited and free. As you scan the street you watch the food with the wine being passed around readily and willingly. You catch something, it could be nothing, but for a moment you think that you caught the spark that brought you and all these people to this exact place in time. It’s wonderful.

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